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  1. I decided to download the movie files for Tiberian Sun and Firestorm from this link: I tried the game after putting both files into my Tiberian Sun folder and Tiberian Sun was able to play its cutsenes fine. but when I tried Firestorm I got an error saying Unable to read scenario!
  2. I managed to get Generals and Zero Hour to run but Tiberian Sun still wont play cutscenes same with Firestorm. I had been using that patch for them already.
  3. Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and Red Alert 2 have been patched already and work perfectly. and I have run the compatibility settings for Generals and Zero hour but nothing works. I'll try the .ini files in each but idk if that will work. my desktop should support the resolution. It can even put out in 4k. I'll try the Tiberian Sun patch see if that works.
  4. ok, I know this thread I made is old but after the issues I have been having with this game I decided to do a complete reinstall and patching of the game. after following some old directions on this thread Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Renegade, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge work perfectly. Tiberian Sun and Firestorm after the patch for those games do work but the cutscenes in both games wont play. and Generals and Zero Hour no longer ask for a CD but show an error message saying "You have encountered a serious error. Serious errors can be caused by many things including viruses, overheated hardware and hardware that does not meet the minimum specifications for the game. Please visit the forums at for suggested course of action or consult your manual for Technical Support contact information." so after redoing everything from the ground up where do I go from here to fix these issues? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I tried that. I get the needs a CD in the drive message even though I do have it and I am using the No CD patch.
  6. I had the folder but it did not contain the options.ini file at all until I put it in following he directions of the link you gave me.
  7. I tried the fix but it still didnt work.
  8. ok I tried the YR fix without the patch and it now works just fine.
  9. It didnt work. same with Generals and Zero Hour.
  10. I installed it and it didnt work. same error message comes up.
  11. The First Decade patch actually makes things worse for most of the other games now. like Tiberian Dawn having a very small screen for the cutscenes and sometimes not responding to commands.
  12. I just installed The First Decade onto my new gaming desktop with Windows 10 and while half the games work fine with no patching the Generals games wont start at all. I just get an error saying the game cant run possibly due to a virus, overheating or the hardware not up to snuff to handle the games. but my desktop is the highest end model out there or at least one of them and I just got it. running compatibility has the games ask for a CD be put in the drive so I added the NO CD patch but I get the error messages again. not sure what to do to fix this at this point.
  13. I just got a new gaming desktop with Windows 10 and installed The First Decade. Half the games work just fine with no patching including Red Alert 2. Yuri's Revenge loads and plays but the game slows down when I actually try to play the game when too many units get on screen. I tried running compatibility for various versions of Windows but it only makes the problems worse. also trying to adjust the games resolution in the options menu makes the game have a weird color issue followed by freezing. patching also doesnt seem to work at least with the patches I tried to use.
  14. I just recently got a new high end gaming desktop with Windows 10 and installed The First Decade onto it. Most of the games work fine without any patching but Renegade has a problem of playing the sounds and interacting with the game but just a black screen showing. Any idea on how to fix this? I did try running it in compatibility mode for Windows 98, XP and 7 but those didnt work.
  15. ok ive been having tons of issues with my laptop in general after downloading Windows 10. and all these new issues appear to be messing up the games in The First Decade all over again. at this point ill probably just wait until Microsoft fixes all that crap and see if that helps. or wait until i get a high end gaming desktop.