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  1. I still wonder if anyone has an early alpha/beta version - I would love to see how much unused stuff was in the files that got cut during development. To be faor, I think SC2 was one of the main reasons RA3 and TT were so rushed - they needed to release their games before SC2 as they couldnt compete with it. And yeah, the wife plot was incredible generic. I just knew she was going to die the moment they showed us one of her szenes during CommandCom. And dont forget the weird montion comic tie in.. But I still wonder how much of the game/story was cut during development...
  2. Well, overwrites are mission specific - they only contain things that were changed in that mission compared to the orignal game. So one mission might just edit a commandset to remove some construction options, another mission might edit the health of some units to make them easier to use while other missions might edit tons of stuff to remove an upgrade from the game.... it really depends on the mission.
  3. Yes, Zockar has the spawnnugget working in his One Vision mod and I got the burning stuff working for TWA.
  4. There seems to be another scrapped game - the portfolio of the artist contains 2 screenshots from an "mobile RTS game" clearly based on the Red Alert franchise.
  5. If you look at the uncompiled KW xmls, you can find a comment by EA about it - they changed the weapon because they didnt like the way visceroids spawn. So WrathEd is correct in that case.
  6. What exactlly are you trying to archive with the flame death? If you wwant the burning infantry to run around, remove the FlammableUpdate (its not needed for that) and add a locomotorset that has Condition="BURNINGDEATH" and add something like BurniningDeathRadius="100" into the locomotor (well, you also need a BurningDeathFX to complete the look).
  7. It certainly works in KW - the wrathed defines are just wrong, hence it never get compiled in a way that the game can read it. I know Bibber fixed it for Zocker4evers One Vision mod, but I have no idea how it needs to be to work. And the mod with burning inf running around was allmost certainly TWA.
  8. I think your refering to the uncompiled mac shader that jonwill had on his site: I attach them to this post and the download above doenst work for me. The only shader that I can remeber from Thundermods was a shader that allowed normal maps on treads, not sure if there were any other ones.
  9. I am using an simple object upgrade and the Spawnbehavior, pretty much like in Generals, exept with Spawnbehavior instead of ObjectCreationUpgrade. Theres even a comment in the Generals ini files refering to that: From AmericaVehicleBattleDrone: Behavior = UpgradeDie ModuleTag_12 ;This frees the object based upgrade for the producer object. DeathTypes = ALL UpgradeToRemove = Upgrade_AmericaBattleDrone ModuleTag_13 End So yeah, UpgradeDie seems to be a special case and affect the unit and its producer.
  10. Yes, it gets slaved automaticly - I am basicly using the GDI repair drone, exepct it is spawned by an unit and not a building. Works pretty much the way I wanted it right know. For the unit: <SpawnBehavior id="ModuleTag_SpawnRepairDrones" SpawnNumberData="1" InitialBurst="1" SpawnedRequireSpawner="true" KillSpawnsOnCaptured="true" KillSpawnsOnDisabled="false"> <Die DeathTypes="ALL" /> <SpawnTemplate>ForgottenSapperRepairDrone</SpawnTemplate> <TriggeredBy>Upgrade_ForgottenHoundAmbulance</TriggeredBy> </SpawnBehavior> For the drone (removes the upgrade on death): <UpgradeDie id="ModuleTag_DroneUpgrade" UpgradeId="Upgrade_ForgottenHoundAmbulance"> <DieMuxData DeathTypes="ALL" /> </UpgradeDie>
  11. Supprisingly, that seems to work fine for me - the drone dies and I can buy a new one easily, just like in Generals. But I kinda noticed that units in the game wont attack the drone on its own, so I guess I still have some work to do.
  12. Yeah, its just object upgrades - but ObjectCreationUpgrade was used to spawn them once the upgrade was purchased and I couldnt think of another simple way to trigger an OCL with an upgrade.
  13. Hi there, I was trying to recreate the CnC Generals drone upgrades, but it seems ObjectCreationUpgrade doenst seem to work anymore - any suggestions what else I could use?
  14. As far as I remebmer, the trains in Generals were nothing more than a road texture to create the tracks and map scripts ("follow waypoint path") to create the movement. Should still be possible in CnC.
  15. And we have arrived at fullblow nazi conspiracy theories. And thats for totally ignoring any of the points I made in my posting above. Are you even aware what Heß did? He was one of the people responsible for the Holocaust - a lot of the anti jewish laws were based on his suggestions. And, as Hitlers second in command, he knew about and supported the nazi crimes. No, not every nation. Just those who opposed. Again, by 41 germany was allready at war with most of europe. How would that even work? He could have passed a message from England to Germany since he was imprissoned and the Germany was at war with England LONG before the attack against the Soviet Union. England and France declared war on Hitler AFTER his armys attacked Poland, one of Englands allies. Hitler KNEW that could happen and still risked that. You cant really blame Churchill for keeping his promise to his allies. Even if Einstein had removed Churchill, I doubt the UK would have broken the alliance. Ever heard of the London Blitz or the Battle of Britain? The Luftwaffe bombed London every night for about 2 month in a row, long before the Royal Air Force could attack german cities. Or have you heard of german subs and their battle in the atlantik against british trading ships and the Royal Navy? And all of this happend before Heß flight to England. And Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and all the other countries that were neither England or the SU and still would have been attacked by germany for varius reasons . But as Plokite_Wolf allreays said, you seem to have absolutly no idea what your talking about, so I guess this is my last posting in that regard.