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  1. When I'm signed out they respond much faster. Signing back in was also slow. The solution will be there. It will some obscure forum setting or server setting.
  2. Accessing the activity page is still slow and lagging. Same thing happens when I try to view someone's profile. Everything else appears to be fine.
  3. Seems to lag when I click on Something to look into.
  4. @Zee Hypnotist has the final say. But the logo won't change. The new logo fits the current design. No. This is how the post editor is meant to work. It ensures correctly paragraphed posts. Stop think about the past and embrace what is new.
  5. Expect an announcement soon from the new boss. It's someone who I wanted to take control years ago. He will pull it together like lego.
  6. The ideal solution is that it all remains online and continues to function as it does now.
  7. Hey guys. Firstly thanks for your support. It was difficult for me to write that post. The reality is I can't afford to pay for the hosting any more. I have more bills and rent that must come fist. With that said. I have read all the replies here and many PMs. I'm very sleepy as I reply to this. So give me chance to sleep on it. Someone else taking over the hosting seems to be the best option if you want the site to live on.
  8. After a lot of thought I've decided the time has come for to be retired. The Command & Conquer franchise appears to be dead and buried. EA are simply sitting on it, with no news of any plans for the future of the franchise. The bleak C&C future is not the only factor in my decision to close down the site. In past couple months many changes have taken place in my real life. These changes mean I can no longer devote time to keeping the site going. I've lost the passion and motivation to continue. Other factors are the financial costs. We have to pay for hosting. This money comes from my own personal bank account. Living expenses have increased for me in last month or so and that means something has to go. I have achieved many great things in my 19 years as the webmaster and founder of When I started it all way back in 1997, I never imagined it lasting this long. I take pride that we managed to get to this point. I have made many friends and contacts over the years. Been rewarded with lots free merchandise, received trips to EA in Los Angeles. We have sent staff members to Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, others have been to Germany for C&C related events. Where ever C&C has been, has been there along side it. I will be closing the hosting account in the next couple of days. I don't know how the long the site will remain online for. So if there is anything you want to save now is the time. Its been a great run, I'm sad that it is ending. is and always will be a part of me. I want to personally thank all the current and past staff members who have contributed over the many years we have been online. As the saying goes. "All good things... must come to end". It has been an honor and privilege to serve as webmaster of the this site but now its time to retire. Goodbye to you all. Goodbye to October 1997 - ????
  9. To answer your questions.... C&C Music Monday posts will be done by @Plokite_Wolf for next couple of months. I just fixed the main site problems today, albeit with a temporary solution for now. The main page doesn't look as empty now though The domain is already renewed and paid for until June 2018. These are the last major things I'll be doing on the main site and forums for at least the next couple of months.
  10. As of this post I'm temporarily stepping down as the lead admin and webmaster of This will be for an undetermined amount of time. There are things in real life that I have sort out and that means I can't devote any time to the site. After spending a lot of time rebuilding the forums and main site in recent months, the tank is empty. Motivation to continue is low. So I'm stepping away for awhile. will continue, it will not close down. I'm officially handing the reigns over @Nmenth and @Plokite_Wolf. So they will be in charge from today. I will still be checking in on the site and forums but I doubt I'll post or do anything. So this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now.
  11. reaches its 20th year online covering C&C games and the community. More details will be announced as the day gets closer.
  12. I hear more and more stories about bull**** copyright claims on YouTube. The whole situation getting out of control. AngryJoe has made video about it in the past. Such as this one...
  13. A version of the trailer everyone can watch... So I'm guessing this Star Trek is set in the rebooted/alternate "Kelvin" timeline.
  14. Some cool stuff in there. I've often thought of hunting down a lot stuff like this myself but I have no where to store or display any of it.
  15. Great stuff. Keep posting them