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  1. Yep, saw it, loved it. But that Casino Hotel Scene... whoah. Intense.
  2. I saw Logan on Monday, great & fantastically satisfying action flick for Wolvy. But we had technical problems before the movie started, all ads and trailers where shown with no sound. They got it fixed and Logan showed without problems. Really good satisfying movie. Probably dropped the f-bomb too much... that professor x has a dirty mouth! Saw this Deadpool trailer yesterday, I chuckled.
  3. Overwatch-Sampled music video
  4. BTW... Sonic can you post some links of other sites that talk about what you mean... rather than wasting time with a mock up?
  5. *sputter* How old do I feel now...
  6. Game over man, game over! RIP.
  7. I'm so late with this, but I just watched the vid. So good. Great storytelling, with just a MP match/s. Maybe some of the attacks could have benefited from a split screen approach, rather than the van Damm kick and repeat from a different angle approach. Ren-X is so amazing for a free game/mod with micro-transactions!
  8. i don't remember losing the voice lines... I guess they got lawyered up?
  9. I saw it last night... loved it. Very linear plot (flies straight like his arrow). But spectacular start to the movie with the big action sequences in the trailer, in the first third of the film. It's a classy, big budget film. But lacks substance. Had a great time, better than any Michael Bay Transformer movie! UPDATE:
  10. I want a mobile C&C game... hurry up!
  11. Modern Design opening intro has always been my favourite, Divine Intervention works for me too, not sure much into the heavy Damage King.
  12. An old gettys image video... but I love a good edit.
  13. Well, I only watched John Wick for the first time about a month ago. The premise is boring as all... but the execution... OH MY... Loved it!
  14. Um I heard that Lady gaga had 300 drones doing the flag behind her, I thought cool - super impressive. Then I read today that FFA or something regulations meant they actually filmed that part a week before... boo.