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  1. I am aware that the AISpecialPowerUpdate is rather limited - I just never assumed the AI can simply target objects even when the specialpower itself forbidds it. Kinda assumed the AI would then just wait until the target becomes addvaible again :/
  2. Just tried that: 1. You get a red decal around the area, even when you dont select the building and you color is not red. During a skirmish game, the ring was suddenly in the left lower corner of the map (no idea why). 2. It worked against my own Ion Cannon, I couldnt fire it anywhere near the building. 3. The AI completly ignored it and still fired their Ion Cannon right next to the building. I think I prefer the ForbiddenObjectFilter, at least that doenst have this annoying red decal around it. Never knew the AI could simply ignore that kind of limitations.
  3. Hi there. A couple of days ago, I had the idea of preventing the AI from using super weapons on certain buildings in the hope that this would make testing stuff easier. So I went ahead, added an ForbiddenObjectFilter & NO_FORBIDDEN_OBJECTS to the Superweapons and tested it on my test maps - and it worked great, turning the cursor red anywhere near the buildings. Then I tested it against the skirmish AI whereas the AI fired a Nuke directly at the building that should protect me against nukes. This raised a couple of questions: WTF? Why does the filter seem to stop humans, but the AI can ignore it? Is there any way to change that?
  4. But is there a way to determine where exactly the PD will be attached to the vehicle? I allready use AntiMask="ANTI_SMALL_MISSILE, I doubt that would make much of a difference. PDL only seems to work if its a primary weapon anyway, whenever its a turret or hardpoint :/
  5. Yeah, thats the same problem as I have - guess there is no way around. I was thinking about adding a contain module and with a point defense drone inside (so it can be independent from the main unit), but even if that works, it has it drawbacks. Well, I guess I might end up using the PDL for a drone or support unit, at least that should prevent targeting issues.
  6. Yes, but it doenst seem to help. Basicly, when I place a tank on my test map and attack it, it works fine and the laser kills most of the missiles. But when I build the tank myself, it hardly seems to work. I am guessing the AI has a problem with a second turret that has such a limited array of targets.
  7. I asume the Predator doenst work because you set up the missile as a second turret with a turn rate of 0 - which means the missile can only used if the target is right in front of the tank. The second problem is caused by the lack of a AimWeapon module - that is used to define how far above the ground target need to be before it uses the 'shooting upwards' fire animation. PS: Good to see you are back
  8. Has anyone ever managed to get a Point Defense laser like the Generals Paladin or Avenger to work? I tried using a Laser that could only target missiles, but even when the tank was idle, it would never shoot at missiles. Any ideas how to recreate the PDL?
  9. Considering that Henfords posting ist 7 (!) years old, take a wild guess.
  10. Dunno about KW, but I needed to change the id to make it work in TW.
  11. The ship was held under Pyramid Prime and Tacitus was stored on its deck - that's Nod campaign version. On the other hand, You have GDI campaign which contradicts the previous sentence. No it doesnt. The events are pretty much the same in both campaigns, you just dont see some of the events during the GDI campaign as GDI thinks its alien. The IDB quote pretty much said that the Tacitus wasn made by the Scrin. Or rather, that the TW Scrin arnt the same Scrin that made the Tacitus. Maybe it crashed with a ship or maybe it got to earth the same way as Kane. Ands thats pretty much all we knew about the Tacitus maker as Westwood never got the chance to expand its backstory and EA didnt care to much about it. I got no idea wht your refering to with that statement. Again, I doubt the TCN has anything to do with the portals - maybe the Tacitus just contains some informations to undo the Tiberium infestation and turn in to power. Its also doubtful the Tacitus contains blueprints to anything. It most likely just a collection of datas and formulas and some background storys regarding Tiberium. He wanted to infest Earth with Tiberium, with is kinda required to call home (or was required until Liquid Tiberium was weaponized). That and the fact that the TS lead designer pretty much confired it long ago in an interview.
  12. Well, judging by the report I would guess because the Ion Cannon was not intended to be the detonater - but as the bomb was build, it became clear that there was no other way to trigger it. The ingame events take place over weeks if not month, so Kane had time to come up with a new plan. Or maybe that advisor guy was just looking for a plan B. No. Just no. The TS ship is called a scrin ship, but it was most likely build by Nod during TD (mentioned by Kane during the TS mission briefing) based on the Tacitus. The Tacitus on the other hand has been on earth for centuries - thats why you have to get one part out of an old temple in Firestorm. The Tacitus was also NOT made by the Scrin. Just like the Scrin knew about Kane, the Tacitus knew about the Tiberium and its connection to the Scrin, but it was not created by the Scrin. From the TW IDB, "Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus" In the game. Please stop constantly questioning things that are outright stated ingame: Ten times greater than a 200 MT nuke - so its 2000 MT. The Tsar bomb is about 50-60 MT. So yeah, 40 times the most powerfull weapon ever. Games and manuals, for starters. I would even say that manuals take precedence as some details ingame might be changed for balance/gameplay (for example, blue Tib in TW doenst explode because the maps were made with it in mind - if you could simply blow it up, it would screw over the map balance) Well, ever part was written by somebody else, but the idea that Kane wants to use Tiberium to call the Scrin and leave Earth is still visible throughout the games. And I have to admit, the TW story is better than I remembered it (but the TT one is even worse).
  13. Why bother? The Scrin seem to have hundreds of harvest operations and probably have a steady supply of Tiberium. Why build a missile if you can just fling a bit of Tiberium in the generel direction of any potential planet/civiliation that might become a problem in the future and then come back 50 years later to harvest it. Also, noone really knows what Kanes missile in TS really did. Did it turn the whole word into Tiberium? Did it mimic a LT explosion? Did it just spread Tiberium into the atmoshpere so the whole word becomes infected? Do you have any ingame proof for that (or anything you claimed so far)? Because the wiki has a lot of fan storys and I certainly dont remeber reading anything like that. Whatever you guessed, the cinematic clearly says that Nod has no way to trigger a explosion big enough. So the massive missile was apparently not enough or they would have used that. After all, using their own nuke would have been the most obvious choice. The cinematic with the advisor would have been totally pointless if Nod could use just another detonator and be done with it. The entire first half of the TW campaign is based on the idea that Kane realizes he needs the Ion Cannon against to trigger the bomb. Thats why the whole "it need the right catalyst" thing is even brought up during a GDI mission briefing. Thats why Kane interupts Boyles press conference before the mission and taunts about how "Nod reaps what it has sawn" and how people should "look to the sky" - he is taunting Boyle to use the Ion Cannon and Boyle fell for it. Thats why people are packing stuff up during one of Kanes mission briefings in TW - he evacuating the temple. Kane has found a way to trigger the explosion, blame GDI for it and then reappar as the messiah. Again. EDIT: In fact, Kane outright says that in KW "Only the Ion Cannon could generate enough energy": What exactly was the point of this whole discussion again? Kinda losing the focus here... Edit2: Maybe because Aliens are kinda a given, considering that both Tiberium and the Tacitus are from space. TW also mentions that the Tacitus contained a warning about the Aliens.
  14. Yes it does. The TW Scrin database clearly states that the Scrin harvesting forces were lured there by a Liquid Tiberium explosion - otherwise the Scrin never knew when a planet is ready. The Scrin campagin basicly starts with the Scrin waking up after the explosion: They did not exspect to find any remaining civilisation. That kinda implies the Tiberium explosion should occur naturally. In fact, one they figure out that the explosion was intentionally created, they ignore the harvesting aspect and want to find out more about the reasons. It seems that a civilisation creating a LT detonation is a reallly unusual event. Why? Changing the world would kill probably kill both GDI and Nod forces, making them to weak to fight the Scrin. With the Liquid Tib Detonation, only a small part of his forces were wasted. I am afraid you missed some key points during the campaign: Kane hat the bomb, but he couldnt detonate it. He NEEDED the Ion Cannon as it was the only way to generate enough energy to initiate a large enough LT reaction. Thats why he intentionally weakens his forces - the Prime Temple was a bait for the cannon. Because you are right - if the TCN was part of his plans from the beginning, then his plans make no sense. But if we assume that Kane needed to adapt his plans and create the TCN to activate the Tower, it fits right in. Keep in mind that the TT Scrin Tower was captured by Nod in TW, so it makes sense that Nod tried to find a way to activate it. And no, the TCN has nothing to to with stargates. As far as I know, the TCN is used to power the Scin Tower and thats pretty much it. The Scrin were tiberium based lifeforms, so Kane needed the TCN to mimick the way the Scrin powered the Tower. AFAIK, there nothing that hints that the TCN directly interacts with the portals. Its the players eye implant that finally activates the portal in TT.
  15. A sect like Nod maybe? I think I fail to see your point here. Tiberium leads to some kind of explosion if there is enough on a planet - thats how the Scrin detect if a planet is ready for harvesting. And its not a minor event - one mission in KW results in a explosion that turns much of Australia into a Tiberium wasteland, but that wasnt enough. In TS, his plan was to use the rocket to turn the planet into Tiberium, how else would have he triggered the scrin? There was no other way to get an eplosion large enough/spread the tiberium fast enough and as long as the Philadelphia existed, he had no chance to launch the rocket. Later, with the discovery of liquid Tiberium, he decided to use a planet based bomb (maybe because turning the planet into tiberium might kill most of his own troops). However, the only was to trigger the bomb is a blast from the ion cannon, hence the whole temple prime charade to get Boyle to use the Ion Cannon. Again, there are 15 years between the Scrin Towers appearing and Kane using the TCN to acess them. Its entire possible that Kane had planned to capture one of the towers while its active, but GDIs attack on the Relay Node made Nod unable to use them. Nod recaptured the Taciutus by 2049 and it takes years before Kane comes up with the TCN. For me, it seems the TCN is a workaround to get acess to the towers and not part of Kanes initial plan. Maybe Nod needed a decade to reverse engineer the towers and understand how to acess them.