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  1. Maybe this feature can be used only with spectating (not playing on the field), especially for referees and administrators to watch multiplayer game matchups and determine to see who's cheating or not. But that's just a suggestion. All Worldbuilder programs have limitless zooming, but there's no need to have this ingame for all SAGE games. I think it's best not to discover other exploits that EA once fixed for most SAGE games.
  2. I believe the limited zooming was to prevent players from seeing farther and to make better tactical moves, all just to avoid cheating and I had no clue this exploit can affect multiplayer. I guess this founded experiment is something noting for as such exploits like this isn't allowed in any C&C multiplayer game. But what about the one zooming feature that lets you see the sky texturing from the Generals 2 mod for C&C3? Is that also not allowed in multiplayer (since Company of Heroes has a camera feature like that)?
  3. While everything else is okay..... only 3 things. 1) Do you really need a liquid CPU cooler? A CPU fan that comes with thermal paste is merely okay. A liquid CPU cooler costs more than a CPU fan. 2) The RAM is expensive this time of year due to more RAM chips being used on newer smartphones and tablets leaving to a short supply of RAM chips to desktops and laptops. 16 GB is enough. The average price of 16 GB RAM is around $100 USD (or AUD $131.75). 3) Go for a smaller size (like a 120 or 150 GB) or lower brand SSD because a Samsung 250 GB SSD is still expensive today. Edit: You didn't mention of an optical drive, let alone use flash drives and external hard drives as backup.
  4. Where did you post it in GameReplays? I mean there's many game sections from BFME to C&C4. I think this exploit bug fix may affect multiplayer btw. However, to make this official in C&C3 and KW unofficial patches, you may have to ask cnc315d34d (aka CGF123 or CrazyGDIFan123) in GameReplays forums.
  5. I knew the limited zooming was more terrible in RA3/C&C4 than in C&C3/KW and BFME2. But I am just wondering, could you find a way to make this work permanently via a patch for those recent games? Also what about the first BFME (it's not in the list)?
  6. Killing Floor is free to download from the Humble Bundle store until June 24th 10 am PST: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor?partner=pcgamer
  7. C&C Music Mondays Throwback Thursdays (Plokite still posts it usually every Thursday.) C&C Roundtable Discussion A new C&C poll (this time make it monthly) The return of C&C Legos (it doesn't have to be from Zee Hypnotist by the way since anyone else can do it)
  8. hey, i need some help. please check inbox. thank you.

  9. If modded, you might want to limit how many structures of that object be built at a time. Have you messed around with the skirmish coding?
  10. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is back in Origin's On The House. Dead in Bermuda only lasted a month to some regions.
  11. Currently playing Westwood's Blade Runner adapted from the movie. The gameplay reminds me of Sierra's Police Quest 4.
  12. Got a premiere date for the US (Sept 24): http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/more-tv-news/star-trek-discovery-finally-gets-a-premiere-date
  13. I never knew Nyerguds was that generous.
  14. Well this sucks: http://www.pcgamer.com/gta-modding-tool-openiv-shuts-down-claiming-cease-and-desist-from-take-two and http://www.pcgamer.com/gta-5-machinima-depicts-rockstar-and-take-two-killing-openiv-mods But that doesn't mean single-player mods are dead for GTA V. But this raises doubts of how modding should be handled (or more likely mods not supported) by the time GTA VI comes around. I believe the mod map involving GTA IV Liberty City with GTA V Los Santos for GTA San Andreas (called as GTA VxIV2SA) and this other GTA V mod are now the last hopes rather than waiting for the one from OpenIV which is now terminated by (you know who).
  15. The first time I looked upon a user's profile, it took some time but not a slow load. When I looked into Sonic's and others' profile(s), no slow loads for me.