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  1. I feel like some of you are acting as if you have something to prove to EA for some reason. What an odd fascination. It also drains you of a more positive outlook and kills your productivity in the hours prior, during and after the repeated bickering regarding it all "not being about the size of your game but how you use it". So best put away your d-- wounded ascension stories and get cracking on being more community and game driven rather than better-than-EA driven. I'm off to play JeffNZ's bomberman. I hear it has potent healing properties and is good for the soul.
  2. Yes the rubber-banding troubles were definitely all very troubling. Glad it's fixed now, devs worked hard on it.
  3. I've only watched the first episode though, but people say it's good.
  4. Enjoy your winter holidays everyone!
  5. To be honest I'm way more excited to see the latter part of this season of SW Rebels. But I like how Rogue One ties in to the Rebels animated series and even back to The Clone Wars series with things like one of the old side characters returning as one of the main cast in the movie. So that's something I'm interested in seeing play out. Though I prefer the clone war timeline primarily, so I'm not much of a Vader fan nor the post-Republic era, it's just another movie for me.
  6. Yes it's a bit of an online mess at the moment. I'll look into remedying the situation further with the dead-end links and all that.
  7. SO, WHAT HAPPENED TO TIBERIAN DAYLIGHT? An overdue update. It's been quite a while since I updated this thread, and I've only recently noticed that I never actually explained why that is. The short version is that I've been going through a lot of important personal changes and challenges in life (from 2015 and onward) which pushed me off this project's desired path. I only completely finished a total of 13 episodes, but had more or less planned out about 20 for a first "season", some of which are still partially shot/edited. I feel like I ought to at least get it out there that I'd honestly really like to continue where I left off with the comic, but am not currently in a good position to do so. My only camera dying after so many years of use and the replacement one no longer being available are also some technical issues that have been here for a while. My smartphone won't cut it in terms of picture quality and personal equipment preference. A lot of things got me off track. This stuff happens, of course, and I turned my focus to more important matters at the time. Hopefully it all gets sorted out in the future and I can resume making more of this thing if my motivation holds up. No promises though. It's also worth noting that the small online community I was part of building up was shut down a while back, so a lot of my links in this thread no longer lead to the comics and related pages. Hence why the comic's online status and readability is a bit hectic these days. Luckily for anyone still interested, Zee stepped in and rehosted all 13 released episodes on his personal site. The webcomic can be fully enjoyed right here on! Here are a few unedited behind-the-scenes shots some of you might enjoy: Working with colored clay for the second episode's tiberium field! Lucky in front of the bridge repair hut with a mutant stalking him (he didn't make the final cut). The shovel escape scene after which the series was put on hold. Like I said, can't make any promises but I've really been thinking about getting the other episodes finished once I acquire a new camera in the future. The creative process is a really fun and worthwhile ride. A sincere thank you to anyone who is still interested in this little fan project. Ideally, this probably hopefully won't be the last you hear of it considering I had some surprises lined up but never got to show them off in their full LEGO glory. We'll see in time. And that's that, not much more to add really.
  8. I just thought of offering a direct reminder to own up to what he says in threads. Otherwise I'm afraid people won't ever take him seriously.
  9. You still haven't responded to questions and feedback in some places where you were pretty determined to talk about things. Still waiting for you to respond jeffnz.
  10. With great respect to differing viewpoints and gaming preferences, could you please elaborate on how a simple mobile game bringing thousands of people together, having fun in fresh air, and a widespread positive atmosphere around the subject, is actually anti-social? Everything about the game is aimed at it being social and people meeting each other and having fun together, making real life connections, moving around and a lot of other positive things like that. I would really like to see an explanation of your argument in more detail, specifically the statement that it is anti-social with facts to back up your claims, for the sake of further discussion on the topic at hand.
  11. The more you go on talking about your arguments and views the less sense you make I'm afraid. You seem to push bits of your opinions as arguments which have no relation to the real conversation you're trying to hold like "they were making a new Generals which had different sound effects" which I can't seem to figure out. Why is that relevant? Are you advocating a remake with identical sound effects and all that? It just sounds a bit off, a lot of it. You'd like another Generals game, but under a different IP, without political propaganda, but at the same time it's "another Generals" which had all of that but you'd prefer it doesn't while it keeps sounds and mechanics and voice effects, all while the recent NEW Generals "2" game got made and canceled... I'm having a hard time understanding your viewpoint now.
  12. Tropico 5 is a great game if you ignore the good parts of the old games that didn't make it in. Played quite a lot of it, most notably the sandbox and making my perfect island paradise country. Love the series. I played the original two back in the day too.
  13. Perhaps people missed posts where BHP stated they have shut down and switched APB Delta over to W3D Hub so it might help avoid further confusion to bump it up a bit and direct players to the site that hosts the games now. No harm done.