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  1. This is supposed to be in the Prime timeline not the Alternate timeline... but tv shows and their tv execs and canon rarely go together. Just excited this is on netflix, so I can watch it in a reasonable time.
  2. Hay, I was going to say... @PurpleGaga27 I think you're missing the point in this thread. That this was going to be PW's music choices, but it sounds like you may have PM'd and sorted it out? PG feel free to post your eclectic choices in the other music thread... and let PW reveal his playlist. I'm curious, I had not heard the blur song...
  3. Weeeell, the bladerunner trailer is better than the GITS trailer at least. I'm a fan, I'm interested.
  4. Any news is good news...
  5. I really like the 'brass' at the start of this. I'm looking forward to what comes down our pipeline in the future. . . . Heeey, I just noticed you physically uploaded this to the cncnz youtube channel, nice.
  6. Saw this on the weekend. Loved the idea of the opening credits sequence. Loved it. Didn't know Kurt Russel was in it, until I saw his name in the credits and in the first scene of the movie. He gets a free pass for any movie he's in, because of "Big trouble in little China". But I still barked out a laugh when I saw his name - groovy! Loved the Yondo/Ego/Starlord story... well done. But yet again bored and disappointed with the Nebula character. I'm a huge DW fan, so I love the actor, but the character is pathetic as a villain. I was *especially* disappointed that she made her great big monologue about her daddy issues... and immediately didn't exit the movie. Every other scene was unnecessary and did not add to the character. And, bah, the fact that everyone had a reasonable happy ending with no unresolved villain hatching their revenge irritates me. The post credit scene doesn't count, it needed a character in the movie do to that. Again, Nebula's monologue should have been her final scene. Where Avengers II was too heavy handed with it's world building, GOTGV2 was too light. But when it all gets too much, I just think of baby Groot and smile. Adorable! 7/10 for me.
  7. I picked up a copy at the local retail store at our curiosity. Price is not right, and then I saw to my horror... there is a SEASON PASS. OMG! (I think it's MP generals but also some SP content... but a season pass for a RTS... OH MY!)
  8. So I can see the page at the store, but I can't download it. I'm a sucker for punishment...
  9. I think Dune would work better as a TV show, that can explore the characters and the universe better. It wouldn't have the budget to do the 'universe' properly... but I take character over CGI any day.
  10. This is a famous prose quoted today, on April 25th to remember ANZAC Day. I have family members who have served in the Army forces from WWII to Vietnam, both gulf wars and a couple serving right now in the middle east. ^ This article casts doubt on the veracity of the quote, but I still think it's a beautifully written sentiment.
  11. Every port should be done from scratch to take into account the nuances and capabilities of the host system. (ignoring cost and cash cow implications.)
  12. I loved the David Lynch version... it was surreal, I mean the book was better... but for a newbie into the universe, it was mind-blowing. But I enjoyed the bomb scene at the end of the 2nd episode/book/thingy of the mini-series. I think Dune is always going to be one of those IP that is hard to execute.
  13. pet one is racist and hilarious. BTW I luv dogs... they taste great.