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  1. Sigh, Your ignorance is palpable. I'll have yall take this up with my new PR Manager. I'm done with this conversation. If you don't want to be on our side, the side we are all on, then I'll revoke the invitation to all community staff on this website. Change your attitude, and settle down. Yall have 2 - 4 months to figure if you want to be part of the movement to make Command & Conquer great again. I don't have time for people who fail to look at the proof, which is all there to be seen. If you have critique about my procedures, and us being open to the community, PM me with a proposal/ well reasoned suggestion. I'm was just trying to inform yall as to what is going on, and my state of mind. Yall know where to find me. Do yall really want CNCNZ to just be a little lesser known?
  2. I find it completely ridiculous that your saying this, since I put my track record and experience publicly for all to see. If you really want to find out who I am, and what I've done, it's really easy. It's clear your making assumptions, without even doing the most basic bit of research into who I am, and what my project is about. Actually, in regards to the CDC, it is something most of the pros I talked to asked us about, the viability of IP rights. This is something we talked about with our Lawyer, to make sure we were in the clear. Turns out the EA guy I mentioned earlier, actually said to my director Fandore, that he wanted to get us to sit down with EA. These are not empty talk and words for hype alone. I'd be a terrible PR lead if I lied to our community. I appreciate your critique, and I'm giving you more leeway, given your experience with C&C modding, I said, I'd try and get you in contact with our creative and Art director, he's just really busy. But, I'm getting the impression you really don't respect people who do things you can't or that you don't specialize in. I'm a producer, I am not a programmer or an artist, I run all administrative functions from PR to HR, I don't think you actually appreciate what those people do. (nor does it seem like you appreciate the role of writers.) We will be having a major update this weekend, to commemorate the"Deciversery" of C&C:3, just go see that, and see how much empty talk is there. It's difficult for me to let my work speak for itself, because of my roles. I usually can't point to a specific asset and say "look, that was me". I'm actually a bit astonished you can't seem to fathom that. While I understand your point, we are a 3D product, which changes everything. Doesn't it say something about us that we been able to get that kind of respect, notoriety, and connections before release? People like the ones we are connected to don't waste their time with people who don't have the chops to back up what they say, if you or anyone is unable to realize that, then please screw on your critical thinking cap a little tighter. We present, structure, and operate professionally because we are using this for our portfolios, It started as a cool moding thing for C&C, but over time, we realized, in order to have the chance to accomplish our vision, we needed to be as professional as possible. Think of our project like volunteering at a professional not for profit organization. Just because there is no direct compensation does not compromise the quality of our execution. I respect the accomplishments of the other continuing C&C projects, I really do, but we are doing something none of them are actually doing, expanding the universe into the future. And sure, most of you could holler at me about the audacity of such thinking, and sure you can be skeptical of talk over things that you don't have in your hands yet. But we made a commitment to this project, and to make it as best it can be, we want your 1st experience of that to actually be a playable game, not a half broken mod that is missing core aspects of an RTS. We are adding in entirely new factions, not just reskinning and reworking the old. As for the issues around EA, no, we are not asking for their approval, quite the opposite, we want them to come to us. (sure, you can be skeptical of if that is even realistic, but if Microsoft want's to work with us, and Google has been spamming me to pay them to be featured on all search engines, except yahoo, than I can tell you, we are not like the others that have come before. Yall will see tonight, or this weekend. As to what are our intentions of conducting ourselves this way? Why, to start a studio of course, to register as a partnership LLC, and make bigger and better things. The #1 issue all indies and startups have is discovery, is to have people know who they are, and trust in their brand. C&C will always be special to me, always, but there is more we can do, and yall will soon see it. LOL, Thanks, I actually already have a Bachelor's in psychology. I intend to go for my masters tho, I would love to get a degree in a gamedev field, but my calling is that of Human Resources & Industrial organizational psychology. (business Psych) I'll probably go for a PMP certification tho. Remember, I'm a producer & a writer I'll leave the actual designing to far more competent people. Also, it will not take us another 10 years, people will have something in their hands this year. (weather you will be one of them is up to you)
  3. Ok, I got an ego... you got me. Ok, I'm overly passionate, you got me. Ok, we haven't released, and I'm coming on a bit strong. Ok, pointing out that me and my creative and art director have been continuously dedicated for for 6+ years, through countless ,and and minor setbacks (including a historic natural disaster er, is a bad thing because?) So sharing success of making our community and franchise more well-known after years of silence is somehow bad in your eyes? Well, of course I can't tell everyone on a public forum the details of a private meeting with a high executive. I'm sorry if it seems like just empty talk, I just know where we are in development, and I'm just excited. We will have a Closed alpha out in 2-4 months. Ya, I need to be a bit humbler through text (I'm a very hummble person if we actually have a voice convo), but there are countless things going on behind the scenes that the community never sees, and I am either doing, or aware of those things. Don't discount written works, we're doing a lot with the lore, that isn't released yet. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do PR updates in the form of a story, which is not just news/ intel report format. Another one of the reasons is, we are one of the few C&C mods that are still actually active, and making updates. I don't think you understand what GDC not PAX, it's not just any conference, nor convention, it's The professional convention for for all the higher ups in the games industry. The only reason why I primarily post about my project, is well there is not much else to discuss about the general community..... A bit ago, Skaggs tried something with this community, and a lot of people came out of the woodwork, because they wanted a beacon for the C&C community, that s all I'm really trying to do. That's all I want. And I'm actively trying to do that. If you don't want to come, *shrug* that's your decision. But as a Community staff member, you are invited, and given closed testing for the lifetime of our project. We’re all on the same side here, we all want C&C to be the best it can be. I'm just a conduit. *beacon placed* PS. I thought you were a guy.....
  4. I'll pass that along to Fandore, our creative and Art director. Expect a PM from him in a bit so that you 2 can discuss these perceived issues in detail. We highly value your experience in these maters.
  5. And here we are:
  6. Well, I personally didn't talk to anyone at EA. My co-founder, however, did talk to one of the guys who worked on one of the canceled C&C mobile games. He said the guy was very excited about our work. We made a policy not to go to the EA booth, since we really had nothing to say to EA directly. They had their chance, hell, I applied to them so many times, through so many different channels, and they didn't want me. Same for Blizzard. But never the less, them, Riot, and all know who we are now, I guarantee you all that. My co-founder thinks EA is trying to figure out what to do with us as we speak. Ever since the conference. We've had people ask us about IP rights and such, and EULA issues,and we have solid responses for all. Furthermore, the contract that I paid for, is base off an EA contract, so it's covered. EA is indeed in quite a pickle with us. On one end, if they do nothing, we make them money. If they try to CDC us, it will fail, and they will lose money and even more respect from others in the industry. We basically told/ showed all their competitors that we no what to do with C&C, and how to do it, and have it be fueled by passion. Telling them all that we can and will do the job they should have been doing from the beginning. They are the giant with all the money and reach in the world, and we are some how beating them. And everyone knows it. As for what secrets us and Lou castle discussed over lunch, I've already said what I can.
  7. Both. @ Lauren, you obviously care to some degree, or else you won't have been helping modders her for so long.
  8. Ummm, I've been managing C&C projects for like 6-7 years now... Have you ever even look at the project link in my signature? All talk and no action doesn't get the kind of traction we've had. Hell, me and my co-lead just came back from GDC 2017, we were fully sponsored by, who gave us tickets each worth ~2K a pop. Directionless fluff doesn't get that.... Expect the C&C climate/ community to change very soon, there's a storm brewing. Just wait, and see, I guarantee there is something on the foreseeable horizon for C&C. That's all I can say... As a dedicated community modder, who essentially community mod support, you are entitled to closed testing for hte lifetime of our project, just like all other former, and current C&C community staff members. Regardless of what you think of me or our work. thank you for your continued service to the C&C community. I salute you. PS. Unless your just referring to tib eclipse, well, I apparently was never formally acknowledged as leadership there, so...meh, but that had to fail for my current project to succeed, it had it's place.
  9. Dam, Whatever happened to "German Engineering In The House!"?
  10. Hey yall, So I managed to get 2 free passes to GDC for me and my co-founder, for Tiberium secrets I got business cards with our mod info printed out. Lou castle will be there for sure, maybe some of the other old C&C Devs. People from EA will definitely be there. If you could say one thing to any of them about C&C, what would you want to say? I don't mind passing on a CNCNZ/ C&C community Greeting.
  11. No. There are currently no official developments from EA what so ever. It's been quiet since October 2013.
  12. 1. That was in reference to Lauren 2. Sigh, Why do I always need to be the one who spins things up? Always... Well, it looks like from the general lack of response, no. no one cares enough to step up. I was trying to avoid it, but the main way I'd do anything, would be in the service of my project, I was going to try and keep it separate, but seems there just isn't enough juice left to do so. 3. Here:
  13. Well, Before we know what we want to do, we need to assess our personnel and resources. Democracy only works when people are relatively equal, and despite my general agreement that people are equal in human worth, that is not the case when it comes to competence. We need to determine everyone's qualifications, availability, time zone, and connections. seniority goes to whom ever is more qualified in the respective field(s). Think all C&C community staff & C&C modders get an extra bump in seniority, as well as anyone who actually has skills and experience in organization and product development. We also need to decide, what our general goal is: A. is it to make an organization to approve community works? B. Is it to develop community works to the aim of a game/ mod? C. Is it to act as a unifying beacon for what's left of the C&C community? Multiple? We need to do something equivalent to market research, to determine and catalog existing remaining active C&C related ventures. Is something like this even worth the effort at this time, in relation to expected results? People will need to step up, and say yes, I will be responsible for something,then actually do it. We can't afford another waffling, like what happened when Nod soldier Girl (NSG) and I tried to get Community Battlecast prime time going for the 1st time. All talk, but when it came time for action, 99% of the people flaked, and left her holding the rains, after "democratically" voting me out, due to a minor- medium PR issue.
  14. I know, everyone needs to learn it on their own sometimes. Our failure was us learning the hard way. If I had listened to you then, ~6-7 years ago, (and just stopped) I would not be on the path I am now, interviewing for AAA production roles. Epic failure made those lessons all the more impactful. The key take way being, if I had known then, just how much traction and how much of the community was actually invested in us, I would not have squandered such authority, and I would have held myself to a higher standard, as I do now. I ****ed up as PR manager & Co-lead, I fully admit that. I was not ready for that responsibility in that time of my life. Indeed. That is the core issue. Particularly evidenced by what happened when Mark Skaggs tried to spin up something in our community. Despite the obvious issue that we hit with him over vision of what we were doing, most of us had personnel conflicts with others in the community, me included. We need to figure a way to set those things aside,and actually develop a structure, complete with a chain of command. We need to develop these 5 aspects, Vision> Purpose> Structure> Passion> Community We got the last 2 down, now we just need to work backwards. That is the model of successful organizations that I developed after 3 years of participant research for a 150+ member gaming guild. which I'm working on getting published in a journal. This model should work for in person or remote management, regardless.