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    Donated $20. Cheers! Thanks for stepping up and taking this on, Zee.

    This community you built and maintained played a large role in my childhood and I have many fond memories here. I've been out of the loop for quite some time and just today read your post about stepping down. I just had to say something though. This site was a big part of my life for a while and I'm glad I was a part of it as a moderator when I was more active and engaged. I was proud to be a part of this wonderful community. I wish you nothing but the best in your real life endeavours, Sonic. It doesn't surprise me in the least that people came out to help carry CNCNZ onward when you decided it was your time to step down. You built something great here. All the best, TheSovietBlackOut / TheBlackOut
  3. Classic Shell is a must have, IMO. Win 10 made strides from 8 but I still much prefer Windows 7's start menu.
  4. Slight change to my avatar because reasons. Also since it's been a long ass time since I did this, my desktop:
  5. Any functionality of anything can be used well or poorly, it just depends on implementation and the desired effect it was suppose to produce. I'll reverse to pass judgment on something like a pop cap for a game until I actually play it. Until then, I don't think the assumption is fair pop cap -> spam control. It 99% time is but even if it is, if the game is fun, so what? Age of Empires was incredibly fun! Petroglyph seems active on their Steam discussion forums for those interested via their account "8-Bit Armies". They also stated maybe needing alpha/beta testers... so go beg here if you want Some quotes in response to cost, will it be free, etc, below: - Source. Source. Source.
  6. Oooo, this looks fun. It seems like this could achieve my boyhood desire of wanting to make Lego armies and destructible Lego environments! I look forward to seeing more on how the gameplay works but from just the trailer, if it's anywhere around $15, they got my order. Regarding the population cap, looks like its gone, per popular demand:
  7. Yup. Heck, going way back as an example, I was disappointed in the storytelling of RA2 vs RA1. I liked the laid back, campy, but not totally zany style of RA1's videos and the way they presented the story. I heavily dislike the way RA2 changed from RA1. I'm in the minority on that, but there's a lot of nuance between fans of even classical C&C. That all changes even more from fans that got into the series from Gens and ZH. And listening to the community is important, sure, but it also doesn't mean the community is chalk full of great ideas. It might also represent a very vocal, but niche, desires, which if a game were to implement, might alienate bringing in new players and/or alienating old ones. I think Valve is probably the best example of a company that does implementing community ideas well but they've also done updates and then had to backtrack (thankfully they're not too proud to admit they dun goofed). Quite a few times they've rolled out Dota or CS GO for example that the community requested and it didn't go so well in terms of what it did to the overall game or specific game-mechanics. Flip side, there's been some updates that the community went up-in-arms over but in the end were accepted and generally looked at in retrospect as a net positive. Game updates are different than games, though. The future team of a potential C&C game will have to listen to the community for sure but they'll just need to know when to say, "Thanks for the idea, but it's not in the spirit of what the game is being made around." For C&C to do in the future, the game just has to be a) good and fun. At this point as a C&C fan, I would be happy to see a new RTS game that has some general characteristics of C&C but I don't care if they decide to go in much different direction. Well, besides a MOBA... I'd be pissed if C&C became one
  8. Zero Hour

    If anyone would like to play some matches, and doesn't mind someone that's way rusty at anything C&C, add me on Steam or what have you Shockwave has always been a fun mod.
  9. Oh wow I didn't even know this existed. Awesome! Something to do in between classes!
  10. Don't got a pic to share. I want to share a part of the Cockney Bible which was made to be more accessible to the Cockney layman I suppose wtf is going on? lol
  11. I'm jelly... I miss my home's Verizon FiOS.... 25/25Mbps Now this is what I got..
  12. Looked through the archive myself a bit now.. Bummer. It seems like most of my old avatar images are now broken because the links have changed or the service I hosted them through is gone... And I've forgotten what I used to have years back Would be cool to be able to know wtf I had back then. Found the cool title bar though, so new signature Current desktop:
  13. YouTube has a nasty problem of ****ty users and ****ty comments, but this wasn't the way to tackle it. Google should just have moderated it a bit more like a forum is moderated. Comments that break the conditions get deleted and users get warned. After a certain warning level, they lose the ability to comment, or something like that. Sure, we'll see people just signing up new accounts just to spam, but maybe make it so new accounts have to view a certain amount of videos or just leave it. If someone really wants to spend that much time trolling or harassing someone, let the pathetic dick do so. The G+ integration is just irritating. Vevo should die and burn in the pits of digital Hell, so /b/. What's wrong with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo for just email services? I hate some of the things Google is doing with some of their services, but their email service is still top notch.
  14. Digging the Star Wars song gben! Plokite_Wolf... that was awesome. I listened to No Woman, No Drive a bit ago when that was making rounds in the news... I didn't think to look up the guy's work. The album that song you posted has an Arabic version of "Comfortably Numb". I was playing a bit of it and my roommate who is Iraqi pops in and asks if the song is really in Arabic or he's just intoxicated. Needless to say, I lied and said it was just him Heh, not really representative of what I'm listening or have been listening to lately, but since I am now thinking of Chinese music... Chinese punk (in English): Yi People Dance performed on guitar by the classical guitarist Xuefei Yang. I got to listen to a performance by Xuefei Yang at my university. She's absolutely great. If you like classical guitar and some pieces fused with Eastern influence, check her out. Her Bach performances though... errrmahgawd. Her fingers move so quick!
  15. I use LastPass to keep my passwords for some sites (mostly forums and things that I think if got hacked, no one would find practical). I don't use it for my banking or school accounts. However, I don't think think the ripe for hacking is accurate. It could get hacked, sure, but all the passwords are heavily encrypted. Now some organization like the NSA could crack it, but they probably know your passwords if they wanted them anyway. Individual or small groups? It would take a long time to crack and I'd hope by then LastPass would issue a statement saying, "Yo, check your **** and change your ****." I like LastPass, it's convenient and the random password generator is really handy. Just on the topic, this reminded me a good article about passwords and how they are becoming more easily cracked.