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  2. The suggestion that future episodes of Half Life should be outsourced, seems a stupid idea in my opinion (why increase the already-complicated business politics). There's no surprise that future episodes were not released. TL;DW a new Half Life risks not living up to the hype, and likely would end up in the peculiar and undesirable position of Duke Nukem Forever.
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  4. And here's AMD's newest server chip, the EPYC (pronounced as epic) -- with the high-end 32-core @ 2.2 ghz CPU on a dual-socket costing at about an insane $4000 USD!:
  5. Apollo 440 - Stop The Rock [1999]
  6. Intel had better explain the slow speed of a 12-core CPU: And an update to the AMD Ryzen Threadripper (the 16 and 12-core CPUs are to be released sometime in early August): So the 16-core 32-thread @ 3.4 ghz (up to 4 ghz overclocked) and 180 watts TDP for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X for about $1000 USD is a good bargain for gamer enthusiasts, and it can even support up to 1 TB of RAM!
  7. GVMERS have made a video showcasing the post-HL2EP2 projects by Valve and then-authorized third-party developers. Pretty well-covered.
  8. C&C LEGO

    In fact, you quite literally have to keep or leave something off an actual table. Meta joke.
  9. The debate itself ended after the "C&C King" admitted the whole thing is bait.
  10. Trolling is not against the rules, cool your jets. If you can't carry out a debate without making unsubtle threats, I'll start purging posts and close the thread. And since apparently half of them were bait, I am already very close to doing so.
  11. Considering your history and the posts you made in your term as staff, no less, I challenge that statement. If this is the only reason you come here, and it just happens to be the reason you were kicked back in 2009, corrective measures can be arranged. Since you've stated you hate C&C and RTS, you really have nothing to seek here. @Tore - Joe Bostic was cool, until associated with recent Petro crap.
  12. Yeah he did. I wasn't a part of this site as co-webmaster in the past and that damn ignorant. I eventually just decided to troll you by acting like I was knowing less and less. I just found it funny you getting more and more frustrated. If you're gonna bring up the past like that and personally attack me for something that happened 11 damn years ago, I'm gonna f***ing play you! You're an angry little man Plokite.. Get a grip! Thanks for the entertainment anyway
  13. Shadow Warrior 2013 is free in the Humble Bundle for a limited time:
  14. Didn't Joe Bostic move there too? Arcade stategy game? Most RTS games are arcade style games as opposed to more realistic games like simulators, like the entire C&C series which barely has any realism in it. Even the oldest games of the RTS genre like Dune II are arcade style games.
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  16. Are you completely unable to comprehend the fact that WW Pacific = EA Pacific? Are you completely unable to understand that RA2, which had a pretty little WW logo on its box, and Generals, which didn't, were made by THE SAME PEOPLE?!!! Here's also proof that EA Pacific was, until a certain point, Westwood-branded. Oh look, it's from WESTWOOD'S OLD OFFICIAL SITE: What's this? A position that didn't exist?,8093/developerShotId,589/ Also, this, in the second paragraph: Also, by the way, apart from Brett Sperry, Adam Isgreen and Frank Klepacki (only the latter of whom is still there), nobody of worth from Westwood went to Petroglyph. Just FYI. Because you apparently played it like SimCity (sorry Lauren, I'll be using your phrase from now on )
  17. Ah EA Irvine concepts... I asked for final box art, not concepts from 2 years previous to the game being completed when EA didn't have a clue what they were doing with Westwood. When we did the C&C 10th Anniversary, we asked Petroglyph developers who came up with the core concept for Generals... All credited EA Pacific they never uttered the word Westwood which in their eyes was only ever Las Vegas.. Call it Westwood Irvine, Westwood Pacific all you bloody want. EA didn't know their head from their arse. The fact is once the game was completed, it was an EA Game and nothing more.. Keep firing these technicalities all you like, it's still not a Westwood game.. Westwood was well and truly gone and absorbed by the time Generals went Gold. Why? Because it was an Arcade strategy game disguised as an RTS? Damn right it wasn't aiming for me. That's why it sits below C&C 3 and C&C 4 in my overall list.
  18. Westwood Pacific was a formerly Virgin-owned studio that was bought along with Westwood, and they were given reigns over RA2 and Generals by none other than Louis Castle himself. They were only renamed to EA Pacific in 2002, but the staff remained the same. So, between 1998 and 2002, there were essentially two Westwoods. Art and audio staff moved back and forth as needed (be bothered to check the credits). Some Westwood love you have, if you can't do research on it. Ah, this cute argument. How 'bout some artwork? EDIT: With the more blatant example (uploaded here because Imgur likes to break...) Good thing you "left" RTS, you're clearly not the kind of person it aims for.
  19. Westwood was in name and tech only for marketing purposes to try and push the game's credibility. It was certainly not in the case of the core Westwood Crew, who at that point had long jumped ship. You're trying to push small technicalities that don't really matter. Westwood were never officially credited for the game, it was an EA game through and through. Find me the official Westwood Logo on an actual official Generals Box Art, and I'll concede... But you know you're wrong, I have both boxes for the game and expansion right here and I see no Westwood Logo on them. I'm not referring to timed missions. I'm talking about 1:1 game speed... You know REAL TIME strategy. There was nothing real time about it. The game played at exactly a 2:1 game speed ratio. It was insanely fast in comparison to it's predecessors. It took me 2 months after the release of Yuri's revenge to actually say "Screw it" and complete all campaigns back to back. Which by then was already too late cos everything had been spoilt anyway... I don't have fond memories of that game outside of Skirmish mode. Simple as that.
  20. It was done by Westwood/EA Pacific RA2 had rather slow-paced missions, exactly zero of which were timed (unlike RA1). RA2 missions were also the most forgiving among 2D C&C games.
  21. I loved Generals. If I was to list all the C&C RTS games in order it would be 4th in my list.. I rate it higher than Red Alert 2. Never had a problem with that game. So no, you're wrong. I disliked Red Alert 2.. Lots of people called it the best C&C game. It was too fast paced for my liking.. I had to force myself to play that game and didn't enjoy the campaigns at all due to their pace. I played Skirmish mode heavily though, so it redeemed itself there partially. But only because you could set the game speed, which you couldn't do for the campaigns. I was very vocal towards Westwood about that.
  22. C&C LEGO

    Not really sure if I want to because I have only played it a few times and I just can't get into it. On top of that, many of the units are extremely complex and hard to replicate in a simple LEGO format. I'm no longer going to leave mods completely off the table, I just don't feel it's a pragmatic approach to the next several episodes (of which I have 5 more planned so far).
  23. Except you never truly accepted a C&C game that wasn't made by Westwood (Vegas or Pacific) for no particular reason, have you?
  24. You got me there... Only when you reference it was 2006... So yes you're quoting me an article when I had that Westwood Frenzy... Well done, you get internet points! But hold on!... Fast Forward time a second...Red Alert 3 came out 2 years 10 months later after I wrote that! You're clutching at straws in this argument! Because my perspective had changed by that point and my willingness to accept that Petroglyph was not going to be the next force in RTS gaming had dissipated. Universe at War was a whole year before RA3, and I saw the company was already starting a downward trend. Westwood Frenzy was well and truly gone by that point. I was already a big fan of Sins of a Solar Empire by that time which broke my foray into 4X gaming beyond the Civilization franchise. Tom Clancy's Endwar, despite being somewhat flawed. Was more of an interesting game than half the tripe that year. I also had my head right up World in Conflict's Backside, singing it's praises for the excellent game it was Whilst I was steadily climbing the global leaderboards. I eventually broke into the Top 100 players, and was in a global top 40 clan! If e-sports was as big then as it was now. I'd of probably have been close to playing that game professionally. So when RA3 came along? Oh dear... what the hell happened!? I played it, disliked it, and went back to World in Conflict. I had no time for RA3. It wasn't anywhere near as exciting.. I had WiC games to win! A game that actually was everything RA3 was not! Good was one of them.
  25. Having no budget is not the same as having no vision at all. People who are capable of coding on any level do this by default. First-hand experience speaking Mmmmm... Not only that, I'm displaying them doing even less. Newsflash, C&C 4 is not RTS. It's RTT at best. Except I can fully argument why I despise modern gaming, unlike every single Westwood whiner who is still out there.
  26. I'm talking about RTS and RTS only here. You're correct on both accounts on the counter arguement. But AAA development costs are up and are higher than ever. My point is of course they're not going to pump in the cash into their development farms to go beyond the "Target budget" Hence why I say no cash. Same goes for time and innovation. They need to hammer out these games as quickly as possible, they're not going to sit down and innovate.. There isn't time... So yeah, you've basically reiterated my point. AAA is a pile of crap these days across the industry. Which is why I avoid it these days and go for indie instead. As for indies, you've picked out the select supreme examples who have managed to get lucky and pull off their visions with class and high polish. Yeah there's great ideas abound. But for most indie developers this isn't the case. Most are working in bedrooms on slim budgets, or no budgets at all.. They work to fund their living, and do development in their spare time, that's where the issue of time comes in, you've gotta grind code when you can. The more you innovate as a developer, the more complex the idea can become and thus the more time you need to complete. There may come a point where an idea becomes too complex and they have to scrap and take the easier route to completing a game. It's down to experience, but like AAA games, innovation takes risk, and often will not reap rewards. This is especially true when you're so small you end up fighting to get noticed amongst 20-50 games being released on Platforms like Steam on a weekly basis. Sometimes it's just easier to get noticed by doing something tried and tested rather well, than taking a risk that'll end your development career before its started. Development takes balance. It takes a lot a damn hard work. Some of these things you talk of are simply not possible for a lot of developers. That's your opinion. In my madness I may have quoted the past. But it was never Westwood Frenzy. It, like you're displaying now towards Rusted Warfare was my own approach to a title that was simply not doing anything new or better. Perhaps it was seen that way from a multiplayer, competitive, co-op point of view to some degree. But when it comes to Red Alert 3, there was, and still is better out there. RA3 was the product of the EALA cracks starting to show, as you say looking for Maximum profit with minimal effort. But I'm over that, it's the past.. I still repurchased it on Steam though a few months back. Whilst I now see it through different eyes. it's still generic shite. Whereas C&C4, I actually loved. I saw it as a good direction as an RTS game and I really rather enjoyed it.. Get your head around that one! That's how you know my opinion is and never was Westwood Frenzy. In my opinion C&C 4 was a better game than RA3. Period! And you'll get over it, which is what I've been trying to say all along. You're suffering the gaming equivalent of a mid-life crisis. Your own kind of so-called "Westwood Frenzy" as you put it.
  27. C&C LEGO

    Say, Zee. What are the chances you might do a C&C Legos: Mental Omega edition in the future? There's someone in YouTube already suggesting it. The Revora guys will probably be thrilled to have something like this.
  28. I know this full and well, and I accept this, reluctantly but soberly. Which is why, unlike 99,999999% of people who call themselves gamers today, I play older games which are actually worth a damn or two. Which is why, unlike almost everyone who visits this very site alone, I keep the torch lit for C&C (a series that last had a proper title in 2008 with RA3), knowledge thereof and guides to run it on newer systems (the latter being the subject of interest of literally nobody but myself and CnCNet patch staff). I also try and collect all knowledge, files and assets for many other games that I like, most of them being RTS. It can improve, just like TBS did through recent Civilization games and Endless Legend. The only problem is that nobody bothered to. Developers now look at those retarded MOBAs instead of what made RTS what it is and acknowledging that it's its own thing (see why exactly Halo Wars 2 and Dawn of War 3 flopped). AAA and indie games having no cash, time or innovating mindset? What the fuck are you on about? AAA had all of that until about 10 years ago when they found out the formula to make the maximum profit with minimal effort, while indies, when actually competent, can have ideas and soul matching AAA of old (Endless Legend, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Papers Please...). They brought new things on the table (RA3 particularly) but you were apparently too much in a Westwood frenzy to realize that. I only enjoy what gaming used to be. I may only be 22, but in the gaming realm, I'm metaphorically a grizzled old man who remembers an age of prosperity while many around me disappear or lose that memory while youngsters don't care that everything around them is shit and that everyone is trying to sucker them. That is what I am, that is what I choose to be.
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