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  1. Why would you think anything needs to return? The site just got rehosted and the remaining staff took up the features Sonic left to them. The poll on the site has always been there and has never "left" so it can't "return", same with content that hasn't been discontinued. The roundtable happens whenever there is a need and sufficient motivation for it as far as I know. As for your C&C legos question... Zee was pretty clear that the series had concluded and that he was moving on to new non-C&C animation work. I'll assume you mean the return of any C&C inspired lego content in general.

    No doubt same with W3D Hub which was also working in the background to help out in any way we collectively could from over there. It's really nice to see everyone helping each other stay afloat!

    We'll reach the third decade online yet!
  4. Sonic, at the very least, everyone, no matter our differences and wishes for the site, would really like it if the vast content we have on the forum and site would stay up as a viewable archive (as a final option, if we can't do more). Just look at all the people who are pitching in to help.
  5. So what happens to the site / forum content? Decades of content. Just gone after a few days with no solid deadline to which we have time for making backups? This is a very abrupt turn of events. I'd hate to see everything lost just because of a sudden shutdown decision. More so for people who don't visit on a daily basis.
  6. At least they gave a heads-up to save content this time, unlike the official C&C forum shutdown which just got off'd without any notice or respect towards the players/fans, or an apology for that matter.
  7. G2A was a big name at last year's Reboot InfoGamer games show, which is interesting.
  8. I feel like some of you are acting as if you have something to prove to EA for some reason. What an odd fascination. It also drains you of a more positive outlook and kills your productivity in the hours prior, during and after the repeated bickering regarding it all "not being about the size of your game but how you use it". So best put away your d-- wounded ascension stories and get cracking on being more community and game driven rather than better-than-EA driven. I'm off to play JeffNZ's bomberman. I hear it has potent healing properties and is good for the soul.
  9. Yes the rubber-banding troubles were definitely all very troubling. Glad it's fixed now, devs worked hard on it.
  10. I've only watched the first episode though, but people say it's good.
  11. Enjoy your winter holidays everyone!
  12. To be honest I'm way more excited to see the latter part of this season of SW Rebels. But I like how Rogue One ties in to the Rebels animated series and even back to The Clone Wars series with things like one of the old side characters returning as one of the main cast in the movie. So that's something I'm interested in seeing play out. Though I prefer the clone war timeline primarily, so I'm not much of a Vader fan nor the post-Republic era, it's just another movie for me.
  13. Yes it's a bit of an online mess at the moment. I'll look into remedying the situation further with the dead-end links and all that.