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  1. Well there is a limit on the number of videos allowed per post (3, I believe). On most topics, this limit is quite reasonable. On the video of the day and now playing topics, where nearly every post consists of videos, it tends to add up. Especially when PurpleGaga27 feels like he needs to hit the limit with every post he makes. There used to be a setting to control how many posts you wanted to see displayed per page, which you could use to reduce the quantity of videos that need to load, but I don't see it anymore...
  2. I am now experiencing the lag. The discover page and topics are taking excessively long times to load, sometimes I refresh when they seem to hang for a really long time and they reload much more quickly, but this is not consistent.
  3. I have doubleclick.net blacklisted, so ads never load for me, could that be the difference?
  4. Yeah, I get nothing like that. That's a bit presumptuous of them. Well, at least I don't keep the passkeys to my nuclear stockpile on this site.
  5. It seems to load at relatively the same speed for me whether I am logged out or not. If there is any difference, it would have to be a fraction of a second. How much lag are you experiencing here?
  6. No noticeable lag issues with that for myself.
  7. If you think a change in leadership will give you another shot at this futile effort to suppress criticism, you would be wrong. Sonic was the only member of the staff who wasn't opposed to "Like"-only reputation, including when Zee Hypnotist was still a part of the staff here.
  8. I, for one, welcome our new hypnotist overlord.
  9. You said the domain was paid for until June 2018, how long is everything else paid up to? Since you've already stepped back as Lead Administrator, it seems odd to shut down the site for financial reasons before those financial reasons become an issue.
  10. Never played it, but that sounds about right.
  11. Tiberian Sun, really. I always had a certain appreciation for heavy bombardments blowing massive craters in the terrain. Obviously, the problem was TS had no way to undo the craters. Pushing around dirt to level terrain and build up simple earthworks is pretty standard in real life military bases, so I figured it needed to be a feature. Bridges will be able to be constructed relatively quickly though, so moats might not be worth the time investment unless you have enough defenses to hold the engineering teams back.
  12. A resource limit on the prebuilt base would force one to make tactical decisions, such as going for more early income buildings, unit production, or basic defenses. And I don't think someone entering a match with a prebuilt superweapon is a good idea either. Perhaps there could be tiers of prebuilt bases too, depending on just how quick of a quick match one wishes to play, and maybe the highest tier could have no resource limit. As far as flat maps though, I intend to have the terrain moveable. You can even have your engineering vehicles dig your base a moat, or build up a cliff wall if you really want it and have the time and funding to do so. So having a completely flat starting area is within the believability of the gameplay mechanics.
  13. I was thinking more of a fixed buildable zone in which you can place whatever you want, wherever you want, using a limited amount of resources. Then you could save that as a prebuilt base template for multiplayer or have enemy forces attack it in a defense simulation to test it. Perhaps the resource limit could be lifted just to have fun with the simulation, but then it wouldn't be able to be saved as a multiplayer template.
  14. Well, I am currently making an RTS (super early stages), and I had a thought that I could make a base planner/defense simulator mini-game sort of thing. But perhaps a multiplayer option would allow one to start with a prebuilt base (for quick matches), and that prebuilt base could be custom designed in the base planner if you don't like whatever default pre-built bases are available.