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  1. Um... do you know what anti-aliasing is?
  2. Yes I do, but you were comparing me to him. That's an unnecessary insult.
  3. I've had the original Mout&Blade before Warband existed, and I am the bureaucrat of the Mount&Blade wiki where I personally added more than half of the content and made over 30% of the total edits. I don't say it should be free because I am greedy, I say it because I know what I am talking about. Although Warband is often referred to as a sequel or stand alone expansion, it is in fact just a remake on an improved engine. There is zero reason to play the original if you have access to Warband; the storyline is the exact same, but with fewer and worse mechanics. The Mount&Blade games do come with trial versions which allow you to play up to a certain character level before blocking further progress without entering a serial key, but that level is quite low. The original Mount&Blade could serve as a proper demo version where you can play indefinitely to experience what the game is really about. And if you like it, buy Warband. Warband adds an entire new faction, a lot of gameplay mechanics, better combat control, and multiplayer. The original game is currently just a demo you have to pay for (unless you manage to grab it during a promotional event).
  4. They really should just make the original Mount&Blade permanently free, since Mount&Blade: Warband is a remake for it.
  5. Computer hardware is not my area of expertise, so I'll acknowledge my mistake if anything I say is misinformed. But this is how I understand it. Multi-cores are just a bandage for the rapidly approaching limit on how small they can make transistors before electron tunneling becomes too large of an issue for error correction to compensate against. Multi-cores aren't very useful in gaming, as games aren't really made to make use of parallel computing - the one thing multiple cores are good at. But you kind of have to ask, what else can they do? They are trying to buy more time until a valid replacement for current technology, like quantum computers, becomes feasible. Still, for gamers, fewer cores is better unless future games are specifically designed to make full use of parallel computing.
  6. Your imagination is running wild again.
  7. Of course it wasn't in Generals, it didn't even exist yet when Generals was released.
  8. This is nothing new. Why did Generals list those words in the first place? Because leaders were already using them to resolve conflicts.
  9. I would have to say the Tiberian Twilight launch was perhaps one of the best ever, because despite its low quality and dismal reception by C&C fans, it still held a place on the top ten sales charts for several weeks. If you can release a rotting pile of offal and still sell it like crazy, that is a pretty good launch, in my opinion.
  10. Short memory... It also seems the choice of tune by which you whistle is easily swayed by whatever you happen to have read last.
  11. Just noticed that if you hold your mouse over a normal member's name, it turns white, but over any staff or special member group names that aren't the default blue, nothing happens. It's an inconsistency, but a pretty minor one, obviously.
  12. There are 30 ranks, they just start at 0 instead of 1. What about no? Did you not notice that he already reduced the Veteran requirement by 1000 posts because it was reached by so few?
  13. I noticed that as well. Perhaps they need to post again before they will receive the promotion, but I think most of them haven't really been around lately and are unlikely to do so. If it really matters, we can assign the group manually.
  14. Oh, you decided to lower the threshold for Veteran Members?