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  1. I disabled Origin In-Game for the game itself and in Origin's settings but the same issue happens. As before I used the fixed launchers. When I apply the C&C Reloaded mod and try to run it the "syringe" application runs but nothing happens. If I launch "gamemd" the mouse cursor loads but nothing happens, and the program is running if I check Task Manager. If I try any other .exe that launches the game I get the Origin error. Sigh. I ****ing hate Origin.
  2. Hey, I want to use mods with RA2 and YR but I can't figure out how to make them work. I install the fixed launchers, I apply the faster graphics patch, then I install C&C Reloaded but when I try to launch the game it doesn't work. I then try to use one of the game's launchers but I get a generic "can't launch" error and the game disappears from my Origin library, most likely because of the mod. Does anyone know how to get mods to work, C&C Reloaded in particular?
  3. I... want to agree with this, if it were to ever happen. While I wasn't the biggest fan of how ridiculous the theme of Red Alert went or how silly the writing was, I really did enjoy the game-play. Some of my best online Command and Conquer memories, not including Renegade and its mods, are from playing Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge online. I still play it to this day, but only the skirmish mode. Regarding "rebooting" the series, I wouldn't mind this as long as they don't use the Tiberium or Red Alert universes. Electronic Arts already killed them for me, I don't want to be revived and killed again. I suppose they should either create a new universe or continue the Generals one, and they better use a game engine that the community can use to create awesome mods. Sadly Frostbite is very "anti-mod" but EA has been using this for most games they develop and/or publish these days.
  4. Fantastic! I can't wait to play this.
  5. I'm very excited for this movie.
  6. I will remain neutral here, I love APB, TSR, and AR. I do wish my account remained the same and I did not have to create a new one, but that's no biggy. -Nod Guy
  7. ok...i am not a small child....and i know all the skins Hawtwire so dont think i havent seen if anyone knows any sites please post em
  8. ok....i found some kool skins
  9. thnx....i got it to work oh and thnx for helping
  10. i miss the good old days with GDI and NOD.....i agree with Nyerguds, Phuq Red Alert 3 and Generals 2...
  11. oh ok when i install the patch then go to join a server it says version mismatch....then i go to check my version in GSA and it says i have version 1.30...but i just installed 1037...what do i do??
  12. ok i got it but how the hell dous it work?
  13. when i try to play renegade online it says Joining Game then it just doesent do anything...i cant get servers on WOL and when i try to set up a LAN game it finishes loading then quits....can anybody please help me???
  14. im wondering what the winners for the video comp in the bonas CD are gonna send in lol