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  1. Oh, I must have enabled the adblock plugins. I have already disabled one of the plugins that got rid of social media icons.
  2. Speaking of mods in Cities Skylines:
  3. I couldn't stop hearing this somewhat doomsday song:
  4. Sonic, while I appreciated a modified new forums using the same but upgraded software, there are some things that need to be addressed: support embedding of YouPak videos. no more downvoting on reputation. Also I do not want this shown where mentioned users get +1 or /-1 reputation points: http://forums.cncnz.com/pastleaders/ spoiler tags not working in the chatbox. Facebook and Twitter icons other than Google+ needed to be added in this forum. YouTube embedded videos are too large when read in the thread. Should be in a smaller size.
  5. ....and it's a stunner. It's Norway! Congrats Norwegians. Article (via AP): https://www.yahoo.com/news/whos-happy-whos-not-norway-tops-list-us-063130417--politics.html All the info can be found here: http://worldhappiness.report Remember that four years ago I posted a thread regarding Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark are the most peaceful countries on Earth? http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/16974-worlds-most-peaceful-countries Happiness in the USA, it went down to 14th, and it may go down further, thanks to Trump and a divided America under a new dark democracy. The country with the least happiness is the Central African Republic.... and I thought it could have been Syria and Somalia.
  6. Well here's my short review of the 8-Bit game trio: The 8-Bit Armies/Hordes/Invaders trio of games are fun and basic to play, just like what a typical old-fashioned C&C game would be. Sure you can nod with C&C, Warcraft and Starcraft similar material. Lots of missions, but they all lack of a better story and some maps are re-used over and over again in missions. All of those maps are playable in skirmish and multiplayer modes. Hordes is less fun to play, but playing those factions are technically no match against factions of the Armies and the Invaders in skimirsh/multiplayer mode. 8-Bit Invaders included a new game feature similar to Global Conquest Mode from C&C3 Kane's Wrath called the Multiverse and that is also no fun at all. As for the end-game messages like "Victory! A Winner is You" and "Victory! Thank you, but our leader is from another planet!" are all pathetic ways to end a mission or skirmish/mp. Voice taunts were lacked at first release and were released later on. Mods are allowed for custom music and voice taunts. As for Frank Klepacki, give him good credit for making his awesome music to Armies, Hordes and Invaders. My final review:
  7. Anyone tried out Cities Skylines and their DLCs? I just started playing it and I thought this is the game that should have been developed in the 2000s. I always dreamed from as a child I wanted to build something especially for a city using toy materials (ie. Legos). I even had dreams in my sleep of standing in a virtual dream world where cities would change in various regions. I never knew a game would do such a thing, until I noticed some RTS games having some of these tall buildings and all other objects surrounded throughout the map(s). The first city simulation game I ever tried was CityVille which was a browser game on Facebook. It had the basic fundamentals, but it gets less fun as you are more dependent to require your friends to give you materials to continue making more buildings. Simcity Buildit on the other hand, was similar to CityVille but plays better than that game. However, the waiting time to finish producing materials and having trade items sold is a pain. The waiting time is even longer to collect more coins since the buildings (in the later game) you need to buy and build are pricey. I haven't given up playing Simcity Buildit yet since starting it two weeks ago. I didn't have any interest in the promo free version of SimCity 2000 since it's a DOS game with lots of basic fundamentals and no 3D graphics (because it's DOS). I also didn't have interest in the promo free versions of Tropico 3 and 4 since they are similar to Simcity Buildit but it's more complex and place setting is in Latin country. Then comes Cities: Skylines, and I thought it was an Indie game (but it is not) developed by a studio and publisher I never even heard of. Actually that game is the answer to the SimCity series where you can build almost anything (from freeways to zoning), even mods are supported and there's no need for a constant Internet connection unlike the rebooted SimCity. No need to make materials or trade items and wait to be completed. With mods, the possibilities are limitless, even for unlimited money and unlocking all materials. Better yet, the Unity 3D graphics. Cities Skylines along with its DLCs is probably the best city simulation game of all time. My final review:
  8. More ridiculous Trump clips from SNL: As of course, if you cannot view it in your country, use Youpak instead.
  9. I think that qualifies as a custom map mod for Warcraft III instead of a pointless game itself.
  10. I didn't know Pakistan countered YouTube with YouPak which can view any video without region restrictions and ads, and even better it can download any video or audio without using software or going to another site to do that sort of thing. Somehow the site can mirror any old and new videos uploaded to YouTube and the same goes to logging into your Google account to comment on videos. As to all the users here, Saturday Night Live has risen in ratings and viewers ever since Trump won the election. I mean without Alec Baldwin posing as Trump and Mellisa McCarty as Sean Spicer, things in SNL would retain its average low ratings. However Alec Baldwin isn't gonna last in SNL forever since he has mentioned he'll be done and gone in a matter of time.
  11. What did you discuss with them (the former and current EA guys)? I would like to know.
  12. Sonic, you are at least better finding SNL videos in YouTube that are not by the SaturdayNIghtLive uploader, but some other user that uploaded them. ​
  13. It's not even ten years to mark the 10th anniversary of this "epic fail" C&C game. But one thing wrong, Sonic. The music isn't epic in C&C4. The music used in C&C4 was just right for Generals 2. Right type of music, but most of them are used for the wrong game.
  14. I do not like the way how ****ty Microsoft/Intel/AMD are limiting with their products. With Intel's Kaby Lake and AMD's Ryzen supporting Microsoft to only support Windows 10, that's good for gamers who wanted to play DirectX 12 material, but terrible for everyone else especially for those who wanted to a buy/make a new PC. I highly doubt older Windows OSs and Linux/Mac OS X can run in virtual machines under those new CPU chips. Windows 10 is barely improving and even Linux/Mac OS X are getting far better with their features and not putting in their spyware/Internet crap and excluding a lot of stuff that should have stayed there like what Windows 10 have right now. If Microsoft maintains a lot of material (including older drivers), the Windows 10 download or physical disc should be as large as Mac OS versions over 10.5 (which fits for a dual-layer DVD). Even as of now, Windows 10 is NOT the world's largest operating system. When you google that term, Windows 7 lands as the world's largest operating system with Linux Ubuntu as the second largest. Would you be willing to switch to Linux if Windows sucked? I am about one step away to try using Linux for older PCs. Newer PCs can use Windows 10, which I don't care but I already know Microsoft/Intel/AMD are planning to strip away 32-bit OSs soon, forcing you to buy/make a PC that's only 64-bit compatible and only using Windows 10. On another topic, guess what China is using to counter Microsoft, a OS replacement to WinXP named NeoKylin using Linux material: Source: https://qz.com/505383/a-first-look-at-the-chinese-operating-system-the-government-wants-to-replace-windows Latest version is 6.0, under the name Kylin.
  15. Correction on the OS AMD Ryzen chips are supporting. They must have changed their minds and decided to support only Windows 10 and above versions: http://www.pcgamer.com/amd-confirms-there-will-be-no-ryzen-drivers-for-windows-7 Not sure if Linux, Mac OS X and the other OSs are supported in Intel's Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen. Also **** Microsoft: http://www.pcgamer.com/microsoft-turns-off-windows-781-updates-for-ryzen-and-kaby-lake