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The OpenRA team have released a brand new playtest version of their Command & Conquer remake mod. This release includes a collection of balance and map changes for the official mods that have been discussed and debated on the OpenRA forums at great length, plus several notable new features as listed below.

  • HiDPI font rendering for players with high resolution displays.
  • Fixes for several multiplayer bugs that could stall or crash games when a player disconnects.
  • The Red Alert “shell map” background is now muted.
  • New behaviour for the Red Alert Gap Generator and Tiberian Dawn Obelisk.
  • Fixes for asset installation on 32 bit operating systems and from the original RA95 CDs.

Check out the full changelog for all the updates in this release. Visit the OpenRA site for the download.

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      The modding scene in the C&C community stretches far and wide, there are many mods out there and it can be difficult to cover them all. But every now and then something unique comes along that stands out above the rest. Introducing Nomad Galaxy. A space mod built on the OpenRA engine, the project has two goals in mind, the first is to create a game that has not been seen in OpenRA before, and second, to create a game that is independent from any franchise. The gameplay itself is a merge between Homeworld and Command and Conquer, your bases are now fleets which are no longer static, the buildings have been replaced with civilian ships that cover the basic needs of a fleet, like sensors, resourcing, production and tech, and you also have military ships that you have to use to defeat your opponent, these ships come on four sizes, similar to Homeworld (Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital ships). The game offers a simple rock paper scissors logic that has been always seen in these kinds of games. The maps themselves don’t have any barriers, but they are meant to be filled with anomalies or hazards, whether it’s asteroid traffic, nebulae, planets, unstable objects, it’s the player who must know where to place their forces to make sure he gets the maximum advantage from the environment. Nomad Galaxy is currently a work in progress but could be something to keep an eye on if you like Sci-Fi themed games.
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      All replays for the league are uploaded to Jazz_KCS' file server. File server status thread. The tables are updated shortly after the end of each round.

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      All inquiries and official league business are conducted through, currently mananged by Jazz_KCS and SoScared.

      X-posted from:

      The RAGL has grown significantly since, with full divisions and over $800 worth of prize money for Season 2 alone. This season represents OpenRA's most dedicated players, scaled in skill level across 4 divisions with the upper two divisions looking scary good after a few seasons of promotions and relegations.

      All matches are easily accessible through our file server at to which if you've installed OpenRA, the replay file will launch the client automatically!

      The RA Global League runs two event each year, one in spring and one in the fall. Beyond Season 3 (this spring) the competitive event is looking to promote itself thoroughly now that the format is stabilizing and has proven it will run smooth regardless of the number of participants and overall scope of the league setup.

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      We're looking to raise awareness of this competition and will welcome any discussion, feedback and criticism from the CNCNZ community which above all else value the core of what represents Command & Conquer.
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      Here's a helpful quick guide for anyone new to OpenRA from the team at The LANBox. This guide, called How to be a Better OpenRA Player, covers the basics such as the beginning of a game, expanding your army, base building, combat and more. Click here to read it.
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      Just in time for Christmas, the OpenRA team have revealed their brand new logo for the OpenRA project, which you can see above. This logo will be used to represent the OpenRA project as a whole, with the Soviet star logo being kept for the Red Alert mod. Here is some extra details about he change of logo.
      More information can be found on the OpenRA site.
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      Hotfix 20161019 for OpenRA has been released yesterday, after stable version 20161015 was published with two multiplayer crashes which were missed during playtesting. The hotfix announcement was given in the form of secret military correspondence: