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  1. Yeah he did. I wasn't a part of this site as co-webmaster in the past and that damn ignorant. I eventually just decided to troll you by acting like I was knowing less and less. I just found it funny you getting more and more frustrated. If you're gonna bring up the past like that and personally attack me for something that happened 11 damn years ago, I'm gonna f***ing play you! You're an angry little man Plokite.. Get a grip! Thanks for the entertainment anyway
  2. Ah EA Irvine concepts... I asked for final box art, not concepts from 2 years previous to the game being completed when EA didn't have a clue what they were doing with Westwood. When we did the C&C 10th Anniversary, we asked Petroglyph developers who came up with the core concept for Generals... All credited EA Pacific they never uttered the word Westwood which in their eyes was only ever Las Vegas.. Call it Westwood Irvine, Westwood Pacific all you bloody want. EA didn't know their head from their arse. The fact is once the game was completed, it was an EA Game and nothing more.. Keep firing these technicalities all you like, it's still not a Westwood game.. Westwood was well and truly gone and absorbed by the time Generals went Gold. Why? Because it was an Arcade strategy game disguised as an RTS? Damn right it wasn't aiming for me. That's why it sits below C&C 3 and C&C 4 in my overall list.
  3. Westwood was in name and tech only for marketing purposes to try and push the game's credibility. It was certainly not in the case of the core Westwood Crew, who at that point had long jumped ship. You're trying to push small technicalities that don't really matter. Westwood were never officially credited for the game, it was an EA game through and through. Find me the official Westwood Logo on an actual official Generals Box Art, and I'll concede... But you know you're wrong, I have both boxes for the game and expansion right here and I see no Westwood Logo on them. I'm not referring to timed missions. I'm talking about 1:1 game speed... You know REAL TIME strategy. There was nothing real time about it. The game played at exactly a 2:1 game speed ratio. It was insanely fast in comparison to it's predecessors. It took me 2 months after the release of Yuri's revenge to actually say "Screw it" and complete all campaigns back to back. Which by then was already too late cos everything had been spoilt anyway... I don't have fond memories of that game outside of Skirmish mode. Simple as that.
  4. I loved Generals. If I was to list all the C&C RTS games in order it would be 4th in my list.. I rate it higher than Red Alert 2. Never had a problem with that game. So no, you're wrong. I disliked Red Alert 2.. Lots of people called it the best C&C game. It was too fast paced for my liking.. I had to force myself to play that game and didn't enjoy the campaigns at all due to their pace. I played Skirmish mode heavily though, so it redeemed itself there partially. But only because you could set the game speed, which you couldn't do for the campaigns. I was very vocal towards Westwood about that.
  5. You got me there... Only when you reference it was 2006... So yes you're quoting me an article when I had that Westwood Frenzy... Well done, you get internet points! But hold on!... Fast Forward time a second...Red Alert 3 came out 2 years 10 months later after I wrote that! You're clutching at straws in this argument! Because my perspective had changed by that point and my willingness to accept that Petroglyph was not going to be the next force in RTS gaming had dissipated. Universe at War was a whole year before RA3, and I saw the company was already starting a downward trend. Westwood Frenzy was well and truly gone by that point. I was already a big fan of Sins of a Solar Empire by that time which broke my foray into 4X gaming beyond the Civilization franchise. Tom Clancy's Endwar, despite being somewhat flawed. Was more of an interesting game than half the tripe that year. I also had my head right up World in Conflict's Backside, singing it's praises for the excellent game it was Whilst I was steadily climbing the global leaderboards. I eventually broke into the Top 100 players, and was in a global top 40 clan! If e-sports was as big then as it was now. I'd of probably have been close to playing that game professionally. So when RA3 came along? Oh dear... what the hell happened!? I played it, disliked it, and went back to World in Conflict. I had no time for RA3. It wasn't anywhere near as exciting.. I had WiC games to win! A game that actually was everything RA3 was not! Good was one of them.
  6. I'm talking about RTS and RTS only here. You're correct on both accounts on the counter arguement. But AAA development costs are up and are higher than ever. My point is of course they're not going to pump in the cash into their development farms to go beyond the "Target budget" Hence why I say no cash. Same goes for time and innovation. They need to hammer out these games as quickly as possible, they're not going to sit down and innovate.. There isn't time... So yeah, you've basically reiterated my point. AAA is a pile of crap these days across the industry. Which is why I avoid it these days and go for indie instead. As for indies, you've picked out the select supreme examples who have managed to get lucky and pull off their visions with class and high polish. Yeah there's great ideas abound. But for most indie developers this isn't the case. Most are working in bedrooms on slim budgets, or no budgets at all.. They work to fund their living, and do development in their spare time, that's where the issue of time comes in, you've gotta grind code when you can. The more you innovate as a developer, the more complex the idea can become and thus the more time you need to complete. There may come a point where an idea becomes too complex and they have to scrap and take the easier route to completing a game. It's down to experience, but like AAA games, innovation takes risk, and often will not reap rewards. This is especially true when you're so small you end up fighting to get noticed amongst 20-50 games being released on Platforms like Steam on a weekly basis. Sometimes it's just easier to get noticed by doing something tried and tested rather well, than taking a risk that'll end your development career before its started. Development takes balance. It takes a lot a damn hard work. Some of these things you talk of are simply not possible for a lot of developers. That's your opinion. In my madness I may have quoted the past. But it was never Westwood Frenzy. It, like you're displaying now towards Rusted Warfare was my own approach to a title that was simply not doing anything new or better. Perhaps it was seen that way from a multiplayer, competitive, co-op point of view to some degree. But when it comes to Red Alert 3, there was, and still is better out there. RA3 was the product of the EALA cracks starting to show, as you say looking for Maximum profit with minimal effort. But I'm over that, it's the past.. I still repurchased it on Steam though a few months back. Whilst I now see it through different eyes. it's still generic shite. Whereas C&C4, I actually loved. I saw it as a good direction as an RTS game and I really rather enjoyed it.. Get your head around that one! That's how you know my opinion is and never was Westwood Frenzy. In my opinion C&C 4 was a better game than RA3. Period! And you'll get over it, which is what I've been trying to say all along. You're suffering the gaming equivalent of a mid-life crisis. Your own kind of so-called "Westwood Frenzy" as you put it.
  7. As I suspected you're going through the gaming phase we'll all go through, and that is wanting something more you're not likely to find. If you remember back in the day when I stood down from this exact website in some sort of blaze of no glory, I had those exact same thoughts you're having. You're expecting perfection and improvement upon a genre which cannot go any further here. The gap between AAA & Indie is huge. But they both share and suffer from the exact same issue. Neither have the cash, time or innovative mindset to add the missing soul or design. The genre is so god damn washed up that there is probably only going to be 1 in 100+ games that find that little extra feature... But once you find that feature, you're going to want to keep finding new, new, new... I'm sorry, but you're just going to be setting yourself up for so much more disappointment. It's a closed and Toxic Mindset Plokite. Trust me on that. I slated C&C3 & Red Alert 3 for being total and utter shite because they brought nothing new to the table. In fact I went a stage further and slated those exact games for adding in "Easy Trigger objectives" where you could just destroy one building with a well placed strike and end the mission with no effort at all. That crap from EA enraged me. My issue was to attack C&C's single player for having no strategic or tactical depth whatsoever.. I do still stand by that in many regards, but you know what screw it... I don't have to take that easy way out the same way you don't have to accept Rusted Warfare into your gaming collection. In other words, it's there, many will use it, but you don't have to... and what I also realised from my "RTS is bullshit" phase is that nobody cares. You have to enjoy gaming for what it is, accept what comes along and either snap out of it, live with it and just enjoy it. Or you can (like I did) distance yourself from the RTS Genre entirely... Because you're burnt out, and you need to move away, remove yourself from RTS completely and do not go back until you do snap the hell out of it and learn to live with it.
  8. You could say the same for Command & Conquer (or any RTS for that matter) beyond the original '3 Musketeers' which defined the Genre (Red Alert, Total Annihilation & StarCraft). I spotlight this game because it's actually better than the Typical generic RTS Bullshit known as Petroglyph's 8 Bit series. Whilst you might be right on technicality, there is an essence from the classic games that Petroglyph and other recent RTS games haven't captured. I personally cannot put my finger on what it is, but for a cheap game, it does things right in a way that's still enjoyable beyond the usual bullshit. My issue is that I played TA & SupCom 1 & 2 to death. Machines at War 3 - which is another TA clone on Steam - I've also completed numerous times over... Indeed Rusted Warfare is mostly more of the same, but it's another branch of a set of RTS game mechanics that always did trounce the C&C franchise with that little more additional complexity and scope. Simple is sometimes better I think. This day in age, you can't be too choosy with the RTS genre. It's pretty much a niche and very very dead genre of gaming these days. Anything that does get things right should be celebrated and supported. I think if you begin slating a game because it's more of the same, you can fall in to the trap I did with C&C and that is begin to hate it, or even go as far to question gaming itself. Feelings will get in the way of the need to enjoy games, and even have fun. Shooters, RPGs, Driving games. They all work off the same tried and tested formulas. The fact is my friend, you're going to have to accept that at some point in your gaming career like I did and just try and enjoy those games that actually do the same old shit best. The best place to usually find it are those new games that trigger and massage the nostalgia and good times of enjoying that particular genre of gaming. Tooth & Tail a recent exception to the rule, you're going to struggle to find much new stuff unlike the 80's and 90's which was just a Tsunami of new ideas, innovations and technological advancement. Until we get over the 100ft high brick wall that the industry has hit.. Take what you can and try to enjoy it.
  9. It's not a new idea. There's a Paradox IP known as Majesty where all you had control over is what you built. Whilst there was no commander avatar in this series of games, you operated the game more on a God like level where you had to bribe or bounty locations to get soldiers to attack: In the non AAA arena, this kind of gameplay also exists in a moderately popular game known as Rise To Ruins. It has a very similar concept to the Majesty series where you build as a god, and have to persuade citizens to do your bidding, but this operates more as a tower defence style game where you will eventually die.. it's just more or less how long you can hold out: Even the later games in the Tropico series has dabbled in this mechanic quite considerably. Tooth and Tail, basically takes this sub-genre mechanical concept and applies it into a more hands-on competitive approach that quite clearly works pretty damn well. I've been following this game since they announced it, and whilst I could have been one of those people who played the Alpha (I was given the chance) I chose to remain passive and wait for the full game. The point is this gameplay mechanic really isn't anything new per-se.. But what is new is the player's ability to not rely on an semi-passive AI assisting the player to get things done. In Tooth & Tail, if you want it done, you can get it done without the worry whether your commands are actually going to get done within a time-frame. The commands you can give are instantaneous, which allows for a much faster free-flowing game. This is why it'll be one of the best examples of indirect control possibly ever created to date!
  10. It's not too bad Single Player wise.. Missions - 8 (Campaign) Missions Skirmish - 37 Maps Challenge - 7 Challenges Endless Survival - 3 Maps Custom Maps Sandbox Mode Plus you've got Multiplayer on any of those 37 skirmish maps, plus any custom maps that are created. Full modding support exists as well. It may not be the prettiest game when it comes to the maps, but the RTS mechanics are some of the strongest, most highly polished that exists in the indie games scene. I'd even go as far to say they're better than a lot of the RTS attempts of the mid/late 90's and even most modern attempts from the last few years. Content wise it's got more than these games as well. You certainly cannot argue that for the price point.
  11. Need some more RTS in your life? Enjoy the likes of TA, Supreme Commander and a little known game called Command & Conquer? Well you might like Rusted Warfare. It's cheap as chips, and really rather good! STEAM LINK:
  12. It's actually nice to see some lifeblood still pumping around the community. Regardless how big or small, it's certainly appreciated Red2. There's not much left these days. But if EA get their heads out of their ass eventually, it'll be the community that's endured the storm that'll be the ones to lead the charge into the next generation.

    Best of luck good sir.... and on a light hearted note, welcome to the staff retirement club. Unfortunately there's no healthcare plan, pension or young nurses to look after us here, we still have to look after ourselves It always has been an honour working with you since the TSNNZ days. You've done the site, this community and its members proud.

    You should see the money that gets thrown around on Twitch then. One of the streamers I follow has a regular donor who's quite happily thrown nearly $9,500 at this guy. In fact his top 4 people have all forked out at least $5,000 each in donations to keep him ticking over. Firm handshakes to those who can do it. I just get my ass by on a monthly basis. I wouldn't mind being able to throw that kind of money about.
  15. If you need any help Zee, I'll jump on board again for certain things if necessary. I know Sonic's had to make the Ultimate decision to let go. But I, like you will happily contribute something to keep it alive.. Not so much on the Webmastering front, that's a time killer. But I'll happily contribute to a more strategy game site... Hell, you might be better going all Strategy. I'm mostly on the turn-based and 4X community side of things these days. That's my specialty. Not so keen on the RTS elements these days (Getting old)...