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  1. You should see the money that gets thrown around on Twitch then. One of the streamers I follow has a regular donor who's quite happily thrown nearly $9,500 at this guy. In fact his top 4 people have all forked out at least $5,000 each in donations to keep him ticking over. Firm handshakes to those who can do it. I just get my ass by on a monthly basis. I wouldn't mind being able to throw that kind of money about.
  2. If you need any help Zee, I'll jump on board again for certain things if necessary. I know Sonic's had to make the Ultimate decision to let go. But I, like you will happily contribute something to keep it alive.. Not so much on the Webmastering front, that's a time killer. But I'll happily contribute to a more strategy game site... Hell, you might be better going all Strategy. I'm mostly on the turn-based and 4X community side of things these days. That's my specialty. Not so keen on the RTS elements these days (Getting old)...
  3. He's gone and broke it! This is what happens when you let the lunatics run the asylum Sonic! haha Just kidding Zee, seems pretty swift this hosting, just as good as ever!

    I've noticed he's not trusting me as a previous Webmaster of the site... To be fair I don't blame him! I wouldn't even trust me!
  5. Just gonna cut and paste this from what I typed in the chat box on the main page to make it a little more on record about this: As for my general opinion, I probably will not go and see it. When it comes to DC, I'm more interested in the Batman films as that's what I largely grew up with... I own them all bar Batman Vs Superman. Still on the fence about adding that one to my collection. That said I do have a large interest in the Justice League movie if they can get it right. As for Affleck's solo effort.. I'm still waiting to reserve judgement on him as the Batman. Since Argo and Gone Girl, he's matured considerably as an Actor.. But I don't think anyone will beat the masterpiece which was The Dark Knight.
  6. Early Access periods never have accurate specs. Mind you, neither do full finished games. Optimisation is the key word here. I've been well within specs and a game run awful. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I've had rubbish specs outside the minimal requirements of some games and have been able to run a game better than those who have shot way past the recommended specs. The devs of Stationeers here are likely aware of this fact. So it's better in an Early Access period to set the bar much higher than the average. As an indie developer, you don't have all the data to hand from millions of previously sold titles. So instead you work on high end optimisation, then slowly adjust the minimal specs until they find that sweet spot. The spot where people's computers are really starting to nope-out on what they are aware the minimal settings and resolutions that engine typically supports. That said. For the first time in a long long while, PC tech is starting to pick up at a more blistering pace. We got stuck on Dual core for ages, then Quad core was enough for quite some time. The architecture of that Quad core then mattered for a longer period, and now.. Quad core architecture is only feasible within a certain framework of i3, i5 and AMD A series processors and the majority of recent generation i7 and AMD FX Processors. Now we're heading towards Octo-core being a standard, yet more and more cores keep coming. The issue is though, a lot of devs are idiots. Only a handful of games still have proper Multithread and Multi-core support. So the dependibility of a game running well is more down to the strength in the architecture of the primary single CPU core within a processor. So it's all very well saying there's a need to use bigger and better CPUs for games... But most cannot even uitilise what already exists, never mind what is coming.
  7. I totally feel ya... Time therefore for an explanation I've been meaning to get off my own chest here... During the final couple years of being Co-Webmaster of this site, I was fighting a lot of personal demons, and real-life stuff. Being the stubborn git I was, I felt like didn't want to let the community down by leaving as one of the forward faces of the community and disregarding the huge contributions I had made towards it. As those who have stuck around from that time remember, it was to my detriment and was totally counter productive. I thought I could handle keeping on top of what was still a vibrant community at the time, that I could still contribute in a positive way. All this whilst battling depression and dealing with the numerous issues I had going on at the time. Yet the very thing I was trying to avoid became the very thing which saw me turn from a positive, yet sometimes cynical person who just wanted to see EA get this franchise right, into someone who was a negative pessimist that dragged everything and everyone down with me. It sucked hard. Whilst there were a few things, those with good memories here could probably attribute it to my father's death. I didn't handle that very well, and it just went downhill from there. It ultimately cost me the Co-Webmaster and admin positions here and a huge loss of respect from others. So you're doing the right thing here Chris. Whatever's going on, keep strong mate. As part of the original TSNNZ crew and community I've known and worked with you longer than almost anyone here. You know my Facebook, if you need to talk, give us a bell. This probably should have been in a PM, but I don't care. No point in hiding stuff. It's good to clear the air. But also important that people know I still give a damn about CNCNZ and those who made it what it is.
  8. Not me.. I can't stand the ugly trout. But she still finds her way onto the Local Station way too often. I'm just highlighting my curse. Actually and truthfully.. I've gotten myself into the Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro / Retrowave scene lately (probably a midlife crisis).. This Remixed song really hits my groove right now:
  9. Christ I had an A-10. Throttles any GPU that CPU did. Would hate to know how it would run Player Unknown's Battlegrounds if I still had it. Since that's all I seem to play since it was released.
  10. So who's played this? I really love it! It's tense, fun, and really fecking infuriating at times. But I'm really liking this new Battle Royale Genre. (Thank You Hunger Games!) I do think once a AAA developer takes the chance, they'll wipe the floor with this and the appeal will skyrocket further. It'll probably be milked to within an inch of its life like all the MOBA style clones. But this is a genre I can get behind. There's lots of potential here for someone to really go nuts with it. For all those who can't afford it.. Here's a Free-to-Play knock off that's not too bad
  11. OK, Just seen this... Since we're a little quite on the forum front, a little necroposting and adding my opinion here (since I have no affiliations or loyalties to any developer or studio anymore) isn't as bad as it might have been in the past. So let's cast our mind back to the early 90's pre-C&C.. Disney & Virgin Interactive Entertainment came to Westwood Studios with the task of Creating The Lion King Game.. Louis Castle was set the task in collaboration with Disney of building that game. It was as far a departure from Westwood's reputation as RPG only developer as their innovative Dune 2 game was at the time. In theory it shouldn't have worked. But even though it had a big name behind it, Westwood nailed the game, and it is still to this day seen as one of the best platformers that was released in that era. The birth of the Lion King project did make Westwood look into diversification and not just being an RPG developer. Dune 2 did well for them, so they decided to look towards following that up with an all new franchise... C&C was born. So let's consider this bizarre football/soccer game logically from their perspective. Petroglyph have been stuck from day 1 as an RTS / Strategy developer. It's done somewhat well for them, but as it stands RTS isn't exactly the genre of the hour and hasn't been for some time. They've tried to jump on MMOs with little success, and have had several cancelled projects including one on Kickstarter. Grey Goo stuck well and was a pretty damn good game in my opinion, but it didn't have the impact that they hoped for, and was seen by reviewers as rather generic. The 8 Bit RTS franchise saw them enter as an Indie developer and it pretty much has saved their bacon by playing on Nostalgia.. for now. So where am I going with this? You have to be aware of the fact that Petroglyph is a Studio without a publisher. They're running on the very fuel and funds they themselves have. RTS at this point in time isn't going to keep them afloat forever, and it's obviously not going to work with the grand ideas and projects they have in mind. So they need to look at diversifying and working on something else that can capture attention from publishers.. It may not be to everyone's tastes, but why not focus on a game that uses the world's largest sport as a base. If you look on Steam there are 2 games that exist that are similar: Kapitano All-Stars Soccer FootLOL: Epic Fail League Both these games did rather well for their respective developers. This could work for Petroglyph as well. The Omission of any single player though is very risky. So the multiplayer element is going to have to work really well, and they better well hope people see potential in it. I'd imagine they have 2-3+ additional projects on the production line.. so it won't be the end of the world if it does fail. But if it does gain traction, we could see a single player element added.. If so, I'll buy it.. I've been wanting something like this and I don't own the aforementioned above games. Might as well be a game from developers I know well... Overall though, this is another completed game on the company's CV.. Every bit of funding likely having a percentage going towards what they really want to make. The game that they hope will seal a larger publishing deal. If that is their intent, I'm all in favour of Petroglyph thumping out random yet fun titles with quick turnarounds.
  12. You don't wanna do that really. You'll massage Luk3us' ego for being the forum's leading spammer. It's a title he's held long before my hiatus
  13. Since it's a partnership. It's simple. Revenue. If they dangle free carrots in front of potential consumers Ars gets ad revenue and unique hits, GoG potentially gets more account sign-ups and it encourages people to potentially buy more whilst they are on the Storefront. Ars likely gets a cut from sales of other games out of this promotion as well. There's more to it than that. But the practice has worked on me with Game Giveaways, especially on Steam. Obscure developer gives away free game, I download free game, I play it, I enjoy it, find more products from said developer... Fell for the trap again, I've just purchased their back catalogue / franchise bundle / similar suggested games. This happens multiple times. I jumped from 500 to 600 games in my Steam Library in less than 6 months. My Wallet is empty, I now cannot afford PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds because I wasted all my money on other stuff I didn't really want but still enjoyed anyway. FML. (True Story)
  14. I'm not one for reboots, remakes and the like. However, I would like to hope Dennis Villeneuve is a passionate director who can put the time, effort and justification into making a deeper film project for the modern age. It would introduce a whole new generation to Frank Herbert's universe. With the right budget and a really solid team, modern film making techniques, this very well could open up the Dune universe in ways never previously imagined. That for me is a rather excitable prospect. As you say though, it's hard to execute. So I'm not holding my breath just yet.
  15. I'm gonna annoy everyone... Yeah, I have no idea why... But to this day, I still find me singing this without any conscious thought... I'm sorry :-P