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  1. You haven't even tried the game for yourself and wrote about it trashing it because you saw other people trashing it. You make your mind up about something without actually experiencing it for yourself. That's a big problem you have and it happens over and over, which is also why you get the downvotes and people calling you derp. You make broad general statements like the engine is **** and too complicated while having no idea what you're actually talking about. That's not being abusive, it's being annoyed by reading unfounded thoughts for years now.
  2. There are a few bugs here and there in the profiles. I believe the enumerations changed a bit (what I noticed for me is my fav cnc was changed from KW to RA3 and gender from female to male).
  3. Animations are procedurally generated it seems, which is why it seems odd in some cases. Imo it's still a step up from having a set amount of animations playing over and over like in earlier BioWare games. I like the game quite a bit as seen by my new avatar.
  4. Gawd this is fun. First I am accused of talking behind someones back on a PUBLIC forum where I just complained that stuff hasn't been improved which was complained about years ago. Then jist throws a hissy fit while talking about some PR guy after saying he's administering the PR. That all the while having spelling errors all over the place (the one you both should look out for is your/you're) while saying they want to be professional. Comedy gold, good sir, comedy gold. Also:
  5. I still do care about what that unreleased thing he is working on looks like. So far it looks crap and has the same flaws which were complained about years ago. I cannot really take someone seriously who refuses to learn. If he doesn't want to learn he will never go anywhere and in the end it's all talk but nothing else.
  6. It was a multiplayer mode where you clicked on a region which was currently contested and was given an opponent of the other faction. After x minutes/hours the win/loss ratio of players would be evaluated and control is given to the winning faction. After a while the map will reset.
  7. Yes, Sorin Markov, let the hate flow through you. Become a black planeswalker again.
  8. You at least still suck at your art direction. All objects you ever show on ModDB are unrecognizable black blobs with random light spots.
  9. Glad you gave them your money now?
  10. The forum thread you provided only has posts from the 1st of march, you know? Like before the release? It always depends on what you're doing. Per core performance is worse, but stuff which supports multiple cores (like editing software, programming, etc) gains more from Ryzen than an equally priced Intel. As games right now basically flat out after 4 cores single core performance is more interesting for gaming. It all depends on the games which come out in the future. If multithreading is expanding Ryzen gets more traction. If you're doing a lot of stuff while gaming it also can be worthwhile to look into them. In short: Ryzen CPUs are better in doing more stuff at the same time. Intel CPUs are better in doing one specific thing way faster. Also underwhelming for gaming? Doom gets to 200fps with it, wouldn't call that underwhelming.
  11. Nothing was half asleep.
  12. Check the metagame stream. It has the stuff you want.
  13. You really have no idea about Star Wars. Also no the Naboo starfighter wasn't something to "download". It's a game from 1998 dammit! You just put in a code and it unlocks the ship. The code/ship was there from the start, just the code was released after the movie. Also if you don't have the code you only have an X-Wing for most of the game. Also no Factor 5 is not Lucas Arts. It was mostly just published by Lucas Arts.
  14. I +1'd the -1. You're ridiculously entitled.