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  1. This kinda makes me sad ;(
  2. Tiberium Chronicles
  3. Cool. Going to try it out right now.
  4. I think you can somehow use them as the Scrin in Kane's Wrath somehow, not excatly sure how though. Haven't played KW since 09. Maybe one of their superweapons.
  5. Ok ill get a black light.
  6. I have some speed stacker cups that glow in the dark (Green) and their not glowing anymore. Yes they are old. If I put them over a light (Blue specifically) they start to glow again but only momentairly. Anybody got some good ideas?
  7. Has anyone ever watched the Arfenhouse flashes? Let alone played the RPG games?
  8. Wow what a tease.
  9. I can't open that link (((
  10. Im pretty sure this is a glitch, unless you are getting this every time. Are you modding the game or using a certain patch/un-patched version of the game?
  11. This is one of my personal favorites.
  12. Personal prefrence, and it didn't help [kinda].
  13. I think Wolf is in on this.
  14. Can someone give me a list of all the orinigal Red Alert maps and where I can download them?
  15. So can't they just make Half Life 4 then?