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  1. Truly a tribute to the dedication of Sonic. Well done bro, and happy birthday CNCNZ.com!!
  2. Other way round i think but yeah.
  3. Wow, that really does look monstrous.
  4. My position is that the community as a whole needs to move on from Westwood. Westwood was great, fantastic in-fact but they're old news. They're not coming back and EALA won't be able to recapture what Westwood did with the original C&C's - ever. EALA has a tremendous creative capacity for game development. But as far as C&C goes there are just so many *fans* that are so narrow-minded as to only see C&C as what it was and are basically after a port with upgraded graphics. If C&C is to move forward as a franchise EALA really needs to give two fingers to the community at least for a game or so and just do what they want, why don't we give EALA a chance to see what they can come up with? They know C&C, hell, they probably know it better than we do. Maybe if the community wasn't so anal about everything we might see EALA have it's own shot at developing it's own *Westwood "revolutionary rts"* who knows if it will work or not, but surely - if EA has a bit more free-reign maybe they might be able to come up with a much more original take on C&C that really isn't bad. I actually think this was part of the problem that caused C&C3's story to become "disastrous". The Devs had their idea of where they were going, all the community people butted in, higher-ranked staff told developers to reconsider and in the end it all got ****ed up. That's my opinion anyway
  5. Oh it certainly is! I could never go back...ever.
  6. New Avatar! Well not really new, new-old. I had this made for me some time back when I registered mindtyrant.net. Damn it's even cooler than I remembered lol. I've actually got red and green versions as well xD
  7. conspiracy!
  8. Do ya think we should ban him?
  9. It's hardly his fault. It takes a lot of devotion to webmaster a successful fansite and if the games coming out aren't really that good then there's not a lot of motivation for you is there?
  10. Lord! Post it in the right place :lol:
  11. While I never had any problems with it either - it's a good change. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. Eww! I'm not touching *THOSE* posts!
  13. You totally remind me of William Forester.... do you have an accent as cool as Sean?
  14. AAAAND that's a wrap. <_<