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    I don't think this news needs any explanation.
  2. I wanted to write something to have my final goodbye and officially sign off as the webmaster, founder and lead administrator of So I decided to write an article addressing stuff such as the closure announcement, change of ownership and my final thoughts. It is short, to the point and hopefully it answers everyone's questions. You can read the entire article right here. And with that I'm done. As I wrote just under a month ago. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as webmaster of this site but now its time to step aside. Long live Command & Conquer! Long live!
  3. For quite a while, I've wanted to make a multiplayer event for forum members and followers of where we'd just chill and play some fun matches together without any competitive pressure unless agreed upon otherwise. And so, our first Game Night will take place on Saturday, 15 July, at 19:00 GMT, in Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge via CnCNet. Further information is available here. In other news, we have started our very own Discord server, which channels for both our regular news feed and discussions, and a channel intended for game nights, along with voice channels.

    Thankfully, is alive and well, and we can keep the site running, despite Sonic's departure. However, when the site was about to go offline a few days ago, many of our devoted followers offered their help. As such, I'd like to mention that one way you can help is by donating to help cover our server costs. Thankfully, the costs are fairly low, at about $210 per year. Thankfully, these costs aren't too high, but I do have to pay them out of pocket, and if you want to help, that would be great. If you'd like to donate, visit our donate page. Oh, and don't worry, this will be the only time I ask for money. I'm mostly doing this because some of you offered. Otherwise, you can support the site by joining us in our forums and helping to keep our community active. Thanks to everyone for their kind support, no matter how little. Even stopping by for a post or two means a lot to us.
  5. Our Throwback Thursday feature hits yet another milestone today - the 100th entry! This week, we remember the community summits from 2006 to 2013, when staff, among many other community leaders at the time, was invited to check out the then-upcoming C&C games, share their opinions and ideas directly with the developers, and ultimately have a good time with developers and other community members. There are still many pictures, videos and reports from these events on our Other Specials page, as well as the inactive but online Planet C&C. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  6. The Service Depot, our section of Technical Support & Help Guides, has been expanded! With the tendency of newer operating systems to break older games and the ever-rising need for manual workarounds, we now offer guides to install every Command & Conquer game for the PC, from the venerable Command & Conquer for the DOS to C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight, across different releases where applicable (retail, The First Decade, Steam, Origin...), as well as full guides for The First Decade and The Ultimate Collection. But that's not all: we've also included guides on how to run mods for Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 for those trying them out for the first time (or just need a refresher), as well as how to install DirectX 9.0c and bypass the blocking of the SafeDisc driver. If you think the guides are insufficiently explained, or if you've found a more efficient way of getting the games to run, send a message to Plokite_Wolf or Zee Hypnotist. It's time to play the game(s), commanders, and now you have the means of doing so!
  7. Sonic, the founder and lead webmaster of this site, has chosen to step down. Rather than let the site disappear into the abyss, he has generously allowed me to maintain the website. What does this mean? I, Zee Hypnotist, have returned to Sort of. I am here mostly in spirit and to ensure that CNCNZ stays alive in one way or another. Plokite_Wolf and Nmenth will remain as the admins who actually keep the site running, while I support them in any way I can. Rest assured, you do not need to worry about archiving everything just yet, we will ensure that CNCNZ remains online, though there may be a temporary period of disruption while we transfer everything to (yet another) server host. And to Sonic, we, the community, thank you for your 19 years of keeping this site alive. Should you ever wish to return, your legacy will always remain. Long live CNCNZ!
  8. After a lot of thought I've decided the time has come for to be retired. The Command & Conquer franchise appears to be dead and buried. EA are simply sitting on it, with no news of any plans for the future of the franchise. The bleak C&C future is not the only factor in my decision to close down the site. In past couple months many changes have taken place in my real life. These changes mean I can no longer devote time to keeping the site going. I've lost the passion and motivation to continue. Other factors are the financial costs. We have to pay for hosting. This money comes from my own personal bank account. Living expenses have increased for me in last month or so and that means something has to go. I have achieved many great things in my 19 years as the webmaster and founder of When I started it all way back in 1997, I never imagined it lasting this long. I take pride that we managed to get to this point. I have made many friends and contacts over the years. Been rewarded with lots free merchandise, received trips to EA in Los Angeles. We have sent staff members to Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, others have been to Germany for C&C related events. Where ever C&C has been, has been there along side it. I will be closing the hosting account in the next couple of days. I don't know how the long the site will remain online for. So if there is anything you want to save now is the time. Its been a great run, I'm sad that it is ending. is and always will be a part of me. I want to personally thank all the current and past staff members who have contributed over the many years we have been online. As the saying goes. "All good things... must come to end". It has been an honor and privilege to serve as webmaster of the this site but now its time to retire. Goodbye to you all. Goodbye to October 1997 - ????
  9. reaches its 20th year online covering C&C games and the community. More details will be announced as the day gets closer.
  10. As originally posted on Friday, we said there would be some downtime to get ready for some planned software upgrades on the main site and forums that are currently in the early planning stages. This maintenance has been completed. Work begins later this week on testing things for our new forums.
  11. After some discussion with our hosts today and in preparation for some planned software upgrades on the main site and forums there will be some downtime this Monday the 13th of February from 4PM New Zealand time. The downtime will take place in these time zones. New Zealand / Monday, 13 February 2017 at 4PM.NZDT UTC+13 hours USA - California / Sunday, 12 February 2017 at 7PM PST UTC-8 hours USA - New York / Sunday, 12 February 2017 at 10PM. EST UTC-5 hours England / Monday 13 February 2017 at 3AM. GMT UTC Germany / Monday, 13 February 2017 at 4AM. CET UTC+1 hour During this down time, the main site and forums will be migrated to a newer server. Not exactly sure how long the outage will be though. Another update will be made when the maintenance has been completed. As stated above, this all part of the planned and much needed forum upgrades. Sometime in the next month you can expect brand new forums right here at
  12. Are you still a passionate Command & Conquer fan? Do you have faith in the franchise? If that is you, its the sort of person we need on our team right here at It takes a lot of time and dedication to keep the wheels turning around here. So we are searching for the right people to join our team. The following positions are currently open. The requirements are flexible. News Team: People on our News Team will be required to search the C&C community and various other sources for C&C news, modding news and community news. Follow our pre-designed templates Correct spelling and grammar Professionally presented news updates Someone to cover the C&C online tournament scene would be a bonus Articles Team: People who would be interested should obviously enjoy writing, and be a C&C fan, of course. You will be asked to write articles covering a wide range of subjects, looking at the issues in our community, modding tutorials, discussing strategies and guides for improving a players C&C online skills and more. As an article writer, you will be in charge of coming up with fresh ideas for new articles that you think other C&C fans would be interested in reading. Have a look back through our past articles to see what former contributors have come up with. Follow our pre-designed template Correct spelling and grammar No HTML necessary, has a powerful backend with built in editing tools. If you can post on a forum you can create content for our site. Professionally presented articles Video Production: Someone who is skilled with video production, recording and editing is required to produced a small weekly wrap up show for our YouTube channel. I can't discussed the specifics here but if you think you can help us with this ambitious project contact me as soon as possible. PHP Scripting: We need someone who understands PHP and how to write new scripts for the site. The finer details will be discussed with those who express interest. Anyone interested in joining the team for any of these positions can simply post a reply in this news thread and we will take it from there. If you would prefer, you can send me a quick a private message. Include any questions you may have.
  13. Here in New Zealand its the 1st of January, its 2017, its time for a fresh start. That's how we see things here at We can look back on 2016 as very disappointing year in C&C Community. Another year in which EA stay silent about the franchise's future. Sure we had some rumours, but they were far fetched at best. We have tried to keep things happening around here but it has been difficult in recent months. As life changes so does our site. We like to keep our regular features like Throwback Thursday and Music Monday rolling out each week but we have skipped the odd one here and there. There are no plans to retire these features though, we are strategizing behind the scenes to make sure these get done in a timely fashion. We are also discussing ideas for new features and new content. Like I always do each New Year, a quick list of credits to thank those who have helped with in the past year. Big thanks to Plokite_Wolf, who rejoined our team during the year. He took over Throwback Thursday and kept the news updates flowing. The rest of the Staff, our supporters, loyal visitors and forum members, as well as our friends from around the community who have contributed content and information for the site and forums throughout the year. Another year of excellent support from our hosts, MyHost New Zealand. So it's a Happy New Year from! Welcome to 2017!
  14. It is hard to believe, but Christmas has come around once again. And as we always do, we make a quick Christmas Eve post to sign off for the well deserved break. On behalf of the team here at we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Special thanks to all of our community friends, the loyal visitors who still come here looking for C&C news. We can't forget about out forum members for their continued support either. Have a great Christmas Day, and we'll see you on the other side. Please feel free to leave your own Christmas greetings and wishes in this news thread.
  15. Another year has gone by so that means we have reached 19 years online covering Command & Conquer games and the community. Its clear things aren't as fast pace as the old days but people still do visit the site, they follow us on the likes Twitter and Facebook and our forums see peeks of activity as well. But through all of this, EA remains silent on the official side of things. No news from them about the future of the Command & Conquer franchise. There is nothing big planned for our 19th anniversary other than recognising the achievement, maybe some bigger plans will be made when we reach the 20th anniversary this time in 2017., October 1997 to October 2016.... 19 years and counting!
  16. Found something elsewhere in the Command & Conquer Community you think we should report? It could be something about your site, your modding related project or another Command & Conquer community related announcement. Its very easy to contact the news team, you can do this by filling out the form on our Send us a News Tip page, via a private message on our forums (registered users only). A good old fashioned e-mail works just as well too. When its appropriate, we’ll credit you for providing us with the story. Whether there’s breaking news, or we’ve simply missed something, send your news tips our way!
  17. Social media is a big thing these days, and for the past few years, has been slowly building a presence on the popular social networking sites. We share all our news on these sites. When something is posted or updated on our social network followers are the first to find out. So if you haven't already you should start following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our YouTube channel. But it doesn't end there. You can share anything on on your own favourite social networking sites. All around our man site and forums, you will find the appropriate buttons. And did you know you can also sign into our forums using your Facebook or Twitter account. As you can see, social media has become an important and powerful tool, and has embraced it. So don't forget to check us out on on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.
  18. Social media is a big thing these days, and for the past few years, has been slowly building a presence on the popular social networking sites. We share all our news on these sites. When something is posted or updated on our social network followers are the first to find out. So if you haven't already you should start following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. But it doesn't end there. You can share anything on on your own favourite social networking sites. All around our man site and forums, you will find the appropriate buttons. And did you know you can also sign into our forums using your Facebook or Twitter account. As you can see, social media has become an important and powerful tool, and has embraced it. So don't forget to check us out on on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  19. This topic will be listing the current issues with the site and/or forums, problems that are being worked on and efforts we have taken to solve them. [RESOLVED] 08/12/2015 - Forums Can't Send E-Mails This has now been fixed. All e-mail notifications should now be working. New users registering should also receive the validation e-mail. ---- Original Issue ---- The forums can't send notifications e-mails or e-mails to verify new members or changes to your account. This is currently being investigated. [RESOLVED] 08/12/2015 - Problems When Editing Topic's Title from Full Editor This issue has now been fixed. ---- Original Issue ---- There are currently configuration problems on our server that is effecting our forums. At times you may have problems when editing a topic's title when using the Full Editor (not the Quick Editor). This is currently being investigated. [NEW] 17/09/2015 - Broken Navigation Menu on iPads/Tablets We have discovered that the main navigation menu doesn't work or display correctly when browsing the site on on iPad or tablet PC. This is currently being investigated. [RESOLVED] 16/04/2015 - Forum Links Redirecting from Search Engine/Social Network Links This issue has been resolved. More details. ---- Original Issue ---- For the last few weeks we have been battling a problem were links from search engines or social networking sites to our forums get redirected to some spam rubbish spam site. The problem very random and doesn't happen to everyone. If it does happen to you please close the browser window immediately, you can safely click the same link and it won't bother you again, but it can happen again the next day or after a 12 hour period of time has passed (I think). Other than you seeing happen it does not comprise your forum account here or your computer. I have been actively trying to find ways to remove this but it keeps coming back. Normally such issues are not discussed publicly but I felt it was important to inform you all of this problem. It is the nasty work of the internet spammers out there, it is not us attempting to gain gain easy money by flooding the site with advertising. We hate it as much as you probably do. It should also be noted this problem only happens on the forums. Not our main site. [RESOLVED] 12/06/2015 - Slow Loading on the site and Forums at Times Since we have moved to some new hosting this should no longer be a problem. Considered fixed. ---- Original Issue ---- This one is hard to solve but I'm exploring some options. At random times you may experience slow loading of the site and forums. It is mostly due to high traffic on our server. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about this at this time other than to endure it. Like you I find it hard to work with but it out of my hands for the foreseeable future.
  20. So here we are in 2016. We can look back on 2015 in the Command & Conquer community as year of transition from all directions. We still got nothing from EA about the future of the franchise so no real change there. But we did see many significant mod releases, Renegade modding teams splitting and forging their own paths. Lots of cool fan created media. There was a resurgence in the people playing the classic Command & Conquer games online thanks to the outstanding efforts of CnCNet. And of course for the more modern Command & Conquer games, player numbers are healthy on C&C:Online. And for us here at it was a year of important changes to secure the future of the site moving forward. Through the first six months of 2015 we battled on going issues with our hosting and server performance. These problems forced a change of hosting. And this saw successfully return home to New Zealand shores in June. Now we move onto 2016, what does this year have in-store for us as Command & Conquer fans? Will EA break their silence and finally resurrect Command & Conquer? All we can do is wait and see. Time for a quick list of credits and special mentions to all who keep ticking. The Staff, supporters, visitors and members on our forums, as well as our friends from around the community who have contributed content and information for the site and forums throughout the year. Our excellent hosts, MyHost New Zealand, especially when I screwed things up early in December. So it's a Happy New Year from! Welcome to 2016!
  21. Our GAMES content on is expanding with new sections for C&C mods and C&C indie games like Renegade X, Red Alert: A Path Beyond from Bluehell Productions, Tiberian Sun Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising from W3D Hub. These new sections have just been added, with plans for more expansion on the them soon. We will also look into adding sections for some of the bigger mods for the RTS C&C games. But one step at a time. For now, hit up the GAMES section and scroll down to "Mods & Indie Games" to see the new pages. Or use the quick navigation menu on the main site.
  22. Today, the 27th of October 2015 sees us reach the 18 year milestone. Yes, has been online, in one form or another, for 18 years covering Command & Conquer games and the community. If you like big numbers how about looking at it this way, 6,574 days, 157,776 hours, 9,466,560 minutes, 567,993,600 seconds or 939 weeks. Either way, it all adds up to 18 years and that's the only number that counts. While things have been somewhat slower in the past year or so with no official news from EA about the Command & Conquer franchise, my commitment remains strong to keep alive. Work has been done on the backend and behind the scenes aspects of the the whole site to ensure its future is stable is moving forward, plus we have invested in solid paid web-hosting earlier this year. So the plan is to reach the monumental milestone of 20 years, after that? Well that I can't answer. People still do visit our site on a daily basis and for that I'm very grateful. We are proud of the fact that many fans still come to us for the latest happenings in the Command & Conquer community, even if news has dropped off a bit in recent times., October 1997 to October 2015.... 18 years and still going strong!
  23. I've made some minor revisions and changes to the main site logo as well as the banner at the top of the forums. The changes are very subtle, but I feel they make the text look a bit sharper and jump out a bit more than the previous design. You will notice the green cursor has been dropped. If you don't see the new images hit Ctrl+F5 to reload the page and the newer images will appear. A short story as to why the green cursor image has been removed. I was getting bored with it. CnCNet use something similar. I did test variations of making silhouette version of the Mammoth Mk2 image to use in its place but it became unrecognisable when it reduced in size to fit the designs on the main site and forums. So I felt it better to just improve ever so slightly of what already was in place. I'll also be updating the Facebook, Twitter, Favicons soon as well.
  24. Once again Christmas has arrived for another year. So its time for the traditional Christmas eve update here on In our Christmas image for this year there is a collection of C&C units under the tree. Hopefully you have something special waiting for you under your tree on Christmas morning. On behalf of the team here at we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! We also thank all of our community friends, loyal visitors and forum members for their continued support all through 2015. Have a great Christmas Day! Please feel free to leave your own Christmas greetings and wishes in this news thread.
  25. After being down for the past 3 days, is back online. And for the first time since the very early origins of our history, has returned home. And by that I mean our site is now located back on New Zealand soil. We are now based on a server that is situated in Auckland, New Zealand. We made this move after suffering from speed and loading issues on our previous hosting. After much thought I simply felt we needed a change for the benefit of moving forward. We had a long and successful association with Freedom Studios (originally) and then Revora for many years and I wish to publicly thank them for everything they did. We now move on to a new chapter in our history. Our new "paid" hosting is with MyHost New Zealand, who have been nothing short of fantastic so far. So if you need some reliable web hosting at prices that won't break the bank talk to them. Everything has survived the server move. No data has been lost. Our forums are back online of course. I will still be checking to see if anything around the site is broken. If you spot something not working please let us know.