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FTW #45 Grand Finals Dimon vs Dasduelon

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      Back in February, GVMERS posted a video that looked at what happened to the cancelled Tiberium FPS. Today, they have new Command & Conquer video that dives into the entire franchise. The Command & Conquer franchise helped shape the identity of RTS games during the 1990's and would influence the designs of countless similar strategy titles in later years. Even though the franchise ended with a whimper instead of a bang, it managed to create an indelible impact on the history of videogames. Join the team from GVMERS as they take a look at the rise and fall of Command & Conquer.
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      This week's edition of C&C Music Monday is a bit different. Today we feature an actual music video. This is the "Red Alert 3 Remix" released by EA just as Red Alert 3 was launched. It could be one of the best promotional videos ever made. All of the big names from the Red Alert 3 cast appear in this video. Unfortunately the video was never released in HD, but the quality is acceptable. Watch this video and learn something! Don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
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      The Condition Red: Rise to Power mod for Red Alert 3 has received two updated alpha builds this month, the latest being version 0.12. Both of these updates are more of maintenance builds compared to the first public demo from last year, with several bugs fixed and a simple AI added. Click here to download the latest version of the mod.
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      Is there a pre-release version of Red Alert 3? There, many units were slightly different. 
      Or can I somehow get in touch with at least one of the developers?