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  1. I'm very excited for this movie.
  2. I will remain neutral here, I love APB, TSR, and AR. I do wish my account remained the same and I did not have to create a new one, but that's no biggy. -Nod Guy
  3. ok...i am not a small child....and i know all the skins Hawtwire so dont think i havent seen if anyone knows any sites please post em
  4. ok....i found some kool skins
  5. thnx....i got it to work oh and thnx for helping
  6. i miss the good old days with GDI and NOD.....i agree with Nyerguds, Phuq Red Alert 3 and Generals 2...
  7. oh ok when i install the patch then go to join a server it says version mismatch....then i go to check my version in GSA and it says i have version 1.30...but i just installed 1037...what do i do??
  8. ok i got it but how the hell dous it work?
  9. when i try to play renegade online it says Joining Game then it just doesent do anything...i cant get servers on WOL and when i try to set up a LAN game it finishes loading then quits....can anybody please help me???
  10. im wondering what the winners for the video comp in the bonas CD are gonna send in lol
  11. ill put in the sites i have been too.. 1. CnCNZ 2. CnC-Source 3.CnC Series 4.C&C HQ 5.C&C DEN 6.CnC World and thats all
  12. hey i was wondering if anyone knew the site with the most CnC Renegade Skins??....its just that im looking for a skin i had before that turned the NOD Soldier into a TS NOD Soldier...thnx
  13. who would win if GDI and Allies teamed up against NOD and Soviets?? its the Allies and Soviets from YR and GAI and NOD from CnC Firestorm
  14. im gonna buy it as soon as it comes out.....and another reason is that i have never player CnC Firestorm