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  1. I suppose you mean the final mission of the base game: It's mostly random. If you are lucky, the demon doesn't go for you when you are not ready. If he does, you're done. Save every five minutes, lest the game will crash and you will lose all your progress, which happened five or six times for me when I played this. On topic: I like the idea and I like that there's apparently a single-player campaign. I'll keep and eye on this.
  2. The names can be restored with the unofficial 1.002 patch. See here.
  3. Welcome to Tiberian Dawn Redux! I hope you join me for this Let's Play. We start with the GDI campaign, and here are the first two missions: Alternative links and . The you want to give the mod a shot, you can get it here.
  4. My favourite part about this is that C&C actually acknowledged the issue by allowing commandos to blow up walkers in C&C3.
  5. The Saturn version of C&C1 has higher-quality tracks for sure. The PSX version of RA1 could have better quality to. Frank Klepaki has some tracks on his website, not sure about their quality. You could also get the soundtrack CDs for the older games, which should have better quality too. The C&C1 OST CD also comes with a second disc with remixes from various artists.
  6. Red Alert 3

    I played it yesterday. It's pretty sweet, and the modders put quite some work into it. China has its own style, feel, and themes (e.g. antimatter tech and orbital drops). It feels overpowered, but that could just be an AI issue.
  7. I'm asking this more out of curiosity: Do healing effects stack? E.g. if I have a triple-promoted Redeemer with two Saboteurs in it within the repair aura of an Arms Factory, do all those healing effects stack?
  8. A normal, scripted interview?
  9. I tried that, but had issues with mouse speed and sound. I'll try it again later, cheers!
  10. What's your DOSBox setup? Just running the rungame.exe?
  11. Rise from your grave, oh thread! I'm having some trouble accessing the Nod missions of this demo. I'm running the demo (via rungame.exe) ina Windows 98 virtual machine, but all I can access are the GDI mission:
  12. Probably speed. There just seem to be too many programs that can't exploit all those cores properly. However, the only tasks I do that are really CPU-intensive are video rendering and DVD ripping, and that utilises pretty much the entire CPU.

    CNCNZ lives in death!
  14. Hmmm... maybe something similar to the bases in Battle for Middle-earth? Where the layout is fixed, but the kind of buildings can be picked by the player?
  15. That one is a pain with the patches and on the highest difficulty. The Scrin send so much stuff at you; the only way to cope with that (for me) was sit there for a while and spam a silly amount of AA.
  16. That'd be Tiberium Wars Mobile. Which is also a tower defence game, sort of.
  17. I had issues with Ghosts too. Despite exceeding the system requirements, the game's performance was appalling. I have almost no tolerance for new games that don't run properly. It either works or I get my money back. Then again, I avoid buying new releases right after they came out anyway and prefer to wait until the game is actually finished/fixed.
  18. Kane's Tower is harder than most missions, but not that bad. The key for the strategy I used are these three things: 1) Immediately expand to the blue Tiberium field to the east. Build a Hand of Nod there and get a Commando to blow up the Juggernauts. Build Obelisks of Light there to intercept the units from the south-eastern GDI base. Capture the Juggernauts to take out the GDI air base in the north. 2) Capture the Scrin Construction Yard. Wait until GDI has destroyed most of the Scrin defences, then spam Obelisks and AA stop GDI. Capture or destroy the Scrin structures, as the Scrin will turn against you as soon as you attack them. Taking over their Construction Yard alone does NOT make them aggressive, though. 3) Build a Temple of Nod and at least four Air Towers with bombers are your main base to destroy GDI's Ion Cannon Control Centres. Once that is done, you have basically won. I suggest building the overpowered Scrin air units and stomp whatever is left. Is that the Outback mission? Or do you mean What is Rightfully Ours from Kane's Wrath?
  19. I was challenged to redo Operation Stiletto, this time with the secondary objectives. The mission isn't that much harder, but luck plays a big role. Sometimes one factions wipes out and important structure and you have almost no time to react, sometimes they just fight around a little bit and it's easy.
  20. Cinema Sins has this unique talent which allows them to watch the film without watching it and then complain about it.
  21. It's a bit of pet peeve of mine: Please leave the footage in its original aspect ration next time and don't stretch it all to 16:9, okay?
  22. Small update: I played with the victory scripts and changed the victory conditions (e.g from "all factories destroyed" to "more than three buildings destroed"), but I can't get the victory screen to trigger. I'll try this with other generals later. EDIT: Mirror matches are winnable with the Air Force, Superweapon, and Nuke General too. However, neither the Superweapon nor the Laser General use their Particle Weapons.
  23. As per title: I would like to add the general I'm playing as to the Challenge e.g. when I play as the Air Force General, I'll fight myself at one point. Is that possible? Of course it doesn't make any sense from a story point of view, but I think it would be interesting to play the Challenge with mirror matches.
  24. I tried this again, and didn't manage to change the victory conditions. The condition is simply that all factories of AIOpponent1 and 2 have been destroyed, but that somehow doesn't work. However, I did try the same with the Laser General, and winning a mirror match against him is possible for some reason.