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  1. Maybe they aren't actively monitoring every citizen, but they certainly have the capacity to target any person or organization globally. Still concerning.
  2. A software developer has managed to re-create C&C95 with HTML5 and JavaScript. It runs a little slow on my machine, but it's still pretty fun to play. Play it here: Techie details: Source code:
  3. I'd love to play this. With the experience the industry now has with fps, they should be able to deliver a fun game as long as they put some time into it. Looking forward to massive multiplayer games. The 64 couldn't handle more than 12 or so very conservatively-rendered figures without lagging. A PC version would be great though.
  4. The streets, yo. A story? Well I'm no good at those. Though I suppose I could give it a try. I joined in 2004, just mucked about in the forums. I got into mapmaking for RA2/YR shortly afterward. I was terrible at making maps, but hey, I tried (Anyone remember my weekly contests? :lol: ). I also got into graphic design and website development. With the help of the Doctor (then Fenring), I made a C&C fansite, C&C Tomorrow (thanks again, man). That site tanked after a few months. Somewhere in there I was a mod in the CNCNZ forums and an admin at Freedom Studios. After realizing that making sites and such was more fun than making maps, I learned PHP and started freelance coding. I've been doing that ever since. tl;dr: I was here, then I wasn't
  5. Time spent in North Carolina could never be considered a vacation. Well, maybe if you don't talk to any of the natives.
  6. Enter Shikari - OK, Time for Plan B
  7. Lenticular clouds are fun
  8. I haven't noticed any significant improvements and it's still making an absolute mess of managing my onboard BlueTooth.
  9. Oh, how I miss the phpBB forums and crazy skins.
  10. May have to look into that...
  11. Local International (Auckland, NZ) Comcast is terrible.
  12. Jesus Luk3us, I didn't realize you had that much. 'grats.
  13. If that really is an orangutan using a tool, there's no evidence to suggest that other orangutans are using tools. Also, shopped.
  14. What OS does the k610i run? If possible, I'd suggest throwing Google's Android on there.