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  3. May recall things wrong then, I recall them looking more like the video models than the final version
  4. Can someone also give me answer on number 2? just so I be sure if my suspicion was right
  5. TWA's , models look even nicer, especially the Wolverine. Let us all be quiet for a minute and remember these great units, time, and era as we watch this horrible poor quality trailer (For the love of god... 720p was big deal back at the time? D: )
  6. I added enough bones for two nod squads (which have 18 inf in total) to shoot from, I told them in the xml to use the right bones too, only the Disni give me that issue so far The detected and destroyed should be enough but too bad there's no GDI's wanrinig for it :/ Btw where you found them? in the global section? I didn't tried to look for them myself yet
  7. Hello there, I have two questions this time: 1. I noticed that the Disintegrators won't shoot properly from within my moded units or from within some buildings (The fx/draws won't be showed properly) However when I put them inside EA's units they seem to shoot fine After taking peek on each unit xmls I didn't was able to determine what cause it or if there's some code line I miss. Before sending any xmls I want to ask if anyone here is familiar with that thing and if it something that relate to the Disintegrators themselves (which didn't really were planned to be used in garrison situations) rather than the units? 2. I think I already asked it before few years ago but I don't remember if it true nor the answer so I will ask it again anyway. Is it possible to change the Commando's dot on the mini map to a skull similar to RA3 mini map or it involving UI changes that we can't do atm? Also while I at it, does anyone know if there's eve warring sounds against Epic units? I recall I heard "Enemy's MARV" Enemy's Redeemer" and "Enemy's Eradicator" in Bibber's simple mission, I don't recall if these warning were in the camping missions but there's chance it yet another unused thing that was left by our dear EA developers that didn't had enough time to finish up
  8. A bit unrelated as it has nothing to do with apcs ;p In KW there's a snowy map (forgot it name) which the Tib spikes are on a hill that you can only approach if you use air transport, that not stops the AI from getting them, while I never bothered to view the replays of how it does it I assume it either use transport (may just be a script in that specific map) or either it cheat it way to it, may be worth a check, unless you already tested it decade ago...
  9. Don't remember myself, I may just renamed them or took some upgraded version of them (if there is one) from the net. I recall I saw the issue on other mods (include TW's mods) but they didn't get it in the same frequency as mine (when you save after you train or just saw moded unit/structure (especially if it use new models) the game will 100% crash when you will load that save file, however if you just save at the start of the game before you train anything it will load successfully... Edit, I sort of recalled why I added the KW's shaders, when I imported few units (especially GDI's from either TW or TT) they all looked different with each shader so I tested them out.
  10. so I found out it was the decal fxo that was causing the issue, I also highly suspect that one of the many shaders i uses is also responsible for the famous crash I get when I try to load saves file that was saved in the mod, Can someone help me out pin point shaders that are known to be buggy? I sure that at least raven, stygs, and megumi can detect one from their modding experince. Here the shaders I uses: you can exclude the decal and cnc4 burrowing shader which I deleted (it forgot the c&c4 one there after I finished messing with it) I don't even recall why I added most of these shadders, I know I highly needed the TW and KW shaders, and that I added few that were required for the wall mod, and also one or two from max cause I needed glass effect for the cinematic orca and few imported c&c4 objects, but I don't recall I added or used the rest of them o.o
  11. Thanks for finding out, that a bit of a issue as I don't even remember what shaders I need and I assume I didn't add them all for show....
  12. Ok so I found that the tibs effect is just decal that placed in the meta files under :TibDecal0 (number) Now I just need to know why it stop work, maybe it relate to decal features? o_o
  13. So only recently someone noted me that when he use my mod there's no Tibirium effect on the map of the world conquest mod, at first I thought he meant that there's no tibirium crystals when you do the match in real time (which wasn't the case), Eventually I realizes he meant to the entire WC map, it seem to be only effect as I still get money but I have no idea what cause it to begin with since I didn't messed with the WC's money, I did mess with Tibirium crystal weapon and change the logo UI and online UI but that was it, Aside from These options I don't see any other thing I done that could lead to such tragedy thing. I checked on other mods that modify the WC and didn't saw that bug over there. does anyone have any idea what could cause it? here the images to give you some idea on what I'm talking about
  14. Unless the HC code line is missing or set to false in the object xml You will need to either edit/make the textures for the object OR edit the x3w files of the object to use the right shadders. Don't recall at this point what I done on my side to fix it atm until I will take a peek on my files
  15. I recall I tried something similar just for test and used the Nod's commando Lazer, i didn't used it on missiles though, it worked fine afair but I didn't had any rule for it so I just put it somewhere and forgot about it ever after. Considering it never attack any missiles I assume it won't be of any help to you though... P.s as I mentioned on my other post I had some issues with planes not shooting units when idle unless I order them to, to solve it I had to play a bit with the WeaponSlotTurret / WeaponSlotHardpoint, don't sure if you even use these codes on that tank or if it relate but the answer might be there. I hope that reven or megumi will have better idea what cause it