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  1. It's a setting in ddraw.ini. You can just edit it in there. I set it to 60 fps because that's the advertised frame rate on the game box. I guess I could make it a setting in the tool, but I kept it as one simple option for simplicity's sake.
  2. Unfortunately I was using it to convert to bbcode, not from, lol.
  3. Woah. Sleek! It's a shame that the bbcode editor is gone though. I like bbcode; it's reliable and doesn't ever mess up in weird ways like WYSIWYG rich text editors tend to do. (Also the legacy mode actually made this site into a handy way to convert large amounts of rich text to BBCode, something I (ab)used for content on a storywriting website I'm on ) I kind of wonder why they bother with a preview function, though.... by definition, WYSIWYG means your final result is the same as the editing mode.
  4. jeffnz: the new Opera is just a Chromium derivative. Since theyjust started over from the Chromium engine, the new Opera has none of the things that made Opera 12 a great browser.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Have you tried disabling display scaling globally in Windows?
  7. Saw it on Wednesday. Great movie.
  8. Nope. The list above still applies. Except that DDWrapper is apparently included in the CnCNet YR package, and just an option in the config now.
  9. As MilkeyWilkey said, that's normal and completely intended. These gunboats exist only as cannon fodder to show the might of the Obelisk. Experiments in mission making have shown that any gunboat that isn't on the map from the start but instead gets reinforced from the map edge later will be unable to use its weapons. In fact, because of this mission, there's another special logic in the game, which makes gunboats die from a single Obelisk shot. This is actually pretty handy on some of the later Nod missions. There's a single arrow coming up from the bottom. It's not very visible, but the animation should show you where it is.
  10. Seems the links are dead due to some malfunctioning redirect logic. This is the working link to the folder: http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/Command_and_Conquer/
  11. Launch the CCConfig tool that's located in the game folder. There is an option "limit frame rate", somewhere in the bottom right of the first tab. This should fix the fast scroll bug.
  12. I really hope they don't nerf the family angle for "moar action" as happens so often these days. Remember when movies actually had pacing?
  13. So, um... uninstall those other ones, then?
  14. If all you want is to view the inis, you can always just dump the mix file into a hex editor and look for the rules.ini text. Mix files aren't compressed or anything. Just what mod are you talking about?