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  1. The last thing I will say on this matter: You seem entirely unable to speak in concrete language, everything you say is vague and filled with artificial hype. The last time I saw a rhetoric similar to yours, I was watching videos on toxic Steam Greenlight abusers.
  2. No, it doesn't. It changes literally nothing. A mod is a mod. Some active and productive portfolio, of which nobody ever saw the result of... Don't delude yourself, you are doing the exact same thing as they are, just in a, shall we say... different... way. You mean, you want to get the same treatment as Forgotten Empires LLC did from Microsoft? Well, the key difference between you and them is that they made a highly popular and quality-made product (the Forgotten Empires mod which got over 1 million downloads since it was released) without pretending to be professional. Only then did Microsoft and SkyBox call them to maintain Age of Empires II HD and Age of Mythology Extended.
  3. The recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda by BioWare appears to make use of assets held by EA that were not part of the series. Above you see the Movie Night sidequest scene, which plays the "Light Infantry" music track from C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. This is not the first time the Tiberium Wars soundtrack was used in media not associated with the Command & Conquer series, as different tracks were heard in Survivor, Top Gear, and Mongrels television shows.
  4. Pff. Do I ever. I don't think there's been a day that I didn't have background music in my brain, be it "domestic" music, foreign, soundtracks or even soundbites like intros/outros from certain YouTube channels (I think I have a problem). Released yesterday, don't want it to leave my head yet.
  5. Watched it yesterday, it was pretty enjoyable. If Sybert was still active, it would've been even better (and longer).
  6. Much better.
  7. @GeneralJist - your lore and development time are not the problem, it's more like the way you're presenting yourselves to the world that is. You are not a gaming company, yet you seek help by phrasing posts as if you're opening real job positions. You're talking to EA staff, current and former, by presenting a mod that isn't even out yet, and take their word that something will come seriously (hey, did you know that they've been "looking for alternatives" for C&C2013 for three and a half years now? Did you also know they've been "looking for alternatives" for closed GameSpy servers for their games for nearly three years now?). What are you trying to achieve by this way of operation? Take, for example, the Mental Omega and Twisted Insurrection teams (there are many others like them, but, again, it's an example). Sure, they try to send a bit of hype (on a healthy level), but not only do they deliver mods that live up to that hype, they always keep their fans in the loop on all the important features their mods will have, and let their own work speak for them in all other aspects. They do not need any affirmation from EA, their fans are much more important and, ultimately, much more responsive. It wasn't until after they became well-respected by their communities that they got some nods from ex-devs (such as Klepacki's remixes of TI music tracks made exclusively for the mod). They chose their priorities, and that's why they're successful. Take a few lessons from them if you want to join them.
  8. Why not? Why wouldn't he be doing music for games that need it? After all, he did say a few times he liked the soundtrack of Unreal Tournament, among other things.
  9. Throwback Thursday

    Those things don't nearly have a 100% correlation, which is something you would have known if you took an educational choice that's actually worth a damn.
  10. Was the Firestorm equivalent the same?
  11. Throwback Thursday

    So you, someone who is unable/unwilling to get an academic degree, decide to equate everyone with an actual PhD in absolutely anything in an SJW trope? That's pathetic as ****, yet predictable.
  12. I really don't know why the man is still with them, he's wasting his talent at Petroglyph. He can enrich so many other things but still decides to deal with a pack of idiots.
  13. U mad Westwood/Petro fanboys across the world?
  14. The catch is - we don't. NBC kinda doesn't reach this far, if you don't count CNBC that gets shoved in the extra package of an extra package's extra package of channels. It may have to do with the gradual expansion of what we can see that's been occurring since we joined the EU, YouTube videos included. For a little while, we could even see VEVO (now we can't for some reason).
  15. Yet other comedy shows are visible just fine on YouTube. Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert... And oddly, this video is available in Croatia but not NZ Didn't know about this, thanks!