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  2. A lazy workaround: Growth Accelerators fire weapon on same type and same team (excluded self) in a narrow range around them to eliminate duplicates with a special death type. Use a random delay between shots. Duplicates create an object on that special death type that creates the monetary compensation. If it has to do with the tiberium field you could replace it with an unbugged version via lua easily on map start automatically (I can explain if needed).
  3. With only 8 days remaining before my OpenRA Tournament starts, tomorrow, June 23rd will be your LAST CHANCE to sign up! Know that the prize pool has increased to a whopping €250!!! And of course don't forget about the added prize of the Possible RA:GL Masters Seed for Season 4! While we already have 16 players and a few reserves, I would still love to see this tournament reach 32 players! For this occasion, I will be holding 1 last hype up stream of OpenRA's Red Alert starting tomorrow, June 23rd at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET and I will go until MIDNIGHT as Registration for the tournament closes then! So this is really your last chance to sign up. If we don\t make 32 players, the Tournament will go between the 16 that signed up early. The rest will just be reserves. Read up on the Tournament HERE! and SIGN UP TODAY, because after the stream ends, so will the registration. If you're 1 minute late, you're too late! The clock is ticking! See you all on my channel on Twitch!
  4. In this week's Throwback Thursday feature, we look back at the Global Conquest mode from the PC version of C&C 3: Kane's Wrath. Advertised as "Risk on steroids" (David Silverman, 2008), it involved the game's three main factions randomly placed on the globe, each trying to achieve their own goals - cover one third of the planet under your influence for GDI, generate unrest in 24 cities for Nod, build 9 Threshold towers for the Scrin, or just eradicate all enemies the good old-fashioned way. The metagame on the world map was turn-based, with the ability to build, upgrade and destroy bases and task forces, even giving players the ability to make up their own task forces. This mode seems to have been largely influenced by the War of the Ring mode from EALA's Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  5. C&C Music Mondays Throwback Thursdays C&C Roundtable Discussion A new C&C poll (this time make it monthly) The return of C&C Legos (it doesn't have to be from Zee Hypnotist btw since anyone else can do it)
  6. That's weird, since the patch is what enabled that compatibility mode in the first place. Also changing any setting with CCConfig.exe re-enables compatibility mode.
  7. A normal, scripted interview?
  8. I tried a few stages and it is not happening for me. Give me a name of an official stage that this happens on, then I can run some tests.
  9. Hey guys! I did not know where else to post this question, so I’ve put it here in the hopes that someone can help me out. I recently downloaded Tiberian Sun from CNCNet to not only relive childhood memories, but also to livestream/LP the game for my YouTube channel. I’m using OBS Studio to record/stream the game, and discovered that the only way for OBS to capture the game footage is when the game is running in “dxwnd” in windowed mode (on any other settings, the game would either crash, appear distorted, and/or OBS will fail to record the game footage). When navigating some of the menus in this mode, however, they will only partially load up, and leave me unable to leave the menu, although I can hear options being selected/changed. I’m forced to end the program using Task Manager at this point, and I haven’t found a workaround thus far to make the game suitable for livestreaming. The game runs normally in “dxwnd” in fullscreen mode, though, so this is only a problem for me when it comes to livestreaming/LP’ing the game. I’ve attached a screenshot of this problem for your convenience. I apologize if this question has already been asked in the past, but I haven’t seen a recent answer to a question like mine so far, and I’m hoping one of you fine individuals can help me out. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
  10. You're not supposed to do that.
  11. Isn't every corrupt twat who calls himself a politician?
  12. Yea, it's not like all rare versions of C&C1 I bought from the donation money I got for the 1.06 patch immediately got uploaded as ISOs for the community, and/or used to improve the patch. Oh wait. They were
  13. I'm listening to a sound track from the game right now. I don't remember this tune from when I was eight years old. If anything, it reminds me of cheesy music from Runescape!
  14. I watched 1/4 of this on Youtube before it was taken down due to copyright, then I discovered that TVNZ has the interviews available in their "on-demand" section. Although there wasn't much new for me to learn, it was worth watching most of the interviews. Putin laughs frequently and makes many jokes, this seems to be why the American media hated it so much: "too friendly". Of course just because the US media hates it, that doesn't mean Oliver Stone did a bad job. The Putin Interviews is an excellent project that will be cited throughout the rest of this century! People today use World War II as the yardstick for everything, and Hitler is usually the yardstick for authoritarianism ... 65 years on. In the 22nd century I predict that more precedents will be set, be they military or political. Future wars will be judged based upon precedents set in World War II and newer precedents set in the early 21st century. For example, what is or isn't an act of war, and how much proxy war can be executed by a nation, without consequences. The third hour of interviews was mainly about Ukraine and the fourth hour was about the hacking allegations. In the third hour, Putin shows his situation room where he talks to his staff via video link. Somewhere in the first or second hour he is asked about what the United States really intends for Russia, and Putin says something like: "I will answer this question in great detail and in a candid manner ... after I have retired". It is a slow moving documentary/interview but there is an appeal to it, not because of Russia's role in the world, but because you can see Putin in a normal situation. Usually if Putin is on TV he is telling the US to stop lecturing Russia on democracy or he is accusing the US of interfering in Syria. In Oliver Stone's interview you see the normal Putin where he talks about the career choices of his daughters, saying he is proud because they are in science and education - not politics or corporate business! I'm not sure if the TVNZ link works for people outside New Zealand. I have never used TVNZ on-demand until now so I know very little about it. My dad always says that Putin is dodgy and "like a villain from a Bond film"
  15. I don't know if you're still monitoring this but I figure I'd post it in case someone else has the same problem. (useless, I know) Caused by running this patch under windows 8.1 with windows 95 compatibility mode enabled with default settings, or with CnC D Draw disabled, as well as with any other options I tried. It seems to be related only to using windows 95 compatibility. Crash occurs when starting the game. Windows 8.1 CPU: i7 4770k @ 4.24 GHz MEM: 16 GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070
  16. I have noticed that this happens on certain Maps but not on others. I wonder if this has something to do with the type of tiberium field? I will have a look at this later.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I'm using windows10 and am having the same problem as you did. except I don't know anything about the options.ini. help? edit: okay, a youtube video showed me the options.ini thing and it works now. so happy
  19. I've been searching forums all day. maybe I missed it, but how did you get c&c generals / zh working at all on w10? ive done the dx9 files and unofficial patch, and the game wont start. after running compatibility mode, all I get is a "serious error." edit: nevermind, lol. fixed my problem on a different thread
  20. hey, i need some help. please check inbox. thank you.

  21. If modded, you might want to limit how many structures of that object be built at a time. Have you messed around with the skirmish coding?
  22. After a couple of recent games against the Scrin, I realized the Scrin AI tents to place multiple Growth Accelerators on the same spot. Not sure if thats an old TW bug or related tot my recent changes to the building, but I was kinda wondering if anyone has an idea to stop that. :S
  23. I tried that, but had issues with mouse speed and sound. I'll try it again later, cheers!
  24. We've just expanded our Technical Support & Help Guides section the other day, with installation/compatibility guides for all C&C games. Since you're using The First Decade, this is the guide you should take a look at: Fully Updating The First Decade
  25. What's your DOSBox setup? Just running the rungame.exe?
  26. That's weird. I just tested it in DOSBox and it gives me a choice between GDI and Nod.
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