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  1. So far the only games that I has unplayability problem with are Simcity 4(it makes me quit Simcity)
  2. this reminds me of my days in HTFSocial
  3. Long ago, before I was even a fan of Command and Conquer, I'm a fan of Simcity starting from Simcity Classic(bundled with SimFarm and SimEarth), then Simcity 2000(I only plays it's Demo version(For PC) and it's gimped GBA version), Simcity 3000(my favorite until I tried any version of Cities Skylines), and Simcity 4(Never really played it as any attempt to run this game makes me left Simcity series and got into Command and Conquer series) the reason I bought new Laptop(that uses Windows 7) is: to play Cities Skylines that I bought from Steam(where it has Steam workshop to get mods) Steam Workshop mods is also to add (zanier) Sci-fi stuff to Cities Skylines if whoever develops this game is refuses to officially add these elements. and what's the mods there that allows Subway Trains in Cities Skylines intersect with Aboveground trains?
  4. Tiberium shooting game is still better Sequel for EA's C&C3 than C&C4 IMO
  5. How about Expansion pack for mods like Rise of the Reds?
  6. it makes my Firefox Browser crashes(sometimes this crashes the whole system)
  7. And that's why PC Master Race tends to prefers Digimon and/or YuGiOh over Pokemon since there's far more Digimon and YuGiOh PC Games than Pokemon one
  8. 2 of my favorite EA games are in the list: Crysis and Spore(the former have it's sequel retcons all the suits into Spiderman's symbiote, while latter are cartoony and has lot of cut contents)
  9. General Carville is killed by Crazy Ivan, but luckily his life saved by Paradox Creation
  10. Music Monday

    Dial-up modem in that game soundtrack makes it sounds Zeerusty IMO
  11. Not Exactly
  12. That's why we have Ani-Toonspiracy