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  1. My favorite song of the 1970s.... electronic disco. And other great songs for a Friday:
  2. I remember this article: http://whatculture.com/gaming/10-unplayable-video-games-that-were-released-despite-being-broken But there are still some games that are almost unplayable today especially from my experience. Most recently.... the disappointing The Crew (it may have two expansion DLCs but it's strange why there will be a sequel to that coming in 2018). Despite only playable for a 64-bit PC, no matter what workarounds I had to try to run the game and even disabling most of the stuff, the game cannot launch at its entirety. It didn't work for me in Win7 64-bit but I haven't tried Win10 64-bit. The always online option has hurt a lot of players since it's a MMO with some SP and patches are limited to fix the major issues and glitches within the game. The strong DRM was probably one of the reasons why the game cannot launch properly. One corrupted file or a unstable Internet connection = failure. Technically this never happened when I played C&C4, Diablo III, Starcraft II, UT4, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. Other older games I found very disappointing causing them to almost not launch at all are SWAT 2 (retail CD and even the GOG version) and Andretti Racing. Both of them lacked patches to fix crashes and to make playability stable. Andretti Racing can never run on recent Windows OSs, except Windows 95/98 and its controls.... terrible. I'll bet some of you may have painful experiences with unplayable games. Edit: This post is not finished at the time since there's more I am trying to recall.
  3. I think this has yet to be discussed. When almost everyone thinks that C&C is in the books and is dead, some may believe EA might bring back C&C in the future. After the huge downloads of Red Alert 2 on Origin's On The House, IDK if EA will consider bringing back C&C. So far only a few movie and/or game series got a reboot but most of them weren't that great. Chances are slim if C&C gets this reboot of a new series.
  4. A great tactic in Mental Omega, and I'll bet this tactic may also work in RA3:
  5. Yes, people successfully remade and ported GTA III Liberty City, GTA San Andreas and even GTA V Lost Santos in GTA IV as mods. The problem with GTA V Los Santos in GTA IV is that it couldn't expand the entire map due to the engine's limitations so only the Los Santos area is completed but takes too much system resources, leading to crashes. Yes, even people successfully remade and ported GTA IV Liberty City and GTA V Los Santos in GTA San Andreas: Download: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0B4gTzNzbQHKwVngyWGQ5UzRHdTg&export=download Because it's still in beta, the Los Santos streets and objects are similar to the one in GTA V Los Santos in GTA IV, meaning only Los Santos is finished. Liberty City is also finished. This mod is perfect for people with low-end PCs with weak graphic cards (like I used a GeForce GT 220 for that). Unlike GTA V Los Santos in GTA IV, it appears both Liberty City and Los Santos are in the same map within GTA SA. The difference is using way less system resources and it loads quickly. However, there's one problem. The objects do not load as quickly as you drive through the map. When it comes to Los Santos, it needs hundreds of thousands of objects to load and to be visible at a time.... only if you are using low quality and resolution graphics and minimal view distance. The people who did this project must have used high resolution LOD on those objects and I was surprised when I saw the quality in GTA SA, almost compared to GTA IV!
  6. I have found the legitimate Android version of it: You can get the C&C4 mobile for Android here (it's a small 1.3 MB download and it's free to download): http://www.mobile3k.net/View-details/Android-Games/Command-and-Conquer-4-Tiberian-Twilight-v1.0.77.apk.php Safer download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?xei023d2e6q3y32 My opinion.... C&C4 Mobile > C&C4 PC. At least EA did one thing right what C&C4 PC should have had..... capturing a TCN should earn you credits as you use credits to build units or defenses. I already had that idea put in my KW Reloaded mod. At least the missions are far better than the PC version, rather than capturing all sector points to accomplish a mission. At least the gameplay focuses on tactical squads to command and conquer, much similar to MechCommander. At least the game works offline and it's free to play and download. But the cons.... NO INGAME SAVES during missions! Once you accomplished a mission entirely, your game is automatically saved as a checkpoint. No support class factions for either GDI or NOD. Still no base building and harvesting for credits. Still has a limit on units on the field. Lack of more midi music. No multiplayer since the game was developed for a cell phone. No infantry to train with.
  7. Dead in Bermuda is now in Origin's On the House: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/dead-in-bermuda/dead-in-bermuda/standard-edition
  8. I never thought I would want to post this here, but for the first time ever, I decided to post a thread asking you guys to post any free giveaway on game(s) that are temporarily free to get and download without any paying cost (whether if it's from Steam, Origin or whatsoever). At least it's better than paying up front. Please do not post MP only games here. Last year, Metro 2033 was the last best free DirectX 11 game to download (via THQ's FB) until EA gave away a free promo code for Battlefield 3 which happened two months ago. I also missed last year's Origin free promo code that should have given me a free download of any game priced at $19.99 or under. As of now only seven games in Origin are permanently free to download. I do not know how many games in Steam are permanently free to download as of now. So far I missed three opportunities at getting C&C4 for free, really, unless someone in the C&C community still has an unused code specifically for that game and use it into Origin.
  9. The Rock for President? https://patch.com/us/white-house/dwayne-johnson-tom-hanks-announce-2020-run-snl While this might have seem to be a joke, it isn't confirmed as official... yet. Nice play though.
  10. On the season finale of SNL..... Wouldn't it great to see The Rock in SNL?!
  11. I thought LE might have stood for Lite Edition (with minimal features) or even a Limited Edition.
  12. More sins about aliens:
  13. PC Gamer got a new article about this: http://www.pcgamer.com/the-worst-pc-game-launches/ Except some games weren't even mentioned in the list such as GTA IV, C&C4, Spore and Dishonored 2. But in my strong opinion, out of those worst game launches the worst of all is by no doubt..... C&C4 Tiberian Twilight. Not only it has one of the lowest scores in Steam, EA's incomplete, rushed and unpolished development plus constant Internet connection and numerous gaming flaws turn that into the worst game launch ever.
  14. GOG is frequently giving away more DRM-free games for free recently.
  15. While the series premiere is still months away, here's the first trailer of the rebooted TV show: Once again like in Star Trek Voyager, the captain is a female but an Asian. Michelle Yeoh is back.
  16. Someone had made LED glass screens of these Generals factions (source: https://imgur.com/a/fejiS) Also this: Shoes on wheels instead of rubber tires?
  17. Looking at the new TA forums, I looked and I thought what the ****? A C&C forum (not named as a TA forum) within the official EA forums with a decent forum format layout? Unbelievable. https://forums.ea.com/en/commandandconquer I guess that is C&C's last stand.
  18. Rumors of Intel's Core i9 as well as AMD's Ryzen 9 surfaced: http://www.pcgamer.com/amds-ryzen-9-threadripper-cpu-lineup-leaked/ http://www.pcgamer.com/intel-core-i9-leak-points-to-intels-first-new-processor-line-in-years/ http://www.pcgamer.com/intel-and-amd-are-about-to-clash-with-new-high-end-gaming-cpus/ Get ready for a 16-core CPU next month because AMD's Ryzen 9 will be released by then.
  19. One week away from the SNL season finale, and so far more of these funny SNL clips:
  20. @Plokite, I wasn't finished posting the thread since I accidentally hit the enter key.
  21. I have been wondering after Win10 Creator's Update on what Microsoft was trying to do.... trying to make the OS look more Android-like. Ever since Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Windows Store using XAP (for previously mobile devices before Win8.1) and now APPX (for current Win8.1/10 mobile and desktop) files. No wonder why Gabe Newell hated this feature because it'll ruin Steam and thus creating competition of how we buy/install/run apps. Microsoft is now relying on more Universal Windows Platform (notably UWP) apps away from the traditional desktop platform but desktop computing will never die. Some UWP apps consume less resources than traditional desktop apps. If Windows 10 is to be better with those UWP apps, the Windows Store really needs to be more stable, functional and convenient just like Steam, Origin and the others, and also provide an easy way to convert desktop apps to UWP, and so far I am not seeing it. I haven't got used to UWP apps yet because I seldom used them and they have limitations such as saved/installed files cannot be transferred to anywhere else. There is a way to convert desktop apps (even the older legacy ones) to the UWP but the steps to produce it is complex and complicated. I don't think anyone here would try to convert every C&C game to a UWP app unless one is a programmer. The drawback is that the Desktop App Converter only works on a 64-bit PC with hardware-virtualization enabled. http://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-desktop-apps-universal-windows-platform-apps-desktop-bridge https://www.howtogeek.com/250041/how-to-convert-a-windows-desktop-app-to-a-universal-windows-app/ I also found other formats that can be ported to UWP: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/porting/ Currently as of now Android apps using APK are no longer supported for conversion into Windows 8/10 UWP which just sucks. There's still a way of doing this through another 3rd-party app but I am not providing details for that. I don't think such Android apps such as Plants vs Zombies 2, SimCity Buildit or even C&C4 mobile can be converted into Windows 10 UWP and run from it. Also there are a limited number of 3rd-party sites providing XAP/APPX downloads. It's possible to download APPX files manually through the Windows Store and it requires some 3rd-party app to track the link and download from it (such as Fiddler): https://www.maketecheasier.com/download-appx-files-from-windows-store I can pretty much tell that this is now the way Windows 10 is going to be after its first release. Edit: This is not a finished post yet due to an error I typed. May add more info to this.
  22. While I appreciate a Friday playlist thread, I hope no one else posted Rebecca Black's Friday because that was and still is the worst song to play on a Friday. One of my favorite versions of a Friday came from this: This is IMO the best Friday cover (not Glee's version): However, both of those Friday songs are underrated......
  23. Rather than posting a new thread since I assumed you guys still have the same connection speeds two years later, this time I'll post one here (this connection was used on a 802.11g wi-fi connection to a 65 mbps cable modem -- need to buy a new wi-fi USB adapter): My dad probably won't be using Spectrum in the upcoming months ahead since it's going to be a $65 USD a month tag whereas it should have been $60 USD because of using our own wi-fi router. Currently running in the first year of $40 a month until that promo ends.
  24. We'll never forget the original which inspired Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix and Deus Ex. We'll never forget the inspiring electronic music from Vangelis. We'll never forget Westwood's game adaptation from the movie with Frank Klepacki's amazing remade music. And now, the world premiere trailer is here: Here's the previous first trailer: Could this be better than the original, or even shall I say as most people are saying, this is better than the lackluster Ghost in the Shell? Who will watch this?