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  1. W3D Hub has released version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This is the first major version since the first Delta release, with quite a lot of changes. The most important ones are the availability of Soviet Airfields and Yaks, Thieves being able to steal 33% of ore from ore silos on any map, Radar Domes having a special terminal for airlifting basic vehicles when the War Factory goes down, Redeye/Strela weapons no longer having homing characteristics, Grenadiers no longer having an "artillery form", and lots of balance changes, tweaks and aesthetic improvements. Check out the full changelog here and if you haven't done so already, get the W3D Hub Launcher from here.
  2. Some great promotion for the team at W3D Hub. They have been featured in a large article on Kotaku UK. Despite a few inaccuracies that are mentioned in the article, it's great to the Command & Conquer name on a major gaming publication. The article talks about the history of C&C Renegade and W3D Hub's current projects. Here's a sample. You can read the full article on Kotaku UK for more. Also check out the post on the W3D Hub forums.
  3. Earlier today the W3D Hub team released version 0.7.2 of the W3D Hub Launcher. Featuring many under the hood improvements to the server listings to make them more reliable. The W3D Hub Launcher is your way to play the likes of Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Tiberian Sun: Reborn. Visit the W3D Hub site now to get the updated launcher.
  4. W3D Hub have posted the list of changes, fixes and upgrades that are coming in the next major release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The list is rather detailed. No date has been mentioned that tell us when this release will be made available. But it can't be too far away. The original post can be found here.
  5. W3D Hub has released updates on Red Alert: A Path Beyond and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. The APB update concerns the changelog for patch, which fixes the netcode, adds zoom cameras for Tesla Tanks and Phase Tanks, enables Tesla Tanks to reveal Phase Tanks within 75 m, and slightly rebalances the game, among other tweaks. Updating to this version is necessary if you are to participate in tonight's APB Game Night at 7 PM GMT. The AR one shows off two Allied and one Soviet infantry unit, and shows how far the graphics department got.
  6. The W3D Hub team have announced two more Red Alert: A Path Beyond Game Nights taking place over the next couple weeks. The first one has been scheduled for this Friday the 24th of March. The second one is set for Saturday, the 1st of April. Yes that will be happening on Aprils Fools Day. At the time of posting this news no start times have been mentioned yet. More details can be found here.
  7. Just playing catch up with this news. Early last week the W3D Hub team released another updated version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Some of the general changes can be seen below. But there are many other bug fixes and changes concerning the infantry, vehicles, buildings, maps and more. AI-controlled Allied/Soviet bots and defenses now earn points for their team when they damage or kill things, so they will no longer put close games in jeopardy when they steal your kills. AI-controlled combat units now use moonsense715's refined AI, which will attempt to strafe in combat, and not get too close to its target (except melee ants). Hitbeeps have been disabled entirely since CJ is no longer around to fix the issues with them (most notably, the "60 hitbeeps per second if you cause a damage-over-time effect" one). Hitmarkers are still there though. Follow this link for the full list of changes in this version. You can update the game via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  8. Just a few days ago, W3D Hub made version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond available for download. This all important update fixes the recent "rubber-banding" troubles that have been so troubling. There are other fixes and changes also included, as detailed below. GENERAL NetUpdateRate is now set correctly, this should annihilate your rubberbanding problems! Being scoped in when the map ends no longer causes you to stay scoped on the next map. Added engine.cfg override for monitor refresh rate. Added armour bar to HUD target box for any unit that has armour. This should reduce the confusion about inconsistencies in weapon damage. INFANTRY Infantry armour is now more effective against "weak" explosive splash damage, reducing health damage by 62.5% instead of 50%, and the armour itself is completely immune to this damage. Effectiveness of "strong" explosives (artillery, V2, C4 and hand grenades) is unchanged.VEHICLES Light Tank, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank, Mammoth Tank can no longer carry passengers.BUILDINGS Purchase terminal zones now have physical collision, so it is no longer possible to get so close to them that you are unable to use them. Fixed shape of Construction Yard roof VIS sector, should prevent some oddities when camera is over the "arch". Construction Yard second floor has grates beneath the PCTs, so even if the PT zones fail, you should not fall through them when buying stuff. Added blocker behind MCV in non-tunnel version of Construction Yard basement, so it is no longer possible to get stuck behind it. Sub Pen now has mesh fences on the ends of the piers, making it harder for Allied infantry to disembark directly into the pen (but still possible) and harder to fall into the water while trying to defend against navy as an RPG/Volkov. Naval Yard now uses the same mesh fencing as the Sub Pen. Collision plane on Allied Barracks basement stairway now properly connects to the lower floor; this means that infantry descending the stairs will no longer "fall" and get accuracy penalties as a result. AESTHETICS Added Kaskins' Imperial Age bullet tracers with his permission, to replace the outdated and broken emitter-based tracers. Weather particles no longer fall through water; this also allows us to add weather back to naval maps that previously had it at some point. MAPS RA_HostileWaters: Added light snowfall. Fixed water brightness. Water now fades at shorelines. RA_Siege: Fixed water brightness. EVA now reminds you about the cannon side objective every so often. Cannons now repair at half the previous rate and take 25% more damage from Hinds. Cannons now use the same radar marker as base defenses. Added collision planes to the landing pads, so ground vehicles should not get stuck on them and infantry walking onto them should not "fall". Fixed a bad texture blend on the hills behind Soviet base. RA_Under: Added snowfall. Parts of the Soviet Radar Dome are no longer untargetable. You can update to the latest version using the W3D Hub Launcher.
  9. There's been a lot of news in the Command & Conquer community to cover, so here's a quick overview of what's going on: CnCNet has reached a new milestone, with over 720 players connected at the same time Techraptor has posted an article giving a nice retrospective view on the Red Alert games The Tiberian Dawn Redux mod for Zero Hour has received patch 1.43, with eight new missions and some edited ones, as well as balancing and bugfixes Twisted Insurrection received two hotfix patches following its latest major release, 0.61 and 0.62 W3D Hub published a new update on Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, showing off the Ore Purifier, the Tank Destroyer and Tanya's Sig Sauer pistol. Check out more news in our C&C Community News forum. If you have any community news of your own you want to share, feel free to send us a news tip.
  10. After the recent release of patch, W3D Hub is hosting a game night in Red Alert: A Path Beyond on Saturday, November 19th at 21:00 GMT. They will activate a special event rank module which will only record the stats from the game night. Everyone is welcome to join, and this is your chance to play on a populated server!
  11. Another minor patch has been released for Red Alert: A Path Beyond by W3D Hub. The radio command spam has been fixed, Tesla weapons are slightly nerfed against infantry, scanning for Phase Tanks and gapped units can no longer be made through mousing through another targetable object, RA_CanyonRiver has been revived, and some other balance changes and minor fixes were added. You can update to the latest version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  12. A minor patch has been released for Red Alert: A Path Beyond by W3D Hub. The changes focus on polishing up the balance, particularly regarding naval units, graphical and camera tweaks, sounds and map pathing. A new camera is available for the Mobile AA Gun as well. You can update to the latest version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  13. Three days ago, W3D Hub released the October 2016 Update on Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. Quite a few additions have been introduced in since the last update in June: bots in multiplayer mode including basic infantry and even functional Engineers; fully skinned Attack Dogs, and Spies with the ability to disguise as a friendly or enemy infatnry unit (shown above). They have also listed some job openings, so be sure to check that out as well. You can read the full update here.
  14. W3D Hub has rolled out version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This update fixes some crashes, resolves some balancing and economy issues, touches up maps, revives RA_Antlion and RA_ToTheCore, reworks the Gunboats' depth charges and more. You can read the full changelog here. Start the W3D Hub Launcher now to update to the latest version of the game.
  15. Looks like the W3D Hub team are doing some research. They want to find out what kind of soldier you are, what vehicles do you like to drive, or what are your most used units in Red Alert: A Path Beyond overall? So head over to this topic on the W3D Hub Forums to vote and discuss.
  16. The team at W3D Hub have some new updates about the progress made with Tiberian Sun: Reborn. With the addition of a new member to their talented team, early previews of the GDI EMP Cannon and GDI Radar can be seen. There are new and modified Purchase Terminals for both GDI and Nod. This is part of the visual overhaul for 2.0. And to finish things off, a work in progress look at the Nod Tech Centre. This building provides access to Nod's higher-tier units such as the Cyborg Commando, making this a vital structure on full-arsenal maps. Check out the full update right here.
  17. The team at W3D Hub is hosting a Red Alert: A Path Beyond game night this Saturday the 2nd of July to commemorate the recently released stats system. Join the W3D hub team and other Red Alert: A Path Beyond players at 8PM GMT/9PM BST, jump into the server and earn your place on the official leader boards. Climb to the top ranks and secure your position. More details can be found here.
  18. W3D Hub have announced something that has been the works for a long time. The team have been collecting game data and working hard behind the scenes in the past few months and they are pleased to present the Official Statistics and Ranking System for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This ranking system is rather detailed. For instance, you can see how you rank up against everyone else and if you climbed or dropped a rank, see your total score and k/d ratio, how many games you have won as either Allied or Soviet, and how many times you have earned the MVP spot. You can even see when someone last played or is online now. Another cool feature is the forum signature image. Display your stats on your favourite forums, such as the Forums. There is more, you can find out about everything this new ranking system has to offer right here. Once your done its time to jump into the game and start ranking up.
  19. Another important update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been made available by W3D Hub. Version includes damage modifications, balance changes, map improvements, and new Mammoth Tank variants. You can read through the full change log right here. Start the W3D Hub Launcher now to update to the latest version of the game.
  20. The June development update for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising has been posted at W3D Hub. This update features previews of Boris, the elite commando, and Hero of the Soviet Union. A look at the new and improved MiG. And Boris' Laser Pointer, for calling in air strikes. You can also check out a video of the air strikes to see how they work in the game. Follow this link for the full update.
  21. A new update about the Battle for Dune: War of Assassins mod for C&C Renegade has been posted at W3D Hub. This update discusses the move to Scripts 5.0 which will add all sorts of improvements and graphical features. Looks like all of the maps are currently being revamped to add more detail to the landscape. There is also a preview of a new map called "Lima Outpost". And more! Click here for the full update.
  22. W3D Hub have posted a re-cut version of the first Delta trailer for Red Alert: A Path Beyond that was original posted back in January of this year. This edited version of the trailer is shorter and shows off all of the explosive action. Visit W3D Hub now and download the Launcher so you can experience Red Alert: A Path Beyond for yourself.
  23. Another update for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been made available by the team at W3D Hub. Version included many changes and fixes for damage, infantry, vehicles, buildings, visual aesthetics, performance and finally plenty of balanced changes to the maps. The full change log can be found here. You can update to the latest version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  24. The "Delta" release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond has arrived and its available for download now via the W3D Hub Launcher. This new "Delta" release of the game promises to be the best version of it to date. Here's a a quick summary of what has changed from the previous "Gamma" release. Naval combat has been reintroduced Snipers reintroduced Tech Level determined at the start of the round Tech Level unit structure reworked Sprinting has been added, which is done by holding [shift] Regeneration has been added; Infantry will recover to 75% of their health, armour remains depleted. Aiming penalties factor in; Standing, running, crouching and jumping will affect your accuracy. Team info/base info popups bound to B and M Updated models for several infantry and vehicles Updated textures for infantry, vehicles, and buildings Jukebox feature added Substantial performance improvements Maps have been vastly revamped and improved More information about the "Delta" release can be found here. Visit W3D Hub now and download the launcher to get the "Delta" release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond.
  25. A new update about the Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising mod has been posted at W3D Hub. This April update covers a range of topics such as a preview of the new RA2 Frostbite Isle map, based on the C&C Under Renegade map. Some detailed looks a the Allied Mirage Tank and Soviet Tesla Tank (pictured above). Plus the team is looking for some artists to help with modelling and texturing civilian buildings and props, making nature assets and more. Click here for the full update.