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  1. Thank you, as before, applied it directly to the hosting. Much appreciated, it's another few months that the site will keep running.
  2. If any non-admins could post here and let me know if you're having slow loads on either the activity page or anyone's user profile, let me know. I'm trying to narrow down who is experiencing this issue, but so far, only forum admins have mentioned experiencing it.
  3. Hey genius. Maybe stop posting multiple videos at once like you always do. It's a little ridiculous that you're complaining about a problem that you are solely responsible for causing. Weirdly, it no longer lags for me. I'm still at a complete loss as to what is causing this issue.
  4. Holy shit balls, you donated $200? I don't even know how to properly thank you for such an extreme amount of generosity.
  5. Thanks so much, your donation has been added directly to the account. Just so everyone is aware, for the sake of transparency, I am listing all donations to the donations page. I also provide proof of payment (towards the bottom of the page) to show that the donations are being funneled directly into the hosting account, which is provided by Dreamhost. From there, we can pay for the server hosting, and in the next few days, we'll also be transferring the domain name to the dreamhost account so it will only cost $11 dollars a year instead of the current $40.
  6. With donations by Gben, Fraydo, Tchutch, Alexey, and Jeeprubi, the total amount of donations has hit $120. This is enough to pay for server hosting for 1 full year! Thanks to all of you guys for your help, you can rest easy knowing that you helped guarantee CNCNZ will last a great deal longer. Your donations will keep the website alive while we continue to improve upon it. Behind the scenes, we are working on updating the main website in the coming months. We're already working on adding more content to the pages on the main CNCNZ.com portion of the website, and we're looking into bringing more coverage to the modding and streaming communities that revolve around C&C.
  7. Update 1: Switching the forums to SSL failed in the sense that it broke practically everything. I'll work on fixing that, in the mean time, SSL is only required for logging in.
  8. I'm currently in the process of adding SSL to the forums and main site. What does this mean? Once the security certificates are enabled, you will have the option to browse CNCNZ and the forums in a secure environment. This means that logging in to the forums will be safer, and any traffic you send between your computer and this site will be encrypted. Ok, so what does it mean in simple terms? Links will switch from http:// to https://, and your traffic will be encrypted. This change will take some time, I'll be starting with the forums then working on the main site. There shouldn't really be any downtime, but expect images and stuff to break from time to time, while I fix all the little issues. Once I fix the issues with the images, https:// will become required to browse the site. Also, those of you using https:// and getting a "This connection is not secure" message, it's because a significant portion of the images on this site are linked in an insecure manner, so I have to fix all of that.
  9. Turns out there's an option to give a full-access admin account to IPS on installation, and that option was given to them at some point in the past by Sonic, probably for support purposes. I've closed that door. I have no reason to mistrust IPS, but with this backdoor, they can technically hop on to any account, read PMs, etc. Sonic sent me a password file that technically has passwords for every part of the website. As such, if anyone here has any reason to believe there was a password or piece of private information sent via PM or private board in this forum, change those associated passwords as soon as possible. Update: I have closed the back door, removed the IPS account, and removed the ability for administrators to jump onto other accounts.
  10. Shouldn't be. All I have to do is log out for the issue to be fixed for me.
  11. This is what led me to believe that they'd done exactly that:
  12. Just now, I went to the main page, and opened "Activity" in a new tab. The page sat as a white loading screen for 18 seconds before fully showing up. Edit: Well that's uncool. In order to test the matter, apparently IPS was able to automatically log in to Nmenth's and Plokite_Wolf's accounts without even asking.
  13. I'm noticing that I only experience this issue while logged into my admin account, and no users other than some admins have posted here mentioning the slowdowns with that page. As soon as I log out, everything loads immediately. I mentioned this to the staff at IPS, who claimed they could not see an issue from their point of view.
  14. After being unable to work the problem, I've contacted the IPS support staff to see what their take on the situation is. I'll post back if we can come up with a solution.
  15. Thankfully, CNCNZ.com is alive and well, and we can keep the site running, despite Sonic's departure. However, when the site was about to go offline a few days ago, many of our devoted followers offered their help. As such, I'd like to mention that one way you can help is by donating to help cover our server costs. Thankfully, the costs are fairly low, at about $210 per year. Thankfully, these costs aren't too high, but I do have to pay them out of pocket, and if you want to help, that would be great. If you'd like to donate, visit our donate page. Oh, and don't worry, this will be the only time I ask for money. I'm mostly doing this because some of you offered. Otherwise, you can support the site by joining us in our forums and helping to keep our community active. Thanks to everyone for their kind support, no matter how little. Even stopping by for a post or two means a lot to us.