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  1. Now Playing - Games

    I've got Oblivion on my piece of junk PC. It runs okay, I found that you need the max draw distance to navigate properly, especially to see the towers in the Planes of Oblivion. Graphics for trees is cut right back for me. I had Oblivion on Xbox 360 back in the day and obviously the port sucked hard. The battle outside the Great Gate caused frames to drop on console. On PC it's still slow due to my hardware but that's okay, oblivion is only $30 and I've learned to get by on basic hardware. I have a High Elf but I failed to gain levels because I didn't use restoration and one other thing, so my level is somewhat stunted lol. When I played Oblivion on Xbox 360 back in 2010-2012 I had no idea how to play the game. When I first played I had a sneaking character and I wondered why I couldn't deal any damage when wielding a war hammer. I also failed to understand the importance of 'traits', 'major skills' and 'minor skills'. When you level up you need to level up the traits which govern your major skills, at least that's how I see it now. Today I increased my Heavy Armour skill, which is only a minor skill - the skill increased because I was wearing iron boots in combat. I also realised that my Kvatch Cuirass does not cover my characters underwear, I zoomed out when in the menu and I saw the problem. When I first played (years ago) I had no clothes on my character. I thought it was hilarious, having my character do everything in his knickers. I think it might reduce your character's reputation (speechcraft) but I don't know. It's a funny thought, at most. It's best to wear things because of extra abilities plus the player should be upskilling by using various armour types.
  2. Yes, the radius could lead to silly physical phenomenon. That reminds me ... In Halo 1 the master chief can pick up a weapon that is flying across the room!
  3. The point is that the past two games required the player to mash a "pick up item button" to collect stuff (no option to make it automatic). This meant that you had to look around: sometimes items such as gold were under a table and concealed by a drape, or hidden in a tight gap. If I was playing Wolfenstein II then I would play in manual mode, so that I'd memorise the locations of useful weapons. Then I'd change to auto if I was lazy. In The New Order there was something satisfying about locating a box of Marksman Rifle ammo. It only comes in boxes of 10 bullets but it was always cool to find some and think "aha!" then hit the action button to collect. It's a small detail though. Wolfenstein is known for story rather than 'mechanics'.
  4. They've released some demos this week so there is 20+ minutes of new footage but this scene caught my attention even more. Apparently there's an option to enable auto-pickup of weapons and ammunition, but I prefer the manual pickup most of the time, as it helps the player remember where the weapons are. Eventually I'll need to get a better PC or a console so I can play these cool games on my View Sonic VX 2778, but not this year and probably not next year either because of my priorities. Oh well I guess the games will still be here in a few years, no rush I'll update this thread (via editing) with more links as news is released over the next few months. This game looks damn good. Plus, Tropico 6 maahhhhhhhnnnnnnnn I really need something to play games on! Finally 2 titles that I give a damn about
  5. Ok, I have not used it.
  6. Microsoft wants to kill Paint - I use paint every single day to post clipboard contents (read: screen shots) and it's good for basic editing. Whenever I need to add a few words or arrows into a picture, I use Microsoft Paint.
  7. The Lost Episodes of Half-Life 2

    The suggestion that future episodes of Half Life should be outsourced, seems a stupid idea in my opinion (why increase the already-complicated business politics). There's no surprise that future episodes were not released. TL;DW a new Half Life risks not living up to the hype, and likely would end up in the peculiar and undesirable position of Duke Nukem Forever.
  8. Rusted Warfare

    Released this month and $6 NZD? I won't count on it to be a long game but I support the idea of a project like this.
  9. Zee's Stop Motion Projects

    How cool to see a blur effect (camera focus) at 1:52 I tried stop motion when I was 9 or 10 but I failed badly.
  10. Mammoth tank ASSEMBLED!

    The large treads are how I imagine the Mammoth Tank. Good work! Is that based on a wire mesh that you downloaded?
  11. Age Of Empires / Age Of Mythology

    I'm listening to a sound track from the game right now. I don't remember this tune from when I was eight years old. If anything, it reminds me of cheesy music from Runescape!
  12. I watched 1/4 of this on Youtube before it was taken down due to copyright, then I discovered that TVNZ has the interviews available in their "on-demand" section. Although there wasn't much new for me to learn, it was worth watching most of the interviews. Putin laughs frequently and makes many jokes, this seems to be why the American media hated it so much: "too friendly". Of course just because the US media hates it, that doesn't mean Oliver Stone did a bad job. The Putin Interviews is an excellent project that will be cited throughout the rest of this century! People today use World War II as the yardstick for everything, and Hitler is usually the yardstick for authoritarianism ... 65 years on. In the 22nd century I predict that more precedents will be set, be they military or political. Future wars will be judged based upon precedents set in World War II and newer precedents set in the early 21st century. For example, what is or isn't an act of war, and how much proxy war can be executed by a nation, without consequences. The third hour of interviews was mainly about Ukraine and the fourth hour was about the hacking allegations. In the third hour, Putin shows his situation room where he talks to his staff via video link. Somewhere in the first or second hour he is asked about what the United States really intends for Russia, and Putin says something like: "I will answer this question in great detail and in a candid manner ... after I have retired". It is a slow moving documentary/interview but there is an appeal to it, not because of Russia's role in the world, but because you can see Putin in a normal situation. Usually if Putin is on TV he is telling the US to stop lecturing Russia on democracy or he is accusing the US of interfering in Syria. In Oliver Stone's interview you see the normal Putin where he talks about the career choices of his daughters, saying he is proud because they are in science and education - not politics or corporate business! I'm not sure if the TVNZ link works for people outside New Zealand. I have never used TVNZ on-demand until now so I know very little about it. My dad always says that Putin is dodgy and "like a villain from a Bond film"
  13. Updating / Moving

    I just loaded the videos thread and to my surprise it actually loaded without crashing. Embedding does create a bit of latency and extra scrolling. 1 embed is useful but 8+ embeds on a single page becomes a nuisance. From a marketing perspective a lot of embeds makes it feel like I'm reading Daily Mail. Lots of images but not much layout or focus.
  14. Updating / Moving

    I never liked embedded videos. They add little value, and performance is lost. It's easier to make a hyperlink and have the user add his/her own description which says what the video is about.
  15. Oh, it's that easy?! I've used planning mode before but only to stack attack and movement commands, not to issue orders all over the map for simultaneous execution. Totally worth cheating I reckon, what a chaotic mission - as soon as you capture one construction yard (or alien equivalent) then you have to protect it from the opposing army, as well as protecting from attacks within the base you capture. TaxOwlbear describes "Kane's Tower" as an infamous mission. I managed to beat the final GDI mission with a bit of luck and it's definitely easier than the final NOD mission. I always play on normal difficulty. I may have beat Kane's Tower once on normal, then again, I can't really remember.