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  1. You sure you want to do worst case 14 iterations of the compare for each object pair? I mean it's using a script, which takes a lot more time to execute than other code. Also > is greater, < is lesser. Your table states the opposite.
  2. lol On consoles aliasing is worse as the resolution is ****tier.
  3. Cloned units also don't "die" so the death bomb won't trigger.
  4. I would just use the mechanic used in the Temple Prime mission.
  5. Shouldn't work either.
  6. Cloned units cannot use special powers. Fanatics rely on a special power they trigger when they die/fire. Cloned fanatics cannot use that.
  7. Seems in RTS and MOBA modes a sharpen filter is applied to the image to make units more visible. At least that's most reviews state.
  8. iOS and Android are mobile, that's a completely different thing. W10S is more like ChromeOS. There is a lot of stuff geared towards schools but W10S is not specifically for schools, and no the S does not stand for School. You should really read your sources next time. The links you provide, just the links themselves, not even what they link to, have more and more accurate information then the entire rest of your post.
  9. So from your description it seems it's a VX2778-smhd doesn't even look bad as long as you're ok with 60hz and don't want to overclock it. Can't say anything about the ssd other than adata isn't a manufacturer I would have gone with.
  10. The necromancy is strong in you.
  11. Considering SAGE runs at a logical framerate of 5 (yay 50ms less, still a **** number) and quite a few other things making his opinions look comical I come to the same conclusion. (Also considering player powers worked a lot more like in RA3, which he probably never played because he's too focused on Gens, at the start of the closed alpha, it smells even more like AGM)
  12. Tbh it's mostly butthurt people. Sure it's not the best game, but most of the ratings are because it's not a C&C with the C&C slapped onto it. If it had been released under any random name it would just have been a forgettable game. Constant internet connection also is a non-issue. Maybe at the time it was released it was one of the first non-mmos which did that, but now it's basically every other game (though that number has gone down again recently) It's a bad C&C but not a bad game... as a game it's just mediocre and forgettable.
  13. Sonic if you've seen a TN and IPS side by side at least once you'll never get a TN again.
  14. Get usb 3.1 gen 2, a ssd (6 Gbit/s), and a sata to usb cable and you got the biggest and fastest "thumb drive" available.
  15. Discs are just terribly small and slow, the only games I have which are of interest to me and not digitally available are the BFME games. Other than games... I think the last time I installed a program other than a game from a disc was around 2000.