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  1. And here is the final Nod mission in action. A must watch. The gameplay in the video from our beta tester turned out fantastic and GDI truly put up a good final last stand. And yes the final cinematic does play once the mission finishes.
  2. Hope this doesn't count as a necropost but I wanted to mention that Nod 13 is completed and is being beta tested. Discussion with link is here: Yes it is a beta file but its the final Nod campaign mission and with the mod being 10 years old, I don't care too much about it being leaked prematurely. Make sure to grab the data folder when installing to an existing install of TDR.
  3. ***STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD*** The third official patch to C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.4. (Patch v1.43) has been released! DOWNLOAD NOW! This patch includes 8 additional singleplayer missions and several fixes were also made to the existing campaign missions. This brings the grand total of missions to 26. This patch also reworks and fixes several general gameplay bugs as well. GENERAL GAMEPLAY CHANGELIST: 8 additional campaign missions completed with their respective intro videos Fixed an AI exploit preventing tank machine guns from damaging aircraft M110 Artillery (Nod) speed slightly decreased Assault APC price increased from $500 to $800 (pre-loaded with two Rocket Soldiers now) Airfields (excluding Nod Airstrip) reduced from $2000 to $1000 Grenadiers made more powerful and more accurate (to encourage use over rocket soldiers) Both vehicle missile and machine gun upgrades reduced from $1000 to $600 Power Plant HP increased from 800 to 1000 Tiberium Silo Auto Deposit Amount reduced from $200 to $75 Mammoth Tank Armor and speed slightly decreased (including Adv. Mammoth) Mammoth Tusk Missile Firing Rate slightly decreased Flame Tank Armor slightly increased Helicopter and fighter jet locomotors slowed to reduce graphical and gameplay glitches Tiberium income amounts reduced slightly Tiberium growth rate significantly reduced (to reduce lag and game crashes from overpopulation) Weapons can now fire over low profile structures without exploding over them (Helipad, Repair Bay, .etc) Guard Tower damage and firing rate slightly increased APC machine gun firing burst rate decreased (does not apply to Assault APC) Bradley (Light Tank) speed slightly decreased Grand Canyon Skirmish Map rebalanced and reduced to 3 players to fix AI issues Dynamite Dunes Skirmish Map rebalanced Armored Assault Skirmish Map rebalanced Framerate improvements on the Tiberium Gardens Skirmish Map Framerate improvements to GDI SPEC OPS Mission #1 Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #8 Fixed an issue preventing players from finishing Nod Mission #4 Engineers can now hijack and not simply disable unarmed vehicles (MCV and Harvester) Tank and Missile projectile splash damage reduced Several models have been reworked and retextured Also note that the campaign cutscenes have also been edited and updated. You can download the complete set which will be needed for future releases HERE.
  4. Released today is the latest C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod promo video showing off how the Mod looks in 2016. A few sneak peeks at the new campaign missions can be seen if you know where to look. Eight additional campaign missions are slated to release soon with patch v1.43 with the campaign videos included. This video itself is a remake of the original Mod trailer that hit the Net way back in 2007. DOWNLOAD CURRENT RELEASE FACEBOOK PAGE
  5. IMHO at this point I think C&C has reached a unique stage of evolution where it has become a "by fans for fans" game and community. Seeing how the modding community spanning across the 17 or so titles is still holding strong is a testament to this. There are still high profile mods in active development for titles as old as Tiberian Sun and fan made multiplayer maps still being made for games as old as C&C95 and Red Alert 1. I think EA doesn't know what to do about it or how they can proceed with a new quality game to capitalize on the longevity and popularity of previous titles with the fans. But I do think the series got milked out too much as they pumped out sequels way too quickly and the quality issues of the last three or so titles really shows. (including some aspects of the canceled Generals 2/F2P) Then butchering the core gameplay mechanics was the final nail in the coffin. (Looking at you, C&C4)
  6. The closest thing in the original C&C was this concept art and a 20 second cutscene where two GDI tanks get hit by a strange electrical charge and get disabled. The ZH TDR mod brought the unit to life, however.
  7. LOL I saw the first screenshot without reading the text and knew exactly what mission that was. Being the sole map designer for a Zero Hour Mod that is recreating all the TD missions I have started to know the map layouts by memory. Here is the video that TaxOwlBear did for that mission a couple months ago for the Mod. EDIT: Whoops sorry didn't realize this was an old post.
  8. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of C&C Red Alert, I dug this model out of my archives from many years ago from when I was new to 3D modeling. It is simply a converted and edited model from C&C Renegade for use in C&C Generals. Texture/Skin was also a quick photoshop edit to transform it into a Soviet version of the iconic tank. This was never released IIRC and was originally never intended to be as it was just a model to help me learn how to rig and retexture models for C&C Generals. The Gmax and other source files will also be included. DISCLAIMER: As mentioned above this model was originally designed/edited for C&C Generals but with a little bit of work it can be redone to work with C&C3 or RA3. Credits go to Westwood for the original Models/Textures Rigging and other edits to make it functional with modern C&C games go to sgtmyers88 File attachment was too large so I made a download link HERE
  9. These color values are taken from Multiplayer.ini if you can extract that file and play with the values a bit you can perhaps find something that suits your taste maybe? Similar settings can be found in PlayerTemplate.ini as well. MultiplayerColor ColorGold RGBColor = R:206 G:182 B:79 RGBNightColor = R:206 G:182 B:79 TooltipName = Color:Gold End MultiplayerColor ColorRed RGBColor = R:190 G:0 B:0 RGBNightColor = R:190 G:0 B:0 TooltipName = Color:Red End MultiplayerColor ColorBlue RGBColor = R:30 G:140 B:255 RGBNightColor = R:30 G:140 B:255 TooltipName = Color:Blue End MultiplayerColor ColorGreen RGBColor = R:18 G:226 B:10 RGBNightColor = R:18 G:198 B:10 TooltipName = Color:Green End MultiplayerColor ColorOrange RGBColor = R:255 G:160 B:25 RGBNightColor = R:255 G:160 B:25 TooltipName = Color:Orange End MultiplayerColor ColorSkyBlue ;Teal RGBColor = R:28 G:148 B:121 RGBNightColor = R:28 G:148 B:121 TooltipName = Color:SkyBlue End MultiplayerColor ColorPurple RGBColor = R:90 G:0 B:160 RGBNightColor = R:90 G:0 B:160 TooltipName = Color:Purple End MultiplayerColor ColorPink RGBColor = R:225 G:150 B:225 RGBNightColor = R:225 G:150 B:225 TooltipName = Color:Pink End
  10. Old post I know but I will just leave this here in case the OP or anyone else needs additional help on this. As far as I know you can't. Its hardcoded into the game. Spent many years trying to figure it out, what you have to do instead is make a small tile map in Worldbuilder and black it out. When I did the new fast loading menu screen for Tiberian Dawn Redux I did the above method by creating a small map then custom designed a background image, next I went into gmax and made a flat plane and applied the background texture to it before exporting it to a .w3d model. Then I coded it into the game as an misc. system object then placed it in worldbuilder in the center of the aforementioned map. I then disabled the shroud and made a initialcameraposition waypoint and scripted the camera to look down at the ground at this waypoint where my model was placed at the center of the map. viola a working fast loading map with a background that allows background menu music. Oh and yes the clock is in the mainmenu.wnd code and is disabled by default but it is in there still. Also to enable the normal shellmap with music and in-game videos you will need to set generals.exe to WinXPSP2 compatibility mode.
  11. Take note that some mods do indeed use enhanced graphics that might be more demanding on the system. Modern Warfare, Tiberian Dawn Redux, ZH Enhanced, etc. But they do have options to trim/disable some of the added effects.
  12. One of the reasons the modding community for this game is so massive. There are several Mods out there that pretty much finished the base game from what it could have originally been if EA had spent more time on it.
  13. Recently posted a news update on Facebook and ModDB. Patch v1.43 is in progress with several more campaign missions being completed. Gameplay videos can also be viewed here: