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  1. Late but - user profiles for me. Activity page is fine - I loaded it after loading some profiles.
  2. Depends. If I'm gaming then I'm using an i5 for the clock speed...if I'm multi-tasking / doing media stuff then I'd go i7 for all the cores. ...so speed, any day.
  3. CNCNZ.com

    Thanks for running CNCNZ for all these years Sonic. And thanks Zee, + Plokite/Nmenth for keeping the place running. Cheers o/
  4. Same install/version on both comps?
  5. ^ Broken link. Excited for this though! Very curious how it'll handle things like attack dogs, dolphins, spies etc.
  6. If you have, you know how much time it took to make this monstrosity. I reckon only slightly less than an episode of C&C Legos P.S. CNCNZ's stamina is legendary. Love that I can still check in, chat and read the news here a decade later
  7. All they had to do was convert to Gecko or WebKit, but nooo...
  8. SUVs: * Tow boats, Tractors, trailers, and all kinds of other stuff * Go offroad without dying * Carry lots of people * Carry lots of stuff (gonna stick those boards in the back of a Peugeot? ) * You can actually see the road around you Y'all just jealous Looking good DD.
  9. Still the site I go to for my C&C news...thanks for doing this all these years Sonic, you and the staff's effort is very much appreciated. @TSBO - that sig, quite a blast from the past. Hope you're doing well man.
  10. I'd seen this released and half-jokingly wondered if it would have problems as well. Never should've doubted EA
  11. I'd like to hear him repeat that quote to 343 Industries.
  12. As a corollary to those, it will also draw more fans, which I'm happy about. We can use some fresh meat in the C&C community.
  13. Agreed. The franchise has plenty of fans already, but it needs fresh blood and this seems like a good way to do it.
  14. Am I the only one that screams "Avatar" to? That firing mechanism really is cool though.
  15. Looks like I'll be reinstalling RA3 after all.