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  1. Unity 4.3 Pro + Android Pro Add on (I wish) In the real world, I think I'll just stick with my standard game development tools and settle instead for some Blu-Rays, a Steam & OUYA Voucher and Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld Novel - Raising Steam.
  2. It's not dead. But it has become toxic. Now before everyone jumps on my back. You just need to look at the history and politics of the last 15+ years since EA acquired the franchise. The internal struggles between Westwood & EA on the Tiberian Sun project, which was released with too many critical bugs. The huge pressures that came with the success of RA2 and the need to keep building on the shoulders of the giant that C&C had become. Which was then followed by the poor critical reception and sales of Renegade and Emperor: BFD which doomed Westwood as a company. From the point of EA taking on internally. A lot of knowledge and ideas were lost in transition. Thus the vicious hands and demands of this community has not helped EA either. This community has been the voice of the consumer and every criticism that has come in has put additional pressures on the company to deliver. Are we partially to blame? Maybe. But the fact is that EA's business practices cannot fund something as complex as an RTS in this day in age. There's just too much to develop upon for a company that requires quick and efficient turnaround. I'm guessing though that the reason for this cancellation has a lot to do with the Frostbite 3 engine as well as project deadlines. EA's top brass probably wanted C&C to be upgraded to Frostbite 3 to keep in line with the evolution of the engine. Victory probably came back saying that things needed reworking and more time/money would be needed if it was to be accomplished. It wasn't going to happen, and the plug was pulled. As I've said to Zee on Facebook. EA need to put this franchise to rest. Put it in the vault indefinitely next to all the Bullfrog titles that will never see the light of day ever again. Let what legacy remains live in the minds of what C&C was, rather than what it has become. Or EA cut their losses and recoup a few million in selling the franchise to another company that may be able to do something positive with it. Either way C&C cannot be the product of a cash cow business practice, it won't work, and that's been proved since C&C4 was thrown out the door.
  3. I had to come out of lurking to say.... THIS ^^ The whole point in these games are to provoke thought and emotional response and tell a story that contains significant depth. The end result on completion is to have you go away and think about the journey and the experience. If you play these games with an open mind from the start, you find yourself quite drawn in, involved, and the game leaves an impression on you that remains. Welcome to the power of indie games. From developers that take risks and do something beyond the cut and paste dystopia of what you're used to. This doesn't do bad things for PC gaming at all... It enriches it far beyond what most people realise.
  4. I'm just getting an OUYA next month... I don't do AAA titles anymore. Farcry 3 was my last... I'm 100% indie now. So buying the OUYA to see what indie stuff goes on that, whilst I stick to my PC gaming playing the likes of Monaco, FTL, AI War, Skyward Collapse etc... I've had more fun with Indie than I have with a lot of game in a long time.
  5. Empire at War 2! It'll be a Victory Games F2P though just like C&C... Almost an inevitability. Although, if done correctly, it could be rather good. But I have a feeling EA would love to use that franchise to get another Star Wars RTS out the door in some fashion.... Almost a bitter irony when you really think about it.
  6. StarDrive beta is now available on Steam! Tell your friends, family and sworn enemies: intergalactic 4x space war is here! Pre-order with 15% discount and play now! EDIT: Look how it's doing in the top 10 Best sellers Best way to describe this game: It's very similar to Master of Orion 2, but in real time. Mix that with Galactic Civ 2 for Planet Management.
  7. But as an RTS in which you can pause to make more important decisions, yes. The closest thing this game comes to is Imperium Galactica 2: Alliances. A game which I have many a time raved on about in these forums and I regard to be one of the greatest RTS games ever developed. Despite PC Gamer UK giving it a huge review back in 2000 and gave IG2 a huge 94% score.. It was also a so-called "Blip on a radar that no-one has heard about..." and it's the only game which has spent 13 years constantly on my hard drives through the years, and the first game I'll install after a fresh format. I still play it at least once or twice a month. Alternatively, and to put it in a better perspective. Imagine if Sid Meier's Civilization game was real time and in Space. That's what you've got here.
  8. Oh well. The pre-order now, play now business model is becoming a more common practice on Steam nowadays.. The game is effectively done. But Zero-Sum games are not happy enough yet to call it final release.. So let's up the Ante with an official announcement trailer released today.
  9. Well that's Iceberg Interactive's terminology for it... There's lenty of previews and opinion around the web, let's plays on YouTube etc. You pay $29.99 to pre-order. That pre-order just gives you access to the Beta. I Personally know it's a safe bet, which is why I'm grabbing it the moment it's out! Some bigger companies might offer their Beta's for free to play. But this is one guy who's done the job. Since I really only support independent developers these days.. He can take my money! And maybe no-one around here has heard about it. But there's an ever growing and very active community. Once reviews come out I'd imagine that'll change exponentially given that anyone who's played it, has called it better than Sins of a Solar Empire.
  10. For all those who are interested. The game will be available for pre-order on Steam at 6PM GMT today. Pre-order will let you in to the pay to play open-beta. Nerdgasm
  11. Oh Jesus Christ, another Reboot / Sequel This is the exact reason I've ditched the AAA gaming market altogether and have no interest in Next Gen consoles. I am rather strictly indie nowadays. At least they offer some form of Innovative gaming experience and are prepared to take the risks. It stands to reason why I'm also getting an OUYA. I know, I know... I'm complaining as usual. But as an older gamer, I'm growing tired of the roads the big companies have gone down and are going down. I want that golden age of gaming back where bedroom programmers ruled the day and new ideas didn't make publishers send developers back to the drawing board. It's no wonder in a pre-GDC 2013 survey, 44% of all attending developers have said they'll go the kickstarter route to fund their games... Publishers are killing the industry by recycling the same old rubbish or killing classic legacies... and almost half the people who work 2-3 years on a game for our entertainment are sick of it.
  12. Hardly.. Given that it has a campaign that'll take you at least 3-4 times longer than the average $60 game. Plus the quality of development you get from Blizzard, you're getting one hell of a bang for your buck. I thought Wings of Liberty was well worth more than the money I paid, and that's not including the amount of Skirmishes and online I got out of it. I expect HotS to be no different.
  13. I find myself at the polar opposite end. As you know I'm very excited for the OUYA and have become somewhat an unofficial ambassador on their Facebook page by answering any query I can. So Android gaming has taken a precedence for me of late. Where I wouldn't normally play games, I am... Where I wouldn't pay for any sort of title on there, I am. It's been quite a paradigm shift in regards to my gaming habits. So where my PS3 was once used with enthusiasm, it's now gathering copious amounts of dust. Nowadays it's PC and Android gaming all the way, and often a regular interfacing between the two.
  14. I would type a long explanation. But All you need to know is this was a kickstarter project from just a single, 30 year old indie developer who had a vision to create a RT4X game like Sins of a Solar Empire. He just about succeeded and began building upon the concept he created on his own, in his bedroom. Iceberg Interactive saw it, chucked a tonne of extra money his way for better tools and extra industry advice... and now he is close to 1.0 Final (Awaiting Steam release date.) Anyway, rather than let me ramble on, I'll show an old trailer let this chap do the explaining.
  15. Perhaps, but CoD has become its own worst enemy by doing yearly updates. There's no need to compete directly as Battlefield 3 still has legs, and is a much better quality online shooter. I don't think personally it was just Warfighter's fault (although there was a lot wrong with it). A lot of people have had experiences where playing the same thing over and over gets awfully tiresome. Eventually fatigue sets in, even if there is a huge social aspect of playing with friends over VOIP. It's better for a company to just release a good solid quality title in a franchise that changes more dramatically over 2 or 3 years rather than just slightly every year. That said I think EA are making the wrong move releasing Battlefield 4 so soon. BF3 still has some great legs to it online, and is still a lot more refreshing than any yearly CoD ever will be. I would have preferred Bad Company 3 because the campaign in those games is a lot more enjoyable. Bad company is a fuller, more well rounded package, with 4 good solid characters, good humour and a strong enough story to keep you interested. The campaign length is usually twice as long as CoD's is as well... But standard Battlefield itself is, and always will be multiplayer only.