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  1. Hypnotic...
  2. old but awesome
  3. Well, looks fun. I'll keep an eye on it.

    You were so wrong... haha.
  5. Nice Zee.
  6. cue disney music from frozen...
  7. I don't normally post cos-play videos - but this aussie one is unique. 9/10 for idea 7/10 for execution, but still worth a look.
  8. Red Alert 3

    Who doesn't love a flying aircraft carrier, but because of the Star Blazers and Robotech, that will always be a Japanese unit to me.
  9. ok and oh well.
  10. Thanks DD, but in the absence of other comments, I have gone ahead and placed the order as quoted. Now I am thinking a about keyboard/mouse combos. The computer will be stored at my feet, and for plugging in portable usb and phones to collect media, I was thinking about getting a wired keyboard with usb pass through ports. Does anyone have any experience with those? I've normally used wireless keyboard / mouse keyboards and they have been fine... Looking at options, but everything seems to be ultra-gaming-styled and I need plain business style...
  11. Thanks for your comments PG27
  12. It's for work, for use with the adobe suite of software (Premiere Video Editing in particular). No monitors or peripherals needed. I don't want to spend any more, it's already over budget, but for an incremental cost that will last me longer I am open to suggestions. More importantly is there something I can do to shave cost but not performance???
  13. I always loved playing this mode, which had issues but had potential. I would have loved this to be further developed.
  14. Simply gorgeous...