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  1. I can confirm that this is definitely Jon LeMaitre, AKA AGMLauncher. I recognize his writing style and how his post is not concise. He goes a lot into details and adds a bit of his opinion, as well. I bet if you asked him "can you keep only the important information and cut the rest?", his answer would be "All of it is important information!" - I recall former EALA/VG employees and I saying the same thing, but ultimately agreeing that his points and expertise were golden and on-point. He often sounds harsher in his posts than he really is (notably on the "no campaign" comments someone mentioned, and the criticism about the game's heavy art focus, which he made here), he's just a really expressive guy. Met him IRL and found he's a pretty swell guy. For what it's worth, I agree with many of his points. Many of the EA/VG employees I talked to said almost the exact same things (albeit in a more neutral manner). The "siloed development" point he made was absolutely true, and he wasn't the only one that told me this. I can also firsthand attest to the fact that JVC was a huge StarCraft fan and wanted to burrow many ideas and concepts from that game. But then again, StarCraft 2 did take many concepts from C&C Generals and Zero Hour, as well (Dustin Browder worked at EALA/EAP before moving to Blizzard, by the way). I personally firsthand tried the builds that AGMLauncher and compared with the actual VG beta/alpha builds, his felt a lot more right and C&Cish. By the way, if you couldn't tell, his criticism of the dumbed down multiplayer with only a few units per general also applies to StarCraft 2's Co-Op mode, given as that was a direct continuation of the work done on this game. Tim Morten moved to SC2 after Generals 2 was cancelled. He oversaw development of that game mode.
  2. Oh, man, the memories...Y U DO DIS
  3. You guys should contact the RenX mod team. Perhaps they'll share the FPS/coding/programming/scripting work they've already done with you, that should simplify a lot of the work.
  4. Yeah, tech trees, AI, and animations for buildings are still incomplete. This is in alpha, at the moment.
  5. We're probably using Unity. Unreal 4.5 would be awesome, but it would be too long and difficult to work for it, unless we can get the proper talent in. Then, we could see, I suppose. But so far, Mark is in contact to get us Unity.
  6. We started a team using Slack. Mark and I are currently in discussion about which engine to use...UE4? Unity? Anyone interested in joining the team?
  7. Oh, sweet, thanks, I don't have Windows 8, so I would've never known.
  8. Awesome. If you're too busy, I can check for you and report back which ones we already have.
  9. Updated with the 6th Weekly Bulletin, which just came out earlier today.
  10. Sonic, working on getting those Tib Wars ones in their respective gallery, as well?
  11. Mastermind, Prism Tank and Hover Tank are all still missing from the gallery, though.
  12. Tiberian Odyssey, a standalone Tiberian Sun mod, is seeing continued development. Mod development member Orac has released weekly updates, starting last month, to showcase all of the weekly work that's being done on the mod, while talking about challenges faced, explaining the decisions behind most choices made by the mod team during development and a hint as to what new challenges will be tackled over the course of the coming week. You can read the last 6 weekly updates here: 12/09/2014 19/09/2014 25/09/2014 03/10/2014 11/10/2014 18/10/2014 Additionally, they have released an in-game shot of a new Tiberium Lifeform. For more information on the mod, visit their page on ModDB.
  13. Condition Zero, a mod for Zero Hour that features new Generals and new units and structures, has seen it's first beta, 0.5, and subsequent patches, 0.5.1 and 0.5.5, released throughout the course of the past week. You can download the mod and its patches over at ModDB.
  14. Concept Artist Todd Kale has uploaded 14 new concept art pieces of his work on Kane's Wrath on his personal blog. These concepts include subfaction logo prototypes and concept art for upgraded ZOCOM infantry. You can view the rest on Todd Kale's blog.