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  1. To be honest, that Mac screenshot looks like someone just took the DOS version, enlarged the image and put an aqua colour filter over it.
  2. It's a Java-based mobile game, so it can be played on an emulator. I recommend Kemulator, which is probably the best Java mobile game emulator. The game itself can be found on various websites. Be aware that the game has different versions for different resolutions and phone OSs e.g. if you want to play it in 360x240 on a (emulated) Nokia, you need the game version with those settings. Most site will have multiple version because of this. Just run the game files through antivirus software after you download it (I like to run them through
  3. It has some issues due to technical limitations, but I'd say its better in some regards. Units are purchased, not just built (except for the AI, which just spawns them). Support powers work more like they do in the traditional C&C games. The missions are mostly shorter with smaller maps and actually have some variety. It's way better than Tiberium Wars Mobile, and with some refinement could have made for an interesting spin-off title.
  4. It does have skirmish and MP, but the SP is apparently way more popular. I don't have a source, but someone on r/realtimestrategy liked to an interview with one of the devs once where they said that.
  5. I love everything Dune (except for the non-Frank Herbert novels), so colour me psyched.
  6. Just to back this up, IIRC a developer of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak said that 75%+ of the players never touch the multiplayer component of the game. Generally spoken, there's a lot of games that work well as SP only e.g. who actually played Spec Ops: The Line on MP?
  7. I don't know where this guys got his number from, but he didn't do any proper research. Just do a blank search in the Steam Store, sort the games by user reviews and go to the last page. There's 1,000 with lower scores, mostly zero-effort indie games with Unity Store assets and Steam Greenlight garbage. There's a whole bunch of games with 0% positive reviews. No, C&C4 is neither a masterpiece nor is it a popular game. But one of the top five lowest rated games on Steam? It's nowhere CLOSE to that.
  8. I definitely didn't miss any of the buildings. I've played this map before and placed stealth detection units everywhere to make sure I didn't miss anything.
  9. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Mobile. For the greater good.
  10. Letterboxing refers to the black bars on a video that is run in a 16:9 windows (in case of Youtube) but doesn't have that aspect ratio. Pillarboxing is the same, except the black bars are on the sides. The footage should have neither and make use of the entire 16:9 window.
  11. And why is the video letter- and pillowboxed? This won't sell the mod. Nevertheless, colour me interested - but not based on this trailer.
  12. Today's gamers? That's how people bought games before information was easily accessible online.
  13. As per title: I'm looking for a batch converter to convert .snd files (used for the FMV audio in C&C4) to a more common audio format like .mp3 or .wav - or anything format that is accepted by video editors. Any suggestions? I tried a number, but .snd is either not supported or the converter is a commerical one (and I would prefer a free one, since I'm only going to sue it this once).
  14. But in this case, it just seems to be the latter. I don't think there's a general issue with that.