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  2. Updating / Moving

    It's a strange bullshit update, that's what. This goes beyond the template issues. The ability to add reputation to posts has been inexplicably removed, the layout of the template has changed, images are suddenly missing, etc. It's going to take some time to work the problem.
  3. Updating / Moving

    Looks like major template errors. What's with the strange random Asian characters in the menu?
  4. Updating / Moving

    Updated the forum software, looks like it broke a few things (cause y'know, why wouldn't it?). I'll see what I can do to bring everything back up to par.
  5. Rusted Warfare

    It would help if you weren't actively trying to dick with people just for the sake of dicking with people. Don't be surprised if others turn against you because of it.
  6. The original animations are working perfectly fine actually, even with my new W3X. The good news is, I managed to get the explosions to appear again, simply by exporting my new W3X using the existing Skeleton that contains the Bone Contact Points. However, even with the explosions, the building is not losing its parts. There is just that 1 thing left to solve.
  7. This week in our Throwback Thursday feature, we take a peek behind the scenes of the FMV shooting for C&C Tiberian Sun from late July 1998. To be exact, the shooting of the infamous "son of a bitch" scene from the GDI intro. During the three-week recording period which was mostly taken in studio, Westwood's video team went to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area within the Mojave Desert, not far from Las Vegas. It was there that Kris Iyer and Michael Biehn enacted easily one of the cheesiest scenes in Command & Conquer history. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  8. Rusted Warfare

    Wow... No wonder this community went downhill with people like you being that toxic. Get over yourself Lauren!
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    This looks great. Hopefully it's a success. Denis Villeneuve has directed good movies but Arrival I thought was boring. It made a profit however. He's also working on the Dune reboot.
  10. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

  11. You shouldnt really use your new model for the AnimationStates, since it doenst contain any sort of animation. Not sure about the FILL skin (istn used in CnC3), but the BuildingDestructionBehavior refers to it (FillerMesh="NEWSKIN_FILL") so I assume its connected to your problem. I suggest opening the orginal WF model and check whatever shader/w3d settings the FILL model has and try to replicate that in 3ds - or simply copy the whole object from the orignal file and paste it into your w3x.
  12. Westwood Monopoly Update: 9/23/11

    Hi there! I just found this Thread about the Installer for the old Monopoly Game from Westwood. I own the German Version too. I would like to know if you have managed to create an installer for the German Version too? That would be great In the meantime i play the Game on VirtualPC on my Windows 7. But it would be really cool to get this game working on Windows 7 itself. btw: is there a way to get this game back to work to play online games, or is it impossible?
  13. The team behind the standalone Renegade mod, Expansive Civilian Warfare, have just released an announcement on W3D Hub. Created by Blazea58, Jerad2142, Canadacdn & Napalmic, ECW is a sandbox game with lots to discover! With over 100 different weapons and items to collect, over 47 different player-controllable vehicles including helicopters and mechanical walkers, and at least 15 jobs to earn money and level up, ECW has something for everyone! The mod is currently in testing and is not available to the general public but is accepting testers to speed its release. Read the full announcement on W3D Hub here.
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  15. Video of the day

    old but awesome
  16. Last week
  17. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    About time...
  18. Crackling sound when building units.

    No. I downloaded the version from (with patch included), tried the "official free version" and installed the patch manually, but still the same sound issue. Still have the original CDs (and the official game guide :-) ) but the game won't run on Win10. Another observation: The cracking sound only happens when building something and ordering units, with their confirmation (infantry reporting, unit ready etc.). However, I reduced the sound volume, increased the music and voice volume. This is a compromise for me. The music is great anyway. :-)
  19. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    Fucking finally. Hope Java will follow suit soon. Using to reach Flash-powered sites will become more difficult, though.
  20. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    The end will soon be there for flash. Adobe has decided to end support for the Flash Player by 2020: At the beginning, the technology was okay to use. But now, it's slow, unstable and buggy. HTML5 and WebGL replace pretty much most of that today.
  21. Avengers: Infinity War

    Probably (not).
  22. nice, progress is always good
  23. Crackling sound when building units.

    Are you using Origin?
  24. Rusted Warfare

    I'm totally fine with that as it's applied correctly. Also RA2 had a game speed slider where the lowest setting was basically a good nights rest for the time a Recruit was trained. But this whole thing is very consistent with my experience with him in the shoutbox... he's basically a shortbus.
  25. There's Paint 3D which includes Paints functions.
  26. Microsoft wants to kill Paint - I use paint every single day to post clipboard contents (read: screen shots) and it's good for basic editing. Whenever I need to add a few words or arrows into a picture, I use Microsoft Paint.
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