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  1. I had a topic like this that I started at the time of our last major from transition. As I've mentioned, I'm still tidying up and fixing colours around the forum theme. So I will keep a running list here of changes I make (from today). It's mostly for me so I don't loose track of what I'm working on. Also look out for another topic that I will be posting soon to highlight some of the cool new features we have on this version of IPS. There is all sorts of quirky little things that you may not have discovered yet Items Fixed Fixed many of the blue link styles, removed underline formatting Changed the emoticon icon in the chatbox, it's no longer the big ugly yellow icon Unread content should now display as bold text Made the small pagination in forum view (1 2 3 4 5 etc....) easier to read. They will highlight when you hover over the row Fixed reputation point counter box You should see a bit more separation in forum and topic view. Basically darkened the line the provides the separation To Do List Fix Favorite C&C Profile Icons Tidy up Quoted text blocks Better colour needed for the tags New look rank images New look for team badges
  2. So do you ever get songs stuck in your brain? You can't stop listening to them? Ever since seeing Logan earlier this month I can't stop listening to this one.... Just as well is a good song
  3. The Generals Gentlemen have posted a new video podcast featuring some of the well-known Command & Conquer game casters in the community. Joining GGTheMachine are IISpartacus, Monolithic Bacon and Five Aces, discussing a wide range of topics, covering many of the Command & Conquer games and other RTS games. It's a lengthy discussion, though, at just over 2 hours.
  4. Having trouble with quoted text blocks, will give them a rethink tomorrow.
  5. New size for YouTube videos Quoted Text
  6. Something else that is new. If you select and highlight some text a prompt to "Quote This" will pop up. Just looking at this topic has told me the quoted text boxes need to look different.
  7. Lets work through your list here.... I don't think we need YouPak videos @Nmenth covered the reputation system as it stands now. We have yet to discuss this as staff yet No tags work in the chatbox. Its a chatbox. No images, no videos. Its text chatting and emoticons Could explain what you mean about Facebook and Twitter icons? I see them at top and bottom of the page and share icons are just below the posts above the breadcrumb quick links Yes fully aware of the YouTube video size. Its on my list I think it's kind of handy. But will look into this. BTW, quick tip. If you're going to mention another member name start type an @ symbol before and the autocomplete menu will appear and there user name will be highlighted
  8. After a solid month of testing and theme building our new forums are now up and running. As you can see we have a completely new look. New colours, new features around the forums. But we have retained all data. There are still some to things to fix, stuff to add and probably changes to the theme to make based on your feedback We had the forums off line for much longer than originally planned. There were some complications during the upgrade. But thanks to fine folks at IPS Support and more assistance from our excellent hosts, MyHost we were able to sort out the problems. The last part was waiting for 13+ years of forum data to rebuild. The final process took around 8 hours for everything to rebuild. We were unable to retain data from the old forum's "Shoutbox". We have installed a new "Chatbox" though, it works basically the same way as before, but as you can see none of the past shoutbox posts are there anymore. So feel free to browse around our new forums, if spot something that should be fixed, added,or whatever comments you may have, just post about it here. I'll be working on many things over the next few days.
  9. We now have a time for the upgrade. Its scheduled for sometime during the next 12 to 24 hours.
  10. Hamilton is where is its happening these days
  11. For the past few weeks I've slowly been working on the new look for As mentioned, we have new look forums that are currently in the testing phase. Lots of work has been done on a custom theme that looks new but still retains some familiar trademarks. Its a dark theme, I pushed for a lighter theme but the team here collectively decided to keep the darker style. The new look features much less blue, no more gold. Its different, in terms of how it looks and of course with the change in forum software, many new functions and improvements will arrive. I will post this small preview. It doesn't really give away that much but you get the basis of the new logo and colours..... There is also a new look main site as well. Of course it uses the basically the same colours, give or take few differences. But functions just as the current main site does. When the new forums arrive I expect some people will not like the change, but the staff here who have been testing and providing feedback like what we have planned. I have not set a date or time for the forum upgrade, maybe over the next couple of days, maybe sooner than that. No data will be lost. Everything you see here now will still be here after the upgrade, it will just look different.
  12. Once again it is time for C&C Music Monday. This week our selection comes from the C&C Renegade soundtrack. It's "Industrial Ambient". If you liked Industrial from the original Command & Conquer you might enjoy this slower remixed version of it from Frank Klepacki. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  13. The W3D Hub team have announced two more Red Alert: A Path Beyond Game Nights taking place over the next couple weeks. The first one has been scheduled for this Friday the 24th of March. The second one is set for Saturday, the 1st of April. Yes that will be happening on Aprils Fools Day. At the time of posting this news no start times have been mentioned yet. More details can be found here.
  14. Frank could do music for any style of game, the man is that talented.
  15. Quick, please give Petroglyph the C&C IP so they turn it into a Saturday morning kids cartoon show 8-Bit Armies I can understand, its RTS, it has its place..... but what the **** is this?