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  1. The script checking what faction you are does not work as it doesn't check for the stealth general. This script also enables the victory, as the different factions have different victory anthems at the end. So without editing the scripting, it is impossible to win as the same general.
  2. After having polished the intro a bit (and the rest of the map since the last post) I encountered this error when using certain camera angles. There will be a disgusting spread of darkness on half the screen just like in the pictures provided, with the next angle being completely fine not having any of that junk. Anyone know a workaround for this? It really sucks to have it in the middle of my intro cinematic. Also off-topic question, there occurs a mismatch shortly after the nuclear missile silo is destroyed. When it is destroyed, the particle cannon becomes active for the US. I'm not sure if the guy playing US used it which caused a mismatch, but if anyone script-nerdy could check those things out then I'd appreciate it. Also you will see a folder under DRONE which is disabled, it seems like it somehow causes mismatches sometimes since after disabling that folder there doesn't appear to be as many mismatches as before. Thanks beforehand. glitchy black effect. <-- The only part of the intro where it occurs. next shot, completely fine. Map attached below. Operation Radioactive Snow.rar
  3. Hello hello, if anyone is still remaining in this dying community. I've decided to return and change some things with my old 2v2 scripted map, by not only adding a few new things but also implementing AI. The first difficulty I've encountered is that despite having assigned AIs some prebuilt buildings, the buildings always appear to be given to Neutral instead. This issue does not appear with players, however, for when there are 4 players they all start with their assigned buildings. This is the same for units, they are all neutral as well. The second difficulty I encountered was when adding a new structure, a TechReinforcementPad that gives the science "Sneak attack" to the owner. However if you capture this structure as USA or China then you will not be able to use this unless you have a GLA command center, is there a workaround for this? There's also the AnthraxFacility the GLA gets to use in their base that should give both GLA players the Anthrax bomb science, but since you always start as China I can't really test if this is working or not. I'm also open if anyone has any critique to the map in case of balancing issues, textures, scripts etc. Thanks for the help! Map attached below. Operation Radioactive Snow dev test3.rar
  4. I found out the answer by digging through a lot of posts. To assign buildings to an AI in a multiplayer setting you need to spawn the buildings on waypoints that are already assigned to the AI faction. Transferring them directly does not work as the buildings will be sold and ticking the unsellable option will not work. I decided to ditch the idea of giving a sneak attack to people who own the tower, it seems like there is no workaround for that.
  5. These are the conditions that need to be met to start the timer making the end cinematic. (Camera rotating, victory music). AIOpponent is the southern base that needs to be destroyed, AIOpponent2 being the northern base of the map. I think you simply missed a stealthed building. I don't see a reason why changing your general to the same would create problems.
  6. A better way to go about it is to make the nuclear plant already unstable and make it break on it's own, and add benefits to going closer to it pre-meltdown. Community is very dead, but there's still a few souls lurking about.
  7. The game should automatically filter out 0-8 player map in the ingame list order. Lowest at top to highest at the bottom.
  8. Just out of curiousity, does anyone know what the text says on the Prism Tower Blueprint? It's such low resolution, so I can't really read it. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/cnc/images/1/1a/Prism_tower.png/revision/latest?cb=20110329182245
  9. Haha, amazing! I'm gonna dig around a bit more to see if I can find the whole text. Update: I came across this researching document about ULR text, which talks about some sort of software that is able to recognize low resolution next and is 98-99% accurate most of the time. There's one problem though, I can't find this program, and I don't have the time reading through a hundred pages searching for some sort of link or name. If someone knows a little bit more on the subject, please share! Even though it's just filler text, I think it'd be funny to actually know what says on it. Mentioned Document: https://doc.rero.ch/record/10628/files/EinseleF.pdf
  10. Hello Guys, You probably don't know me, but I'm a Generals Zero Hour mapmaker that made pretty cool maps in my opinion. My old mapmaker friend and I lost contact after the SpyGames server shutdown. My friend and I were on our project, Operation Morning Strike. Sadly, I don't have any ways of contacting him. His ingame name was Nucks, if anyone is wondering. If you see him / know him, PLEASE! tell me about it. I need all the help I can get to find my dear friend Nucks. If I don't find him, I'll be very sad. I need the community's help to find him. If YOU don't know him, neither have seen him, ask some other people, make other threads on other websites, do anything!! I just wish to finally chat with him again... Any help is dearly appreciated... Thank you. #FindNucks
  11. Hello fellow generals! I've come across some problems while building my battlemap. 1. Skirmish AIs won't build, at all. (Perimiters and waypoints are already done!) 2. Bridge gets destroyed by dam wave even tho it's indestructable. Would upload the map but cncnz doesn't allow that kinda file. Hope someone answers my questions!
  12. open the script and uncheck the "deactive upon success" in left corner
  13. I think i found out! Find the barracks like Bigbad said, and type a number that isn't already used like this: "5 = ContructAmericaInfantryUNSoldier", look at http://www.deezire.net/showthread.php/4087-A-Beginners-Guide-to-Adding-New-Units post to find out more
  14. Hello, i'm really new to modding but maybe you can help me out. I was going to make the UN humvee buildable for america and almost worked except two things. When i open the war factory the humvee is there, but the slot is greyed out and the toolbartip and information about unit is gone and when i start WB it says "Unknown block ExperiemceValue" and if i remove it, it says unknown block to the next line, and the next line and keeps going. Thanks for help
  15. *** INTRO *** Have you ever wanted a zero hour mission that could be played multiplayer? Well, it's finally here! This is a 2vs2 map (us and china vs 2x gla), with cool intro and story. There isn't really an "objective" to do, just to destroy enemy's base. Download at bottom. *** STORY *** The story is next: Chinese are doing some nuclear tests high up in the mountains of Serbia. The problem are Albanians, which are living in those countries, and they do not like the chance of being blown up by some stupid Asians. They ambush China's nuclear convoy, capture radioactive substances and blows one of China's checkpoint on the highway. USA also has a base there, so China wont be alone in this fight. *** NOTE *** Host (1st player) has to be USA, 2nd China, 3rd and 4th must be GLA. Map contains: Already made bases for all players A lot of lakes Limited supplies. Hackers, Black Market and Supply Drop Zones are unavailable for building. FULL BALANCE (this means that map is tested and fully balanced, and there is no excuse for losing.) Some tech buildings, mainly outside of bases, so you will have to fight to keep them. Many trees. Abandoned old military airfield, which is available for capturing. A train. Cool intro. Fun gameplay. *** CREDITS *** Map design made by Nucks, scripting and a bit texturing by Zuzzlan. By downloading this map you agree to not copy and/or use this map for your use without giving us full credit, any copying will eventually lead us to ban you from our download. http://www.sendspace.com/file/j9k2wf
  16. Now, i've almost no clue about modding but i think you should give the barracks a commandbutton that makes you able to train the UN soldier
  17. Hello i am making a campaign and when i place china buildings they already have china mines in the pre-built list. How do i remove the mines and how do i add something to the list?
  18. Hello. I am making campaign maps and i have 2 questions. 1: How do i remove the black fog just like skirmish maps? 2: How do i change cameras starting point? Thanks for help.
  19. Solution1: Radar/Control/Enable the radar to force enable the radar and Map/Shroud or Reveal/Reveal the entire map permanently for a player Solution2: Set a waypoint and name it InitialCameraPosition
  20. Hi. When my POW trucks enters an area the win screen is supposed to show up but doesn't. The POW trucks are first enemy object and then turns into your trucks, is that what's causing it? Please help