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More Mental Omega APYR Mod Maps

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dbjs2009    25

The developers of the Mental Omega APYR mod have just revealed two new maps. The first map is called Hi-way, No-way which is a 2-8 player map, while the second one is Yelcraz Lagoon, a 2-3 player map. Check them out below.



You can always find more Mental Omega APYR screenshots right here.

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    • By Plokite_Wolf

      Patch 3.3.2 for the Mental Omega APYR mod has been released. Along with balance changes and bug fixes, this patch implements Ares DLL version 0.Dp1, some new unit artwork, new Act Two and co-op missions, the Tech Reinforcement Pad, the Chronoboost support power for all Allied subfactions, briefings for many existing Act Two and co-op missions, new skirmish/multiplayer options, new challenges and more. The full changelog is available here. You can update your installation through the 3.3 client, or by using this manual update (requires 3.3.0 or 3.3.1 to be already installed).
    • By Egozi44

      Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang Patch 1.04 Open Beta

      Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04 open beta start today!

      Kane's Wrath Unofficial big bang Patch 1.04
      is actually a mod that run with biber's and asuka's mod lancher,
      it started with the aim of just balance changes and bug fixes, make stuff that people rarely used to be more noticeable, useful, and add more options for team play like RA3 and BFME had,
      But since a lot of people requested from me to add a few stuff that in their opinions were supposed to be in the original KW I end up adding some new stuff (but I have red line and didn't added ton of useless stuff to the mixer as the mod don't aim to add too many new units to the point the factions will be unbalance and the units will be useless)
      So this "Unofficial Patch" eventually became big bang patch that rather from just focusing on balance and bug fixes also add new stuff in order to make the more than half decade KW feel more refreshing, I had many ideas how to add new stuff to game's gameplay, some worked and some didn't (and been removed)
      This is project that is up on moddb for around two years and half by now and is still in work,
      One of the main ideas of this project was to work with the community in order to create the mod for the community, however as I mentioned before the mod have red lines,
      This project can be changed by your commits However I can't promise that I change anything you want, Please note that this mod also try to make things balances while also try to add uniqueness,
      Uniqueness + balance in RTS is really hard to achieve but if they were added in the right way they can keep the most import ingredient in bay: the "Fun".
      General list of what been changed so far:
      *More bug fixed

      *New units

      *New features (More Upgrades/Abilities/Special Powers)

      *Some game changes
      *More features for team work

      *Improved Balance (many things like support powers, units, abilities, upgrades, are more useful)

      *Improved map pack (Optional)

      *Economic system moved back to how it was in ver 1.00
      You can see more info about the project here:
      Or here


      You can download the mod from here
    • By Chappi
      Hello guys!
      I've made a small but fun mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour.
      It modifies the behaviour of the neutron missile in following ways.
      -Overall radius is bigger and the damage dealt is higher.
      -Creates EMP blast which turns off buildings and units for a certain amount of time.
      -Creates neutron blast which kills pilots of vehicles in a radius smaller than the EMP pulse.
      -Creates MOAB like shockwave that pushes units and building debris around Shockwave mod style.
      -Shockwave/Contra styled delayed explosion.
      -The countdown is raised from 6 minutes to 10.
      You really should use this mod alongside a shrubbery fix mod so you will be able to observe how the nuke ignites trees.
      Will probably break things if you try using it with other mods, but it's inside it's own .big file so you don't have to worry about breaking anything if you install/remove it.
      The installation instructions are inside the .zip.


    • By Dom
      Back in the old days when I played RA2 online, every now and again I would come across these special maps that spawned crates in a specific manner. It seemed that for every crate that was grabbed, two more spawned in its place. Some maps even included hidden cameos to appear at random when crates were taken.
      I've been trying to find these crazy maps but haven't had any luck. Google doesn't seem to be very helpful in finding these maps as I have tried a number of reputable sources, all which gave me everything except for what I've been seeking. It's kind of frustrating actually.
      So I have a few questions:
      1. Do these maps have a certain name or game type that would help me in find them in search engines?
      2. I know how to use Final Alert 2. Do I need any other special tools or knowledge in order to build maps of my own that resemble these masterpieces?
      3. Does anyone know where I can find these maps if they still exist?
      Thanks for the help!
    • By Jamie Brown
      Hi guys, I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I honestly have tried many searches to find this out. I hope this forum is still used as this is where 90% of my information comes from.
      I am only using tibed just now and would like to continue with that if possible.
      I have made a mod starting with the Air Force General as its base. I have pulled over the upgrades from the other generals but I am having trouble with a few of them and it seems to be the general specific ones which are causing the problem.
      I have command buttons in my Scud Storm for most of the GLA upgrades (a few are elsewhere as they did not all fit in) and I can purchase them. The anthrax gamma, quad cannon and Chem AP bullet upgrades are there and they are lit up like all the rest but I cannot purchase them, when I click it it just remains lit and the upgrade does not queue.
      I have had no problems with the China upgrades.
      Any advice would be appreciated.