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  1. Can't say I blame either of you. It's more of a nuisance than anything else.
  2. I used to sell those. Very nice devices, but rather overpriced.
  3. Silence, infidel!
  4. I'm not entirely sure about the choice of actor for Deadpool, though.
  5. I'm fine with my FF/Chrome.
  6. Strangely disturbing how that image looks a lot like a video game.
  7. But - to be fair - I wouldn't mind a new C&C that's unlike all other C&C's. I mean, Generals was different as well, but it was still a damn good game. I would like at least something from EA, nothing is worse than letting the series die in silence.
  8. Yeah, deadpool should be awesome.
  9. That article is complete bogus, I appreciate getting a free upgrade. I didn't pay a dime and I don't plan on doing so.
  10. Already on it, seems pretty much the same with a better start menu.