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  1. Did you tried the guide?
  2. The tibirum spikes also gave 750$ upon being capture, and 25$ per sec in ver 1.00 like they does in TW, in ver 1.01 they gave 500$ upon capture and 15$ iirc I changed them back as well but on separate map pack that avaliable on the addon section in the mod's page
  3. Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 Open Beta Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04 open beta start today! Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04 is actually a mod that run with biber's and asuka's mod lancher, it started with the aim of just balance changes and bug fixes, make stuff that people rarely used to be more noticeable, useful, and add more options for team play like RA3 and BFME had, But since a lot of people requested from me to add a few stuff that in their opinions were supposed to be in the original KW I end up adding some new stuff (but I have red line and didn't added ton of useless stuff to the mixer as the mod don't aim to add too many new units to the point the factions will be unbalance and the units will be useless) So this "Unofficial Patch" eventually became big bang patch that rather from just focusing on balance and bug fixes also add new stuff in order to make the more than half decade KW feel more refreshing, I had many ideas how to add new stuff to game's gameplay, some worked and some didn't (and been removed) This is project that is up on moddb for around two years and half by now and is still in work, One of the main ideas of this project was to work with the community in order to create the mod for the community, however as I mentioned before the mod have red lines, This project can be changed by your commits However I can't promise that I change anything you want, Please note that this mod also try to make things balances while also try to add uniqueness, Uniqueness + balance in RTS is really hard to achieve but if they were added in the right way they can keep the most import ingredient in bay: the "Fun". General list of what been changed so far: *More bug fixed *New units *New features (More Upgrades/Abilities/Special Powers) *Some game changes *More features for team work *Improved Balance (many things like support powers, units, abilities, upgrades, are more useful) *Improved map pack (Optional) *Economic system moved back to how it was in ver 1.00 You can see more info about the project here: MODB Or here You can download the mod from here
  4. The thread I linked mostly explained everything that been said here, and I mentioned another import thing there that made me gave up on the idea Aside from the need to edit it on every single unit, it also will cause some buggy results, some units will have buggy animations till you tell them to do random stuff like force fire when being mind control
  5. Just to inform national geographic viewers Wolfs and birds usually not get along
  6. If you look on the image from the phone it actually look like other cool unit xD You forgot to mention that it can heal itself from tesla waves
  7. I really like the RA2 installation Too bad only Blizzard do this kind of installations these days (and they also not do it for each game they made if at all xD)
  8. I had similar issue with the nod stealth lab year and half ago~ I tried to make it stealth the entire map only upon being captured (with upgrade method) And it didn't worked unless I made it starts active from the very beginning (which ruin the point...) It may be engine/code issue?
  9. If you meant to the area mind control duration try check this link (read from post number 38# till the last post though) If you meant to the ability cooldown time that other story : P
  10. EA forgot to add some conditions to the spectre's transparent model, the result was that the transparent model won't show some animations, as for the speed I think we can control it but for the most part I think they both have the same speed and it just the effect that trick our eyes~
  11. So I need to add it to the ScriptedModelDraw of shield model? This will do the trick? <ScriptedModelDraw id="ModuleTag_DrawForcefield" AttachToBoneInAnotherModule="FX_WEAPON_01" (Or AU_DEVOURER rather than ROOTTRANSFORM) <--------------------------- OkToChangeModelColor="true"> <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_DEFAULT"/> <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_NORMAL" ConditionsYes="USER_1"> <Model Name="FXShldDevourer"/> </ModelConditionState> </ScriptedModelDraw> Or I need to make new draw beneath it? (Assuming I even in the right direction xD) Yea sorry~ I will look in my PMs eventually and will reply your and other people when I will have the time xD The BH Redeemer also have Charged particle beam when you add confessor to it and MOK also have new tracer and sound for Awaken, do you want them too?
  12. I noticed it have some bones in positions normal tank won't usually have The question is if it possible to make the shield to be in sync with the model when it attack (only happens with enemies and not that frequent though)
  13. So I added many shields for scrin and reaper units, I made some on my own but for the most part used madin's Now... they all working alright but I noticed just recently that the shield I made for the reaper devorer tank will sometimes won't rotate when the tank does only when the tank fire on enemies, after it stop the tank and shield will move back and be in the same position again Since it didn't happened to me with any other shield I made I belive it because: 1. The devorer shot in lines while rotate to target (may be relate to the weapon or anything that relate to range, aim, and rotation thingys? ) 2. Since unlike most scrin unit the devorer's shield is more liner rather than rounded? Though other units which uses the same kind of shields shape like the gun walker, Currptor (for custom shield case) won't have such issue afaik. Does any one know how I can force the shield to rotate with the unit it attach to on Any situation? I posted the xml but the xml is not that special, just devorer tank + all the related shield code lines Reaper17DevourerTank.xml
  14. Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 for KW