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  1. That will be useful, quoting something specific will be much faster and easier.
  2. Apparently it also sends a notification to them that someone mentioned them. (By default, I see it can be disabled in notification settings.)
  3. We've been over this before, if you don't want to be down voted, don't post stupid stuff. This isn't your social media where no one is allowed to dislike anything you say. That past leaders thing is kind of odd though, maybe it is intended for a forum with more active users?
  4. I meant on YouTube. I don't have anymore answers or (more accurately) guesses. My knowledge of how show licensing and distribution works is rather limited.
  5. If they aren't produced by the same network and rebroadcast by the same affiliates, they aren't relevant. Licensing is quite complicated as it has to go through both contracts between companies and regulations set by the governments of the country of origin and distribution. I don't know why Croatia gets SNL and New Zealand doesn't, but I'm pretty sure there is a bunch of lawyers, money, and red tape involved in whatever that reason may be. My personal guess would be that SNL demands more money than New Zealand networks are willing to pay, so SNL is not licensed to New Zealand and gets cut off on YouTube.
  6. It's international licensing issues. TV shows are perhaps hit hardest by them on YouTube.
  7. A mindless follower. The correct way, assuming you are doing more than judging a game by its box art. Baa!
  8. I don't think Microïds qualifies as 'indie'.
  9. Yes, meaningless. The article which you linked starts off describing its arbitrary classification and then has a tiny section on the media hype surrounding a single team of eleven scientists who think it qualifies for perhaps the most arbitrary of arbitrary classifications attached to it. Again I say, the research is not meaningless, the arbitrary classification and media hype is.
  10. Anything you want should be free, anything you do should be compensated... Your unbridled sense of entitlement knows no bounds. Actually, what you deserve is -1 reputation point. Congratulations, the second ever -1 I've given someone.
  11. I prefer a darker theme. Tradition and what everyone else is doing are both meaningless to me, it's just my personal preference.
  12. I was never disappointed Tiberium was canned, and this new footage has done nothing to change my mind. Tiberium was not a new and improved Renegade, it was just another uninteresting squad-based FPS set in the tiberium universe trying to cash in on the same teenagers' parents' money all the other cookie-cutter FPS games were raking in. Shiny graphics and what-could-have-been dreams imagined with the same high expectations that were crushed by previous C&C games does not make a good game out of a bad foundation. Don't let the hunger for a new C&C after a long famine cloud your judgment, a bad game is bad, no matter how shiny and "better than nothing" it looks.
  13. You are free to self-promote here. The only time we would limit it is if you keep self-promoting excessively even when people express no interest in your project, but in that case, we would tell you to stop promoting before taking any severe action like banning you.
  14. There are more than eight tectonic plates. If they actually used tectonic plates to determine continents, I might actually care. Though it would be redundant to do so. Just look up continent on Wikipedia to see a pathetic struggle to describe what it really means while trying to sound coherent. And I disagree that it has a strict scientific definition, even scientists can't agree on it. The research isn't meaningless. But this story isn't research, it is media hype over something meaningless.