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For anyone wanting the C&C4 mobile version

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I have found the legitimate Android version of it: You can get the C&C4 mobile for Android here (it's a small 1.3 MB download and it's free to download):

Safer download link:


My opinion.... C&C4 Mobile > C&C4 PC.

At least EA did one thing right what C&C4 PC should have had..... capturing a TCN should earn you credits as you use credits to build units or defenses. I already had that idea put in my KW Reloaded mod.

At least the missions are far better than the PC version, rather than capturing all sector points to accomplish a mission.

At least the gameplay focuses on tactical squads to command and conquer, much similar to MechCommander.

At least the game works offline and it's free to play and download.

But the cons....

  1. NO INGAME SAVES during missions! Once you accomplished a mission entirely, your game is automatically saved as a checkpoint.
  2. No support class factions for either GDI or NOD.
  3. Still no base building and harvesting for credits.
  4. Still has a limit on units on the field.
  5. Lack of more midi music.
  6. No multiplayer since the game was developed for a cell phone.
  7. No infantry to train with.

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