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  1. Well, I think you only way we can help you is if you upload the model and the xml file as I got no idea what the problem could be.
  2. Are you sure thats this is not so an xml error? Now that I think about it, it kinda looks like you merged the door into the main building model. The door is usually a own model with a own drawmodule in the xml so it can be animated (open/close) without interfering with other building animations.
  3. FYI: When you animate a model, you dont animate the meshs, you usually animate the bones. A skin/WWskin is then used to tell a verticle which bone they should use as a base for their own movement. For example, a tbasic ank could use only 3 bones for Chassis, Turret and Barrel while a human model would need tons of bones to create a good looking animation. There are 3 basic ways to apply a WWksin: 1. Autolink: Create a WWkins somewhere in you model (can be found under Create => Space Wraps) and use the "Bind to space weaps" button in the menu to link it to your model. Then select the wwskin modier, choose "add bones" to... well, add bones and choose which you need. If you click on your mesh afterwards, you should have a "WWSkin Binding" setting. This allows you to select the verticles you want. Simply select all and hit "Auto-Link". Keep in mind that it basicly links the verticles to the nearest bone, so make sure your WWSkin isnt cluttered with some pointless FXbones or something. 2. Manually: Same as before, but link verticles by hand to specific bones. If you used autolink, chances are some verticles need to be linked manually anyway. 3. Turn Skin into WWskin: If you importet your model from RA3, there should be a normal skin modfier on it allready. Go to MAXScripts and choose "RTS" in the utillity box. A list of buttons should be addvaible. One of them reads "Skin to W3d" button - it turns the skin modifier back into a wwskin modier. If you wonder whats the point of having 2 skin modiers: The default 3ds skin modifier seem to be a lot more stable (that is, not crashing 3ds or screwing up the settings if I edit the model later), However, since the game doesnt support that type of modifier, it needs to be turned into a WWskin in order for the export to work.
  4. If you cant controll you units directly, isnt that kinda like making an Online FPS where your charakter shoots on its own if you aim at an enemy? It looks fun and is certainly a new idea, but I have to wonder how much deep the gameplay/fights can have with that kind of mechanic.
  5. You need a OBBOX for that (or more than one depending on the shape). If you imported an existing model, the box should allready exist. Check its w3d settings and make sure its set to "OBBOX" and "Hide"
  6. "Hierachical Model" if you have a model without a animation (that what you are going to use in most cases) "Hierachical Animated Model" if you have a model with an animation (best used if you model has only one animation) "Pure Animation" exports only the animation data but no model data. Usually you need to check "Export using existing animations" and select an existing model or skeleton "Skeleton" exports the bone data but not the models. "Simple mesh" exports only a single mesh. No point in using that, might as well use Hierachical Model in nearly all cases. The lack of animation is caused by the lack of a (WW)Skin modfier. You need to reapply it and rig the model. Dunno about RA3, but the TW SDK has some basic infomation about WWSkin in the documantation under MOD SDK/Documentation/3DSMAX_Skin_Modifier.htm
  7. Hey, can you do me a favor and add an image to the CnC wiki?

    Among TJ Frames concept art is a picture of a mammoth tank that looks remarkably like the early Mammoth Tank from Generals 1

    Might be a usefull addition as I havent seen this anywhere else before.


    regards, Stygs

    1. Plokite_Wolf


      Thanks for the tip. There's a lot to do on the Wiki anyway, will get to it once I resolve some Internet problems.

    2. Plokite_Wolf


      Article cleaned a bit and concept uploaded:

      Feel free to suggest anything further (or even edit!), we're now making a sweep over all Generals/Zero Hour unit articles.

  8. And another problem: I basicly tried to make a more powerfull version of the Scrin Lightning Spike - works fine so far, but being able to summon a tier3 defense building right next to the enemy tiberium field seems a tiny bit unfair. :> So I had a couple of ideas how to limit where the building can be summoned, but I dont know how to code it: Version A: Prevent the player from summoning the spike on top of enemy units and have a 300 minimum distance from any enemy buildings. I can obviously use ForbiddenObjectFilter & ForbiddenObjectRange, but I cant use a different ForbiddenObjectRange for units and structures, meaning I could only use the power if no enemy is around (could be abused as a stealth detector). Version B: Prevent the player from summoning the spike on top of enemy units and only allow it near allied buildings. In this case I could use ForbiddenObjectFilter with a low radius, but I have no idea how to limit if to allied structures. Any ideas?
  9. I noticed it on Tournament Dustbowl (southern start position). Cant really limit it since the only usefull lmit would be 1 (otherwise the AI can still build all addvaible buildings on the same spot). I changed BaseBuildingLocation to "TIBERIUM", but havent played enough to notice a difference. @ Mjjstral Hmmm, the AI would still be wasting time to build them, but at least not lose money. Sounds like a goog plan B. Is there any simple way to grant money without having the number appear in the air above the object (like Tibspikes do)?
  10. After a couple of recent games against the Scrin, I realized the Scrin AI tents to place multiple Growth Accelerators on the same spot. Not sure if thats an old TW bug or related tot my recent changes to the building, but I was kinda wondering if anyone has an idea to stop that. :S
  11. BFME2 has this LUA function, but I cant think if any case where it is used: function SpyMoving(self, other) print(ObjectDescription(self).." spying movement of "..ObjectDescription(other)); end
  12. As a modder, I have to say I pefer the way it currently is - one section for games and one for mods. As a lot of the games share the engine and most modders have experience with modding more than one CnC, its usefull to be able to see all modding forums at once. And if someone deosnt care for modding, he can simply hide that section of the forum and never be bothered by it again.
  13. This discussion feels weirdly familiar
  14. My first idea would be using a object upgrade as GameDepency for the abillity (with a very short reload timer) and then use LUA & ModelConditionEvents to remove the upgrade during USING_SPECIAL_ABILITY and grant it again during LOCOMOTOR_TAXIING (aka "landed on an airfield").
  15. Try the InfiltratorContain. It has basicly 3 options: Steal Money (not sure how much exactly), Disable the building, Freeze the radar.