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Community BattleCast Primetime - Episode #23

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Sonic    287

A new episode of Community BattleCast PrimeTime has arrived. Episode 23 is a special edition that includes lots of GamesCOM coverage, as well as your regular mods, awesome fan art, a special BattleCasts 3, and an exclusive interview. Watch the latest episode below.



Click here to subscribe to Community BattleCast PrimeTime's channel to stay informed of new episodes. Past episodes can also be found

. You can also visit the Community BattleCast PrimeTime site.

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Sonic    287

Can't say I'm a fan of the format changes in this episode (and the previous episode). Like how the actual content is reduced to a smaller viewable area surrounded by the graphics. Perhaps it would be better it zoomed in and out when moving between the 4 main sections of News, Mods, Battlecasts and Fan Art.

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      It has been awhile, but Community BattleCast PrimeTime has returned with a fresh new episode. This episode, which is number 28, includes the usual news round-up, mods, some excellent fan art, and the always popular BattleCasts. There also an interesting interview with some former Westwood Studios developers. So you should check it our for that. Watch the new episode above. Click here to subscribe to Community BattleCast PrimeTime's channel to stay informed of new episodes. Past episodes can also be found
      . You can also visit the Community BattleCast PrimeTime site.
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