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  1. This is just pedantic, but I think the thread should be renamed to "Free/Promotional giveaway on games" or something like that. These aren't exactly "promotional games" that are being released for free, they are promotion of the games themselves by giving them away.
  2. Everyone and their mother agreed with that. You could have asked any of the devs at Victory Games and they would have agreed. It wasn't their choice. It was a corporate level decision.
  3. AGMLauncher was also staunchly against singleplayer campaigns as far as I remember, which was concerning.
  4. Tiberium Wars

    If I could have changed anything it would have been the return of Tiberium lifeforms. When I think about the Tiberian series in general, I think about visceroids, fiends, etc. I wish they'd had the time to add all that stuff in. Instead, tiberium lifeforms were more or less forgotten.
  5. I really miss the raw editing mode, is there a way to bring it back or does it not come with this version? Also, if you're up for it, I strongly suggest replacing the default notification sound to something more related to C&C. Might make things more interesting. Or not, who knows. It sounds kind of strange now. Otherwise, yeah, I'm starting to get the hang of this new setup and I like the new notification system, makes it a lot easier to remember to reply to threads that I have posted in before.
  6. Sorry man, you must have me confused with another post. I actually watched the video in full. What I'd honestly recommend is that you speak with your footage / release rather than your words. Show us what you're building instead of telling us. It's not up to our imagination to make your mod great, it's up to your efforts. And yeah, I agree, it's not a trailer, however, I still stand by my belief that as the representative of your mod, it is in your own best interest to be showing the best footage you have available. Unfortunately, rendering issues can cause some real problems (heck, even C&C Legos had it's bad days), but I guess what it really comes down to here is showing, not telling. Up until a few months ago, I'd never even heard of Tiberium Secrets. I'd never seen any news about it, never saw any information about it anywhere. I have to say it, but this isn't a good first impression. And you can't blame the community. I invite you to take a look at some of the other mods posted around these forums, especially in the news section. While I can guarantee you will find some drama here or there (as an example, the W3D Hub / BlueHellProductions fiasco), no other mod has received this kind of negative attention. I feel like on one hand, you can push the blame towards as many people as you want, but you also have to consider why there is such a big fuss over your mod specifically. I haven't known you, I haven't met you, I should have no reason to have anything against you, and yet, as a result of this entire discussion, here we are. Like I've said a few other times, I sincerely, honestly hope that your mod is successful. I truly hope that your project is as great as you want it to be (I mean, come on, who doesn't want their project to succeed? Who doesn't want to tell the whole world how excited they are?), but I think the biggest issue is you're putting the cart before the horse quite a bit. You're talking about great things before you can back them up, you're showing off features before they are polished. You're giving people a reason (or rather, and excuse) to poop on your mod. What I strongly, strongly recommend, is that you ask one of the admins to delete this thread. Take a break from CNCNZ, take a break from posting about your mod anywhere, until you can gather your team and come up with a strong plan of how to properly release information about the mod, and how to make the PR actually look good. Feel free to contact some of the mod teams for other games, I have no reason to doubt they'll help you in any way they can. I'm serious about this, really take some time to decide what is worth publishing. You don't have to publish any little thing just to appease people. You just have to keep doing a good job and release good images/videos/builds when you're ready, not because people begged you or "haters" taunted you into rushing something out. But let's face it, in the mean time, this is a sh*t show. You've lost control here, and whole discussion isn't helping your mod in the slightest. If anything, people are coming out of the woodwork just to cause more problems. You don't deserve it, regardless of the circumstances that led to it. Good luck. -Zee
  7. If you're going to reply, at least add something of value, instead of just cracking a dumb joke.
  8. I've gotta agree with @Traymen here. There's always news about many of the different mods that come, go, or stay, and whether it's a mod I like or not, I tend not to make any comments, especially criticizing ones, because I mean, come on, it's a work in progress, it's bound to improve, issues are bound to be fixed. The only reason I've even put so much effort unnecessarily commenting and/or bashing this mod is because of how much effort GeneralJist has put into overselling his mod and himself. He promotes deadlines that are unrealistic given the current state of the mod, he shows us examples of the mod that are well under par of other mods that have had the same number of years behind them, and all the while, he describes his mod in a manner that makes it sound like it is supposed to surpass all others, like it is the single greatest thing to happen in this community in recent years. There's a huge difference between self-promotion and self-admiration. And like you said, the mod should be encouraged to become better, which I agree, but I'm not going to sit here and act like we should ignore all the fluff that the mod team GeneralJist is spewing at the same time.
  9. So far the only unique thing about this mod that I've seen is the infantry losing power, but alas, that doesn't exactly make much sense to me. What is their power source, and how is a base power issue causing the infantry units to lose power with the base? It seems pretty inneficient for an Artificial Intelligence to need to send both orders and power to the each of the most basic combat units on the field. I feel it would make more sense if a lack of power to the base made it impossible to transmit commands, though I'm not sure how much you can push the C&C 3 engine. Active Fielded? Is that what the EVA was saying the whole time? It was annoyingly hard to understand, and once I figured out exactly what it did mean, it grew rather annoying just to have to listen to it. I have no comments on the map design as it was obviously just a test map, however, for the sake of showmanship, I agree with some of the other comments. You should be trying to show off your best highlights, not intentionally compounding a number of poor visuals. It seems like when making this video, you managed to combine poor camera angles, poor lighting, poor rendering, and a poorly made map. Even though it's just a demonstration, it distracts heavily from the content you're actually trying to show off.
  10. It's a side issue ... but Linux was good before corporate sponsors. I know a local Linux guy who used Linux as far back as 1994, he said that he could do more work on Linux (compared with Windows). Even when Linux was young and required dozens of floppy disks to install, it was still a better developer system than Windows and it had merit in the eyes of programmers. Did Linux have corporate sponsors in the early 90s? I don't know but most likely not :) 

  11. So uhh, on a side note, while my opinion still stands as it is, due to possible misunderstandings within some posts here and via pms, please do not take my opinions as those of CNCNZ. I haven't been staff here for a few years now, so don't take anything I say as something that should paint CNCNZ in a bad light. If you're going to restrict access to your alpha, please don't take it out on the site for the comments / opinions I've made. Also, GeneralJist kindly offered me to eat a shoe cake instead of a shoe, so I'll amend my statement to eating a shoe cake if the mod is fairly successful (IE, talked about positively on multiple sites upon release). Good luck, Tiberium Secrets team. I'm still not expecting much, but if you're as committed as you say you are, I look forward to you all proving me wrong.
  12. If your mod, in 2-4 months, makes Command & Conquer great again, I will literally eat my shoe. I will cut my shoe up into little pieces, and I will eat it. And we're not talking "Trump" great, you have to honestly make the community say "wow, this mod, holy ****, this mod is going to bring EVERYBODY back," and it has to actually bring hordes of people back to C&C. Because that's basically what you're implying when you talk about this mod and your direction.
  13. You may want to believe that Linux has succeeded entirely on its own merits. You are right that those merits probably exist only because Linux is a unique community. That's why I run Linux. That may be why you're running it. The main reason Linux is a credible challenge is because it is getting vocal and financial support from major corporations like Intel, IBM, Oracle, Informix, and Corel.
  14. I feel like you're either being intentionally facetious or you're really that ignorant. I'm not (at least intentionally) being mean. I merely pointed out that G.J. is leading with his ego rather than his actual experience. Is that a bad thing? Who knows. I guess when you don't have an enormous amount of experience then you need to make yourself desirable so you can actually get the experience, sure. I'll concede to that. Otherwise, I feel like you're just rambling off garbage just for the sake of rambling off garbage. So? What's your point? Again, what's your point? What in the hell does that even mean? Again, like I said, my points have less to do with the work he has or hasn't done, and more with the way he presents himself, as a person. It should be his work speaking for him, not his ego.
  15. This reminds me of the days back when I was a little girl striving for attention. And if I can politely say, GeneralJist, please, save your breath. Congratulations, you're working on a mod. Congratulations, you took a trip to some game convention. Have anything else to brag about? Because frankly, that's all you've been doing. All you ever do is post updates to your mod. Your mod that hasn't been released. Your mod that has no proof of concept other than some screenshots on your moddb page, some animated videos, whatever. That's not my point, I'm sure it's a good mod. My point is though is that you talk a huge game, almost like you're trying to prove that you are special, rather than the work you do. Just a few of your little quips. It's one thing to be excited about your work, about your mod, I get that. But you're going beyond that. You're going out as if you have something to prove about yourself, not your work. Like you want to be known. Don't get me wrong, that's a good way to have some self confidence, but you're being plain arrogant. Dangling inside knowledge that you can't talk about, saying **** like "As for what secrets us and Lou castle discussed over lunch, I've already said what I can," that's just showboating, plain and simple. Same with the whole "Tip of the hat from the head of Moddb" you posted in the community news section. Good for you, you got a pat on the back. But then you say: Sour grapes man, sour grapes. Is something on C&C's horizon? Sure, maybe, who knows. But I sincerely doubt that you made all of the developers at Gamedev feel as moved and touched as you think. I'm sure you got to show off your work and be excited and all that, hell, it might even get you a job (doubtful, but maybe I'm just a horse's ass), but there is no way in hell that anyone there is thinking "This guy knows C&C. He could change the entire franchise." It's doubtful that EA even gives a **** about your project either. Not in the "this project sucks" manner but in the "should we send a cease and decist?" Again, you're just pandering. I really doubt their focus is on a mod that doesn't even have a release date yet. All in all, stop acting like you're some godsend that is the future of C&C. Just make a mod, and make it look nice, and make it fun to play, because so far, you talk a big game when the only thing you have to show for yourself is screenshots and video clips on a moddb page.