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  1. The necromancy is strong in you.
  2. Considering SAGE runs at a logical framerate of 5 (yay 50ms less, still a **** number) and quite a few other things making his opinions look comical I come to the same conclusion. (Also considering player powers worked a lot more like in RA3, which he probably never played because he's too focused on Gens, at the start of the closed alpha, it smells even more like AGM)
  3. Tbh it's mostly butthurt people. Sure it's not the best game, but most of the ratings are because it's not a C&C with the C&C slapped onto it. If it had been released under any random name it would just have been a forgettable game. Constant internet connection also is a non-issue. Maybe at the time it was released it was one of the first non-mmos which did that, but now it's basically every other game (though that number has gone down again recently) It's a bad C&C but not a bad game... as a game it's just mediocre and forgettable.
  4. Sonic if you've seen a TN and IPS side by side at least once you'll never get a TN again.
  5. Get usb 3.1 gen 2, a ssd (6 Gbit/s), and a sata to usb cable and you got the biggest and fastest "thumb drive" available.
  6. Discs are just terribly small and slow, the only games I have which are of interest to me and not digitally available are the BFME games. Other than games... I think the last time I installed a program other than a game from a disc was around 2000.
  7. Dayum, you still burn discs? Must feel like the dark ages. I don't even have a disc drive anymore. Also backup media suck butt. Just do a clean install, that's a lot better in 99% of the cases. You also should read up on the difference between disk and disc.
  8. Working on Project Ichor. Also playing Mass Effect Andromeda.
  9. Woot, paying for formatting my pc? Seriously either you have a second pc or a friend where you can just quickly download a fresh and fully updated version of windows and make a boot stick. I usually use the media creation tool to just download an iso (it's an option) and copy its contents on a stick which is formatted to be bootable anyway (if not it's maybe 5 lines in cmd). You rant on about how linux is so great etc and you cannot even reinstall windows yourself? Which is like the easiest thing to do since XP? You serious? Also if you cannot even find/install the drivers you need on Windows, how do you even use Linux?
  10. ISOs just make no sense, the moment they're uploaded they're essentially outdated. Dunno why the media creation tool doesn't work for you.
  11. UWP app targeting.
  12. It's already available for a few days already. Running it on both my pc and laptop, has some new neat options.
  13. Wasn't really used, but maybe the basic idea carried over: The story bible of TS said the Tacitus was created by aliens on Mars before they got wiped out by the Scrin in the hope that other races don't fall like they did. Edit: Tray: I'm downvoting your posts because all I can do is facepalm while reading them. Using the knowledge gained from the Tacitus isn't the same as just stumbling over some contained blueprints for example. That's where "devised a way" comes into play. English, do you even speak it? Most of the issues here seem to be comprehension issues on your side.
  14. Oh no, how can you be so mean. Oh the ones which look like from 1997? Also as you're so fond of GDC and going a bit with what Zee Hypnotist said I recommend watching this and look for more on the topic of the GDC channel:
  15. So in all these years you only got a few infantry units and buildings to the point you can show them while even they have placeholder art and sound? Dayum.