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  6. No. I downloaded the version from (with patch included), tried the "official free version" and installed the patch manually, but still the same sound issue. Still have the original CDs (and the official game guide :-) ) but the game won't run on Win10. Another observation: The cracking sound only happens when building something and ordering units, with their confirmation (infantry reporting, unit ready etc.). However, I reduced the sound volume, increased the music and voice volume. This is a compromise for me. The music is great anyway. :-)
  7. Fucking finally. Hope Java will follow suit soon. Using to reach Flash-powered sites will become more difficult, though.
  8. The end will soon be there for flash. Adobe has decided to end support for the Flash Player by 2020: At the beginning, the technology was okay to use. But now, it's slow, unstable and buggy. HTML5 and WebGL replace pretty much most of that today.
  9. Ok, I have not used it.
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  11. Probably (not).
  12. nice, progress is always good
  13. Are you using Origin?
  14. I'm totally fine with that as it's applied correctly. Also RA2 had a game speed slider where the lowest setting was basically a good nights rest for the time a Recruit was trained. But this whole thing is very consistent with my experience with him in the shoutbox... he's basically a shortbus.
  15. There's Paint 3D which includes Paints functions.
  16. Microsoft wants to kill Paint - I use paint every single day to post clipboard contents (read: screen shots) and it's good for basic editing. Whenever I need to add a few words or arrows into a picture, I use Microsoft Paint.
  17. For people in countries for which the official Star Trek channel doesn't give a shit about: This is so non-Trek that even people who will torrent it will want their money back.
  18. Microsoft is getting rid or deprecate of some features in the Fall Creator's Update: I guess I'll be sticking with Win10 Creator's Update for a long time to come.
  19. Official trailer is here:
  20. Second trailer is here:
  21. More new trailers:
  22. As Luk3us once said on the Expendables 2 cast and movie, holy mother of God..... Well finally the answer to the Expendables cast is here, Marvel's version of the Expendables. The Avengers and Guardians will team up in this epic movie coming May 2018 and almost every great Marvel character is included except the Fantastic Four, X-Men and some other characters. And yes, there's a sequel to that too coming in 2019. There was a leaked trailer earlier for this movie (will be updated until Disney/Marvel releases the official one -- and the same goes to the poster): This is the comic-con poster fo9r the movie: The budget to do this movie should be bigger than the fourth movie of Pirates of the Caribbean (around $410 million USD gross amount). The back-to-back production of this movie coming in May 2018 and its sequel coming in 2019 were rumored to be about $1 billion USD which is berserk (and it's not a final amount). Will you watch it?
  23. It seems the server links in your first post are no longer working (except for one of the Mega links, but that just appears to hold "work in progress" files, not the actual missions).
  24. In this week's Music Monday feature, we feature the Renegade remix of In The Line Of Fire from the original Command & Conquer. A more upbeat and intense track, this version fits Renegade's pace and theme far more. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hashtags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  25. 64GB RAM is already overkill, why do I need 1024? Also why call the pricing of epyc insane? It's a SERVER chip and not intended for home use.
  26. Actually, I managed to fix the "merging" issue. Apparently, the yellow crane and door, did have their own model, so deleting them from the model that I modified fixed the issue. However, there is still the problem of explosions not displaying as the building takes damage. Also, what is the difference between NEWSKIN and NEWSKIN_FILL ? Here are the models and textures, as well the Allied WF XML: If you need anything else let me know.
  27. Well, I think you only way we can help you is if you upload the model and the xml file as I got no idea what the problem could be.
  28. An interesting playtest (note: playtest builds are experimental and are not considered stable) version of OpenRA has been released yesterday. All of the current mods are now accessed separately instead of using a central launcher, a C&C3-styled interface for advanced movement options like attack move and waypoints has been implemented, new building physics have been added, 9 more Dune 2000 campaign missions have been converted, LAN games are now automatically discovered in the Multiplayer browser, and many more changes have been made.
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