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    Comrade General will be pleased ;).

    It's not necessarily wrong. You simply can't please greeks and trojans.

    Yea, but getting that kind of value for a website that is limited to a specific niche like Command & Conquer games is much harder. Even in PPM, donations of $200 or higher only happens if there is a fan with a very good income who is passionate about the site. In PPM's case, only Lin Kuei Ominae, who happens to be a moderator, has donated more than that in a single donation, as far as I remember. I don't think that people who runs sites like CNCNZ and PPM can keep themselves only with donations and Google Adsense income. The best they can get is the site costs covered by fans. That's what I get for PPM. Occasionally, I need to throw some money to keep it running, but most of the server costs is paid by visitors who kindly donate to keep the site running.
  4. No Steam? Ahhh, too bad!
  5. If this game isn't restricted to Windows Store, I'm gonna buy it.

    I have nothing against using Discord or promoting a central Discord account for C&C sites. I've just never used it at all and right now I have a doctorate thesis to finish as soon as possible. So, I'd take some time to promote it at PPM.
  7. To be honest with you, as someone with a long time forum administration experience, while transparency is a great thing in 99% of the cases, there are certain things I recommend to not announce in public. Simply do it, but do not announce it to not motivate anyone to use this kind of vocabulary ;).

    All hail CNCNZ!
  9. Hey Sonic, it saddens me a lot to see this post, although I do understand your position. C&C is indeed dead, if it depends on EA. I had a bit of hope for yesterday's EA play, which has vanished quite quickly once I saw all their announcements. But I hope you understand that this place is still entertains a lot of people and helps others to socialize and share their feelings and thoughts about Command & Conquer, RTS and FPS games and whatever related subjects. It is one of the best references in the world wide web about Command & Conquer. And that many people also have feelings for all the great work you've done with CNCNZ for all those 20 years. So, I truly hope you can consider the great offer from Zee Hypnotist to keep this community alive, even if he has to move it to another server ;). And maybe, if your real life gets better and future events in the C&C community motivates you to return, to take it over again once you feel yourself ready to do it.
  10. This is very sad to hear, but real life will always be a priority for all of us :(. Regarding motivation, I think you can still count on projects like Renegade-X, OpenRA, etc. The community is still producing interesting stuff, although we can't count on EA anymore for any real C&C games (Tiberium Alliances doesn't count as one).
  11. This is one of the best C&C musics ever.
  12. Oh, I thought that C&C: Online had its own database that, while it relies on Revora database for some of its features, it could handle somethings on its own. Then, yea, C&C: Online is... errr... C&C Offline temporarily.
  13. And now the server that hosts PPM, Revora, C&C Online website and few other sites is temporarily down to replace a hard disk. It should return online in less than a day. Note that C&C: Online multiplayer service is hosted in another server and it is not being affected by this issue. So, you can still play your C&C games online with it.
  14. Phil has saved the day and PPM is back online. Thanks for all your support, Sonic.
  15. Hello everyone. I don't know what has caused today's downtime in the server. It seems to be fixed, but it has disrupted PPM's database. A simple database optimization fixes the problem. You know Murphy's law? It happens in the worst moments. I'm in the airport, getting a 9 hours flight to a foreign country. I need to finish this post quickly before the airplane takes off. Sorry, but it will be a long downtime for PPM. But it will return later, if I figure out PPM's cPanel password. Otherwise, PPM returns on March 7th.