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  1. So uhh, on a side note, while my opinion still stands as it is, due to possible misunderstandings within some posts here and via pms, please do not take my opinions as those of CNCNZ. I haven't been staff here for a few years now, so don't take anything I say as something that should paint CNCNZ in a bad light. If you're going to restrict access to your alpha, please don't take it out on the site for the comments / opinions I've made. Also, GeneralJist kindly offered me to eat a shoe cake instead of a shoe, so I'll amend my statement to eating a shoe cake if the mod is fairly successful (IE, talked about positively on multiple sites upon release). Good luck, Tiberium Secrets team. I'm still not expecting much, but if you're as committed as you say you are, I look forward to you all proving me wrong.
  2. If your mod, in 2-4 months, makes Command & Conquer great again, I will literally eat my shoe. I will cut my shoe up into little pieces, and I will eat it. And we're not talking "Trump" great, you have to honestly make the community say "wow, this mod, holy ****, this mod is going to bring EVERYBODY back," and it has to actually bring hordes of people back to C&C. Because that's basically what you're implying when you talk about this mod and your direction.
  3. You may want to believe that Linux has succeeded entirely on its own merits. You are right that those merits probably exist only because Linux is a unique community. That's why I run Linux. That may be why you're running it. The main reason Linux is a credible challenge is because it is getting vocal and financial support from major corporations like Intel, IBM, Oracle, Informix, and Corel.
  4. I feel like you're either being intentionally facetious or you're really that ignorant. I'm not (at least intentionally) being mean. I merely pointed out that G.J. is leading with his ego rather than his actual experience. Is that a bad thing? Who knows. I guess when you don't have an enormous amount of experience then you need to make yourself desirable so you can actually get the experience, sure. I'll concede to that. Otherwise, I feel like you're just rambling off garbage just for the sake of rambling off garbage. So? What's your point? Again, what's your point? What in the hell does that even mean? Again, like I said, my points have less to do with the work he has or hasn't done, and more with the way he presents himself, as a person. It should be his work speaking for him, not his ego.
  5. This reminds me of the days back when I was a little girl striving for attention. And if I can politely say, GeneralJist, please, save your breath. Congratulations, you're working on a mod. Congratulations, you took a trip to some game convention. Have anything else to brag about? Because frankly, that's all you've been doing. All you ever do is post updates to your mod. Your mod that hasn't been released. Your mod that has no proof of concept other than some screenshots on your moddb page, some animated videos, whatever. That's not my point, I'm sure it's a good mod. My point is though is that you talk a huge game, almost like you're trying to prove that you are special, rather than the work you do. Just a few of your little quips. It's one thing to be excited about your work, about your mod, I get that. But you're going beyond that. You're going out as if you have something to prove about yourself, not your work. Like you want to be known. Don't get me wrong, that's a good way to have some self confidence, but you're being plain arrogant. Dangling inside knowledge that you can't talk about, saying **** like "As for what secrets us and Lou castle discussed over lunch, I've already said what I can," that's just showboating, plain and simple. Same with the whole "Tip of the hat from the head of Moddb" you posted in the community news section. Good for you, you got a pat on the back. But then you say: Sour grapes man, sour grapes. Is something on C&C's horizon? Sure, maybe, who knows. But I sincerely doubt that you made all of the developers at Gamedev feel as moved and touched as you think. I'm sure you got to show off your work and be excited and all that, hell, it might even get you a job (doubtful, but maybe I'm just a horse's ass), but there is no way in hell that anyone there is thinking "This guy knows C&C. He could change the entire franchise." It's doubtful that EA even gives a **** about your project either. Not in the "this project sucks" manner but in the "should we send a cease and decist?" Again, you're just pandering. I really doubt their focus is on a mod that doesn't even have a release date yet. All in all, stop acting like you're some godsend that is the future of C&C. Just make a mod, and make it look nice, and make it fun to play, because so far, you talk a big game when the only thing you have to show for yourself is screenshots and video clips on a moddb page.
  6. Not that I'm saying it makes America "good," but Hitler occupied countries with the intent of taking them over, exterminating lesser races, and uniting everyone under his own rule. The United States kills (what we feel are) dictators, steals oil, and attempts to instill somewhat of a democracy, even if it is really just a puppet. Sure, there are civilian casualties, but I don't think the US kill rate hit even close to the Nazi's numbers.
  7. The subforums are still hosted in the United States, which essentially means it is up to the individual countries to block them as they see fit. While I don't necessarily agree with the content discussed in the forums, our country was founded on the concept of being able to speak your mind about whatever you want, regardless of how distasteful it may sound. It's essentially what the United States of America is based on. The freedom to speak against a tyrannical government. The freedom to own guns in case of a necessary uprising against a tyrannical government. The freedom to believe in what we want, to preach what we want, to say what we want, as long as we aren't directly infringing on others right to do the same.
  8. Cause it's based in the United States where our freedom of speech laws allow for such websites to exist. As long as the forum isn't shown to be used as an organizational site for planning crimes of violence in the name of hate, then there's nothing stopping it from existing in accordance to US law.
  9. Sounds to me like jeffnz is implying that Churchill was indirectly responsible for the holocaust.
  10. Seriously? I understand deleting Wallywood's posts, and even AZ's posts for being completely irrelevant, but I was spot on with everything I said.
  11. There's not really any merit to any of these rumors anyway, but EA can re-use all the existing code they want. The engineers who built most of the core of the game were based at Bioware in Austin, and were not fired as a result of the Victory Games shutdown. The guys in LA were basically doing art, story, and basic gameplay mechanics while Bioware did the work of converting the frostbite engine to function as an RTS. Honestly, though, rumor mill has been spilling "possible" C&C games for years, before and after the Generals 2 cancellation. Before Generals 2 was even announced, supposedly EA was fiddling with a re-attempt at a Red Alert styled FPS. After Generals 2 was cancelled, there were more rumors, and there was even that fake "leaked" show schedule that said EA was going to present a new C&C game at one of the more recent gaming conventions. Rumors will always be around. One thing to keep in mind though, for anyone who is hopeful: even if EA comes out tomorrow and announces a new game, take it with a grain of salt. Generals 2 made it all the way to the Alpha stages where VG actually allowed players to test it, and the game even got to the point where they actually announced a full release date. A week later, the game was cancelled and everybody was fired. C&C is as good as done unless a new game actually makes it to distribution. Final note: If they are working on a new game, I hope it's an FPS. It'll be much more successful anyway.
  12. Why do people still kiss Petroglyph / Westwood's butt like they still crap golden games? They pull the same crap and cut the same corners as any other company. Don't forget this little gem:
  13. You want to create virtual worlds yet the concept of people playing one is brainless? Your project requires some level of planning but Pokemon Go doesn't? I guess they didn't need artists, engineers, app developers, lawyers, and a flurry of other talented employees to develop their game then, right? Or are you saying that the mere act of "playing" the game is the brainless, talent-less part? Alright then, good luck expecting anyone to play your "virtual world" game if you can't even respect the people you're expecting to play. "Alright kids, time to learn how to create a virtual world instead of playing somebody else's, cause there's a shortage of virtual worlds and we must make more instead of enjoying our time in them."
  14. Whelp, I played guinea pig and checked the rar file, it's all clean. It's a collection of .shp, .hva, and .vxl files.
  15. I took the time to write out a solid response, about the difference between the theme of Memorial Park and the Holocaust Memorial, and I took the time to explain why it's not such a big deal. Re-reading your (JeffNZ's) posts though, I deleted what I typed, because Jeff, I think you're complaining just to complain. People like things, maybe you should try liking some things too. You sound like a butthurt idiot when you complain about other people's entertainment. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. You make it sound like the only way to get close to her is by playing Pokemon GO, and it's not worth the effort to do that. Sounds like she's better off.