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  2. You don't wanna do that really. You'll massage Luk3us' ego for being the forum's leading spammer. It's a title he's held long before my hiatus
  3. Since it's a partnership. It's simple. Revenue. If they dangle free carrots in front of potential consumers Ars gets ad revenue and unique hits, GoG potentially gets more account sign-ups and it encourages people to potentially buy more whilst they are on the Storefront. Ars likely gets a cut from sales of other games out of this promotion as well. There's more to it than that. But the practice has worked on me with Game Giveaways, especially on Steam. Obscure developer gives away free game, I download free game, I play it, I enjoy it, find more products from said developer... Fell for the trap again, I've just purchased their back catalogue / franchise bundle / similar suggested games. This happens multiple times. I jumped from 500 to 600 games in my Steam Library in less than 6 months. My Wallet is empty, I now cannot afford PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds because I wasted all my money on other stuff I didn't really want but still enjoyed anyway. FML. (True Story)
  4. You missed System Shock 2, which repeatedly clogged the site.
  5. I think there may be a rank 30, don't you think Sonic? What about special rankings for those who reach 3000, 4000, 5000, 7500 or even 10000 posts?
  6. Technical problem right now is that new users cannot register and log in just to get that, saying the message "Our apologies, but Ars registration is temporarily closed for required maintenance." Then I found this: S***! Why can't just give it away from their site for 48 hours since CD Projekt created the game anyway? Saint's Row 2 was the largest game giveaway has ever done. Why get a code from Ars just to redeem the game via GOG? Finally:
  7. This is just pedantic, but I think the thread should be renamed to "Free/Promotional giveaway on games" or something like that. These aren't exactly "promotional games" that are being released for free, they are promotion of the games themselves by giving them away.
  8. Ars Technica is now partnered with, and are giving away The Witcher: Enhanced edition for 48 hours:
  9. Yeah I stand corrected. On closer inspection some are not displaying correctly. But viewing their profile page shows they are in the Veteran group. Its a minor thing, not a forum breaking bug.
  10. Sorry, I see "Members" below their names for most of them (see the likes of Jehal and comander starlin), and the Veteran Members page shows very few additions.
  11. I've just checked the profiles in the 1500 and 2499 post range. They all have the correct ranks and are in the Veteran Members group. All seems fine to me.
  12. The problem could be in turret AI logic..any chance you could/would try with a normal weaponslot instead of a turretslot? If that is possible for your design atleast. I think Madin had a similar issue with a nod unit of his (think t was an apc with a Pd laser) he fixed iirc, that topic should be somewhere on the forum here, or you could Pm Madin.
  13. I noticed that as well. Perhaps they need to post again before they will receive the promotion, but I think most of them haven't really been around lately and are unlikely to do so. If it really matters, we can assign the group manually.
  14. Current people with post counts between 1500 and 2499 didn't seem to refresh.
  15. To be honest, that Mac screenshot looks like someone just took the DOS version, enlarged the image and put an aqua colour filter over it.
  16. It's a Java-based mobile game, so it can be played on an emulator. I recommend Kemulator, which is probably the best Java mobile game emulator. The game itself can be found on various websites. Be aware that the game has different versions for different resolutions and phone OSs e.g. if you want to play it in 360x240 on a (emulated) Nokia, you need the game version with those settings. Most site will have multiple version because of this. Just run the game files through antivirus software after you download it (I like to run them through
  17. ok. i understand. @ Nmenth
  18. So I can see the page at the store, but I can't download it. I'm a sucker for punishment...
  19. I think Dune would work better as a TV show, that can explore the characters and the universe better. It wouldn't have the budget to do the 'universe' properly... but I take character over CGI any day.
  20. Yes. 2500 is a lot, not many newer members will get there. 1500 is probably a bit high as well, but I see it as a sort of halfway point.
  21. Oh, you decided to lower the threshold for Veteran Members?
  22. Our forums have seen a lot of changes over the past month. Another of the long overdue changes is an improved ranking system. We have just set up this one. It still continuing with a military theme, but this time we have new look rank icons for each one. [Icon | Number | Rank Title | (Post Count)] 0 Recruit (0) 1 Private (25) 2 Private First Class (50) 3 Lance Corporal (75) 4 Specialist (100) 5 Corporal (130) 6 Staff Sergeant (160) 7 Sergeant First Class (190) 8 Master Sergeant (220) 9 First Sergeant (250) 10 Sergeant Major (300) 11 Command Sergeant Major (350) 12 Warrant Officer (400) 13 Chief Warrant Officer W-2 (450) 14 Chief Warrant Officer W-3 (500) [At 500 content items posted you will be able to set up your own custom member title] 15 Chief Warrant Officer W-4 (580) 16 Chief Warrant Officer W-5 (660) 17 Officer Candidate (740) 18 Second Lieutenant (820) 19 First Lieutenant (900) 20 Captain (1020) 21 Major (1140) 22 Lieutenant Colonel (1260) 23 Colonel (1380) [At 1500 content items posted you will be promoted to the Veteran Members Group] 24 Brigadier General (1500) 25 Major General (1700) 26 Lieutenant General (1900) 27 General (2100) 28 General of the Army (2300) 29 Commander-In-Chief (2500) Share your thoughts, comments and general feedback about our new ranking system here.
  23. This is a famous prose quoted today, on April 25th to remember ANZAC Day. I have family members who have served in the Army forces from WWII to Vietnam, both gulf wars and a couple serving right now in the middle east. ^ This article casts doubt on the veracity of the quote, but I still think it's a beautifully written sentiment.
  24. Yesterday
  25. So Duke Nukem 3D did have a 20th anniversary edition as a world tour edition, with five (instead of four) episodes. While Gearbox did the modification of the game, everything in the game is great (including real music, sounds and Duke's speeches) except for the lack of high resolution textures in an upgraded 3D engine. Sadly, you cannot buy it in for now (but the guys there are trying to get every Duke Nukem game back into GOG for new licensing permits) but it's available in Steam with that s*** DRM. However that modified game isn't worth $19.99 USD. Of course you can still get the eduke32 executable as well as the high resolution pack for Duke3D for free to combine with this world tour edition.
  26. Yes, but it doenst seem to help. Basicly, when I place a tank on my test map and attack it, it works fine and the laser kills most of the missiles. But when I build the tank myself, it hardly seems to work. I am guessing the AI has a problem with a second turret that has such a limited array of targets.
  27. Right on time this week, its another edition of C&C Music Monday. And this week's pick is from the C&C Generals soundtrack. It's one of the Chinese themes, "Mother of All Weapons". Composed by Bill Brown. Don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
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