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  1. So I can see the page at the store, but I can't download it. I'm a sucker for punishment...
  2. I think Dune would work better as a TV show, that can explore the characters and the universe better. It wouldn't have the budget to do the 'universe' properly... but I take character over CGI any day.
  3. This is a famous prose quoted today, on April 25th to remember ANZAC Day. I have family members who have served in the Army forces from WWII to Vietnam, both gulf wars and a couple serving right now in the middle east. ^ This article casts doubt on the veracity of the quote, but I still think it's a beautifully written sentiment.
  4. Every port should be done from scratch to take into account the nuances and capabilities of the host system. (ignoring cost and cash cow implications.)
  5. I loved the David Lynch version... it was surreal, I mean the book was better... but for a newbie into the universe, it was mind-blowing. But I enjoyed the bomb scene at the end of the 2nd episode/book/thingy of the mini-series. I think Dune is always going to be one of those IP that is hard to execute.
  6. pet one is racist and hilarious. BTW I luv dogs... they taste great.
  7. Well I enjoyed listening to your narrator Steve. Although I was looking for more behind the scenes content, as much I loved re-watching the game content...
  8. I love the idea of a remastered Starcraft, and I totally don't find this or the idea of a C&C or RA1 remaster unnecessary. Every mod tries to enhance the game, I just want the vanilla gameplay with a modern interface. Update the skins, resolution, redo the cgi cutscene, enable the LAN... and you'll probably have a bigger seller than C&C4:TT! I can't wait to replay this SC:R.
  9. I guess I was talking in terms of being deep in a thread, and not knowing how to do something, scrolling to the bottom makes that link easier to find when you're in the middle of something...
  10. I like how Nmenth has phrased that, makes sense to me as a consumer of content. C&C won my heart with it's SP, but RA2 LAN kept the game alive a long time after I finished the campaigns. Alternatively, I play a lot of Overwatch on console, and I'm terrible at it but it's fun, yet I yearn for some SP content to expand the lore.
  11. Thanks Nmenth, so yes, it's small.
  12. Well, I'm a sony fanboy. I've currently been waiting over a year for a Sony X9300D 65" 4K UHD HDR TV to come down in price... I'm looking for a sub AUD$3000 price tag. It started at $5k. I'm patient. Well kind of... every day I think about changing my mind! Although I really curious about the new tv's they brought out at the CES this year. A TV that has no speakers and projects sound through the glass! Computer monitors are another story... have no idea.
  13. Oh I will definitely see it opening weekend... but we didn't need any of Luke's postering... just the last 30secs of space interdiction. Really disappointed with the disillusioned Luke Story line, and to take up so much time in the teaser. I mean, that's all explained in the first movie. We don't need to see it again in the teaser. Show us NEW stuff!
  14. I am wondering if this post should be linked down in the footer? Under "Forum Support". I found myself looking for it when I made my first post, when I wasn't sure how to do something.
  15. I really like the C&C4:TT soundtrack in isolation, but I will happily debate anyone and everyone whether it suited C&C.