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  1. I don't mind if someone is posting garbage out of Stormfront. I agree with Zee Hypnotist in this case - they can say whatever want to. As long as they don't violate anyones other liberties or use force against some groups, they may express themselves on such or other forum. I don't give a damn. The only reason why i've mentioned forum for white skinheads was to illustrate that some people from around the world share same view about Hess (and Hitler) like Jeff. I don't understand why anyone would perceive Hess as "hero"... Guy supported one of the most totalitarian systems ever conceived by a man. System, which excluded every other nationality except "germanic", which established - along with bolshevism - it's own instituion (SA, and later on SS) to build labour and death camps for eradication of political enemies and all the others, who were unworthy to live in "thousand year Reich"... I guess i also don't find anything wrong in it...
  2. I had to vote for Plokite and Stygs posts, because i am astonished that we have to discuss Nazi ideology here... Dear Jeff, First of all i would like to suggest You to familiarize with term General Plan East. I would like to remind You, that Nazis were "so kind", that they've planned to exterminate about 90% of my fellow countrymens. Ethnic Cleansing. Secondly, i'd like to remind You that Hitler in many speeches accused Jews for . I am just - literally - dying to see some pasted by Jeff texts from Stormfront.
  3. I don't even use that system so i couldn't care less.
  4. Oh, so Hitler hasn't had a supreme position in Reich? Also, after the Battle of England the popualirity of Churchill skyrocketed. I have no idea from were Your author gathers the information, but either from pinky or some bull****. This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Everywhere I went in London people admired [Churchill's] energy, his courage, his singleness of purpose. People said they didn't know what Britain would do without him. He was obviously respected. But no one felt he would be Prime Minister after the war. He was simply the right man in the right job at the right time. The time being the time of a desperate war with Britain's enemies. ~Ralph Ingersson, american reporter. Oh, the famous "Hess case". Who told you he was assasinated? He was 93 years old, and he hanged himself. Why would anyone assasinate a guy, who was a lunatic? Like anyone cared about fate of this madman. This guy. Very reliable. His mother never recognised "inmate no. 7" as Rudolph Hess. Son says, that his father didn't commited suicide... so that guy was his father or not? His mother better new her husband and she visited "inmate no. 7"- i guess - once. I wonder - what his son knew about him? Frankly, i think - nothing at all.
  5. Oh please, don't argue with this tinfoil hat guy... Actually, he was very popular after the fail of Chamberlain appeasement policy. Ever heard of "blood, sweat and tears"? Nope, it wasn't. Although, SeaLion (plan of attacking England) wasn't expected to be ever executed, Hitler and his generals assumed that Brits would break after bombarding civil areas. Surprisingly (to them), it united nation even more. What concerns USSR... The attack was planned long before 1941, and the only reason Hitler attacked Stalin in late June was the break of Pact of Steel with Yugoslavia, which decided to change sides. It postponed the invasion a month or two, which just happens was a decisive decision about fate of USSR. Also, Hitler had to attack Stalin, because Stalin was preparing his operation somewhere in 1942/43. So yeah, your book has nothing related to modern history research...
  6. I've always had an impression, that both "illogic" and "hypocrisy" goes along with themselves. Hypocrite just don't realize how incoherent his statements are.
  7. Says a guy, who on the one hand condemns US involvement in elections in most failing states in the world. On the other, justifying same actions from Russia.
  8. Why the hell you have to bring politics to this forum, huh?
  9. It's not like noone gives a damn about new Intel processor generation. Most people are just waiting for AMD's Ryzen CPU and how it will handle in official comparission tests to Broadwells line. If AMD CPU will be as good as French IT magazine shows, Intel will have a worthy rival just like back in the days between Pentium IV and Athlon XP.
  10. I don't see any point of this. Noone will try to blow this structure up, because everyone will suffer the effects. I understand what you wanted to achieve, but my guess is very small number of players would approach this map that way designed. Just think of it: for whom the destruction of this civilian power plant is beneficial?
  11. It's your opinion. I only use uBlock, WOT and Ghostery and what Safari provides for me is utterly sufficient.
  12. Safari. Used IE / Edge for some time, but since i bought MacBook i moved to Apple's internet browser.