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  1. An interesting topic raised by Frank Klepacki on his Facebook page a few days ago. So just as Frank says. One song at a time, or the whole album released?
  2. Sorry about that. Looks like the permissions for that forum got a bit messed up during the upgrade. They are all fixed now though. Members can only view and reply to topics in the Command & Conquer News forum. You should now see the reply button and the quick reply box at the bottom of the page.
  3. Long time visitors know that Mondays around here are C&C Music Mondays. And this week our pick comes from the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. It's "Power". Part techno, part rock. And one of my favourites. It's clear that Frank Klepacki did some amazing work on the Red Alert 2 soundtrack. As always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  4. The latest trailer for Justice League came out over the weekend. Looking good. Due out in November.
  5. Old is new again with announcement of StarCraft: Remastered. Releasing later this year.
  6. I have indeed. I went through a lot of different themes on the IPS Marketplace and decided to that Surface Dark looked the best. But as you can see, I've been slowly chipping away and changing many things anyway.
  7. More small changes Added dark border to quoted text boxes Change the tag colours to a lighter grey Restored bottom banner ad Moved "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" menu links to "Browse" submenu
  8. Well I signed in anonymously but I don't see any difference as being signed in in the normal. How are you testing this?
  9. We are happy with the reputation system as it is now. Its the same as was before the upgrade. I personally don't use it on any forum I visit. If I don't like something someone has posted I don't care and don't usually have any comments to make. Have you noticed I don't reply to anything in the news forum? Anyway, the reputation system is fine. @Nmenth has already explained this in another topic. No one else has complain to us about it.
  10. Fixed the C&C Profile Icons. You will have edit your profile and reselect your favorite game though.
  11. Don't know what sources you have been reading but I've heard a generally positive reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda. I personally have zero interest in it. I remember playing the original one, and it bored the **** out of me.
  12. I had a topic like this that I started at the time of our last major from transition. As I've mentioned, I'm still tidying up and fixing colours around the forum theme. So I will keep a running list here of changes I make (from today). It's mostly for me so I don't loose track of what I'm working on. Also look out for another topic that I will be posting soon to highlight some of the cool new features we have on this version of IPS. There is all sorts of quirky little things that you may not have discovered yet Items Fixed Fixed many of the blue link styles, removed underline formatting Changed the emoticon icon in the chatbox, it's no longer the big ugly yellow icon Unread content should now display as bold text Made the small pagination in forum view (1 2 3 4 5 etc....) easier to read. They will highlight when you hover over the row Fixed reputation point counter box You should see a bit more separation in forum and topic view. Basically darkened the line the provides the separation Fixed the C&C Profile Icons. You will have edit your profile and reselect your favorite game though Added dark border to quoted text boxes Change the tag colours to a lighter grey Restored bottom banner ad Moved "Leaderboard" and "Chatbox" menu links to "Browse" submenu To Do List Tidy up Quoted text blocks Better colour needed for the tags New look rank images New look for team badges
  13. So do you ever get songs stuck in your brain? You can't stop listening to them? Ever since seeing Logan earlier this month I can't stop listening to this one.... Just as well is a good song
  14. The Generals Gentlemen have posted a new video podcast featuring some of the well-known Command & Conquer game casters in the community. Joining GGTheMachine are IISpartacus, Monolithic Bacon and Five Aces, discussing a wide range of topics, covering many of the Command & Conquer games and other RTS games. It's a lengthy discussion, though, at just over 2 hours.
  15. Something else that is new. If you select and highlight some text a prompt to "Quote This" will pop up. Just looking at this topic has told me the quoted text boxes need to look different.