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  1. That was pretty obvious. I want to like it more but it locks in so many ridiculous settings...
  2. I was referring more to purplederp than you.
  3. That's what you get for having ten year old hardware.
  4. I got a BluRay drive in mine. I still buy movies on disc. I tend be a collector and not being able to watch my own media would be a drag.
  5. I mean, you could just fix it yourself and save the money. Then again, not everyone can do it I guess......
  6. Did you copy the unit in full or just try to sneak in relevant bits? Probably best to use the entire unit as a base. You expect it to work like the Siege Chopper. Which part fails? Have you tried cloning everything? Unloading class and art included?
  7. I'll just let it update later through Windows Update. I'd rather it not tank my install. I'll let it get patched a few times before installing.
  8. Mostly Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess HD, Wind Waker HD and some Black Ops MP on ye olde clan servers.
  9. Try listening to Ayreon albums. One song at a time would be aggravating.
  10. I was actually referring to Win32 applications, not MS Store applications. Store applications already have mechanisms in place in Windows 10 to curb pirated Store products. zocom was trying to imply that Microsoft would nuke its own Win32 platform to prevent things like emulators, which... again... would be stupid.
  11. uh, UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform, which just means that Windows 10 unifies computers, tablets, phones and gaming consoles on the same base OS. The Microsoft Store is its own thing and has its own apps. zocom's suggestion is patently ridiculous. The chances of Microsoft making its own application platform useless would be suicidal and stupid.
  12. Did you copy and paste the entirety of the Siege Chopper code? Can you post the whole unit?
  13. Well... yeah.
  14. I decided to start playing some Zelda games I haven't yet played. Started with Twilight Princess. Playing the HD version on CEMU. Runs pretty well for a WiiU emulator. Kicking back with some Borderlands 2 as well. Still fun.
  15. Samsung TVs are okay. Not the greatest but they work. I don't really buy TVs anymore so I couldn't really say who makes the best. I tend to go with LG or Visio on TVs anyway. For monitors, go with any brand that's at least well known. You can try a dirt cheap model but those usually lead to less than stellar results. I prefer LG and AOC for midrange, affordable IPS panels. ViewSonic is good for dirt cheap TN panels if you're not worried about color fidelity. If you want high end, ASUS ROG or Acer Predator. Surprisingly, Dell and HP make good monitors as well so take that for what it's worth. And avoid Sony. Everything they make now is garbage. You can find better for the same price.