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  1. RIP Flash (1996-2020)

    The end will soon be there for flash. Adobe has decided to end support for the Flash Player by 2020: https://consumerist.com/2017/07/25/adobe-flash-will-finally-die-in-2020 At the beginning, the technology was okay to use. But now, it's slow, unstable and buggy. HTML5 and WebGL replace pretty much most of that today.
  2. Who is upgrading to Windows 10?

    Microsoft is getting rid or deprecate of some features in the Fall Creator's Update: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034825/features-that-are-removed-or-deprecated-in-windows-10-fall-creators-up I guess I'll be sticking with Win10 Creator's Update for a long time to come.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    Official trailer is here:
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    Second trailer is here:
  5. Video of the day

    More new trailers:
  6. Avengers: Infinity War

    As Luk3us once said on the Expendables 2 cast and movie, holy mother of God..... Well finally the answer to the Expendables cast is here, Marvel's version of the Expendables. The Avengers and Guardians will team up in this epic movie coming May 2018 and almost every great Marvel character is included except the Fantastic Four, X-Men and some other characters. And yes, there's a sequel to that too coming in 2019. There was a leaked trailer earlier for this movie (will be updated until Disney/Marvel releases the official one -- and the same goes to the poster): This is the comic-con poster fo9r the movie: The budget to do this movie should be bigger than the fourth movie of Pirates of the Caribbean (around $410 million USD gross amount). The back-to-back production of this movie coming in May 2018 and its sequel coming in 2019 were rumored to be about $1 billion USD which is berserk (and it's not a final amount). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Production_of_Avengers:_Infinity_War_and_the_untitled_Avengers_sequel Will you watch it?
  7. Desktop CPU Thread

    And here's AMD's newest server chip, the EPYC (pronounced as epic) -- with the high-end 32-core @ 2.2 ghz CPU on a dual-socket costing at about an insane $4000 USD!: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/20/amd_epyc_launch https://www.nextplatform.com/2017/06/20/competition-returns-x86-servers-epyc-fashion/
  8. Desktop CPU Thread

    Intel had better explain the slow speed of a 12-core CPU: http://pcworld.com/article/3209624/computers/intels-12-core-core-i9-might-lose-the-megahertz-war-to-amds-ryzen-threadripper.html And an update to the AMD Ryzen Threadripper (the 16 and 12-core CPUs are to be released sometime in early August): http://www.pcworld.com/article/3197184/components-processors/amd-ryzen-threadripper-prices-specs-release-date-and-more.html So the 16-core 32-thread @ 3.4 ghz (up to 4 ghz overclocked) and 180 watts TDP for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X for about $1000 USD is a good bargain for gamer enthusiasts, and it can even support up to 1 TB of RAM!
  9. Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Shadow Warrior 2013 is free in the Humble Bundle for a limited time: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition
  10. C&C LEGO: The Expansion Pack - Skirmish

    Say, Zee. What are the chances you might do a C&C Legos: Mental Omega edition in the future? There's someone in YouTube already suggesting it. The Revora guys will probably be thrilled to have something like this.
  11. Rusted Warfare

    Well that RTS is far better than the **** Petroglyph was doing with 8-Bit games. Worth checking it out.
  12. I am not sure this has been mentioned before. This C&C fan deserves to do voice making in Generals 2 one day.
  13. C&C LEGO: The Expansion Pack - Skirmish

    While I appreciated having C&C Legos coming back, are you covering random C&C factions in this season or just cover one universe to focus on (ie. Red Alert universe)?
  14. Now Playing - Music

    The people who thought that Jessica Lowndes sang like Lana Del Rey, they were wrong:
  15. Tooth & Tail

    Well this looks interesting, an RTS full of animal power.