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  1. If Linux had the same compatibility and overall use as Windows, I'd switch to it but I have no real need to switch over. I'd say at least 90%, if not a bit more, of my games library is Windows only and I'm not leaving that behind. WINE is okay for a few things but playing demanding games is out of the question. 32-bit needs to die already. It only serves to limit hardware. There's no need to keep using it. Even with older hardware, 32-bit is still not necessary. I have a laptop from 2008 that runs Windows 7 64-bit. I thought about 32-bit but it was a waste and limited the potential of nearly a full gig of my RAM. Windows has its issues, but it's not the worst thing ever invented. Even if Microsoft did phase out 32-bit systems, nothing says you can't still use old hardware. It will become more and more difficult to continue using, but that will take a fair bit of time still. IDE died years ago but it's still possible to get new IDE drives. The whole point here is just another way for purplederp up there to whine about nothing because he's too stubborn to upgrade. Like I tell my customers, you can't keep using decade old hardware and expect it to keep up. You'll have to eventually catch up to those of us in 2017.
  2. Can you post except.txt and the debug.log file from the most recent crash?
  3. Try moving the China country to before the special houses (eg; GDI, Nod, etc).
  4. Post code, etc.
  5. Considered getting this. Saddled to Windows Store. Noped right out.
  6. Split screen is fine for a while but it gets annoying after a while. That said, it should always be an option like real... you know... ****ING LAN PLAY.
  7. C4=yes works without a weapon.
  8. I almost lost it when I found it for sale. Even got it for cheap, which is really awesome. Love having it in my collection. I mean, for a US collector, it's just awesome having EU releases in general. I really want the EU Firestorm release. That one looks way better than the US release.
  9. It's a submerged continent and not really its own "thing" as it were. It's more like a tectonic plate. It has a pretty strict scientific definition. What most of us learned in primary school isn't really what a continent really is. I wouldn't call this research meaningless. The study of geology and tectonics is fascinating and it gives us insights into how the world formed into what it is now and what shape continents may take in the future.
  10. I would have been fine with this. I'd love to see another Red Alert title.
  11. Finally found one of these and I'm mega happy about this one.
  12. I never even played this because it was so uninspired. Soundtrack was cool though.
  13. Even if EA rocks, purplederp just has to find something negative to say. Admit that you're anti-EA already.
  14. I've always had these so I guess the foreign aspect is more interesting. I like the US boxes too but the EU ones have more punch to me. Been so awesome getting these in. Can't wait to get more.
  15. My imports finally all made it in! I love these boxes. So much more interesting than the US releases. Bonus addons! Not C&C but it is still Westwood.