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Tiberium Wars
Tiberium Wars 10th Anniversary 1vs1 Tournament

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The Tiberium Wars 10th Anniversary 1vs1 $650 Tournament gets started in about an hour from the time of this news update. You can watch the live stream in the video above or catch it later at more suitable time.


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    • By Plokite_Wolf
      C&C:Online, the community-run multiplayer server for Command & Conquer games affected by the GameSpy shutdown, marked its third anniversary yesterday! This year alone, around 45,000 people have been playing on the servers, with the number still rising. To celebrate this anniversary, prized tournaments have been announced for the month of July, as well as a hint at a new and more convenient way to launch the games onto the service.
    • By Plokite_Wolf
      Over a month ago, the team at GVMERS, who had previously covered the fate of the cancelled FPS Tiberium, created a video on the entire C&C franchise. What you are looking at above is the corrected, definitive version - certain facts about things that happened behind the scenes in Westwood Studios, EA Pacific, EA Los Angeles and Victory Games have been proofread, and each game is now presented in higher detail, in order to better describe what made Command & Conquer what it is, in both its good and bad times. The video is now 10 minutes longer in total, so be sure to check it out!
    • By Sonic
      Back in February, GVMERS posted a video that looked at what happened to the cancelled Tiberium FPS. Today, they have new Command & Conquer video that dives into the entire franchise. The Command & Conquer franchise helped shape the identity of RTS games during the 1990's and would influence the designs of countless similar strategy titles in later years. Even though the franchise ended with a whimper instead of a bang, it managed to create an indelible impact on the history of videogames. Join the team from GVMERS as they take a look at the rise and fall of Command & Conquer.
    • By irfanati
      hey, guys, i need some help with W3X VIEWER error. it says exception unknown error. I heard if i delete the registry it will resolve. But which registry ? Please help me.
      Unknown exception code 0xc015000f
      Exception occured at
      775045c1 ntdll.dll+0x845c1, RtlUlonglongByteSwap+0x71d1.
      Version: release
      EAX:0x0018fa90 EBX:0x17790008 ECX:0x00000001
      EDX:0x00000000 ESI:0x006f54b8 EDI:0x006f5518
      EIP:0x775045c1 ESP:0x0018fa84 EBP:0x0018fae0
      CS:0x0023 DS:0x002b SS:0x002b
      ES:0x002b FS:0x0053 GS:0x002b
      ErrOfs:      0x00000000 ErrSel:  0x00000000
      DataOfs:     0x00000000 DataSel: 0x00000000
      Cr0NpxState: 0x0d0b1b60
      ST(0) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(1) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(2) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(3) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(4) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(5) 00000000000000000000 0.000000
      ST(6) 00000000000000800340 16.000000
      ST(7) 0000000000000080fb3f 0.062500
      12 addresses:
      (unknown)(0): ntdll.dll+542145 RtlUlonglongByteSwap+29137
      (unknown)(0): kernel32.dll+87172 DeactivateActCtx+40
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+222977 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+203879 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+226023 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+226610 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+378999 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+379645 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+386422 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+372490 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+372954 (unknown)
      (unknown)(0): MFC80.DLL+434339 (unknown)
      Bytes around EIP:
      775045a1 b8 c7 45 c0 03 00 00 00 89 4d c4 89 75 c8 89 7d ¸ÇEÀ....‰Mĉuȉ}
      775045b1 cc c7 45 b0 0f 00 15 c0 89 55 b4 e8 a7 28 fc ff ÌÇE°...À‰U´è§(üÿ
      775045c1 8b 36 e9 a6 05 fe ff ff 77 04 e8 73 75 fb ff e9 ‹6é¦.þÿÿw.èsuûÿé
      775045d1 a5 05 fe ff 8b 4d fc 83 65 b4 00 89 45 c4 89 45 ¥.þÿ‹Müƒe´.‰EĉE
      775045e1 c8 c7 45 bc 04 00 00 00 89 4d c0 8b 40 08 89 45 ÈÇE¼....‰MÀ‹@.‰E
    • By Plokite_Wolf

      In this week's Throwback Thursday feature, we remember GDI's first Tiberium-resistant infantry unit (which somehow needed about 50 years to appear), the Zone Troopers from C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. Outfitted with heavily armoured suits, Zone Troopers could cross even the most hostile terrain, and used in-built jet packs to reach barely accessible areas. They could be upgraded with Power Packs, which increased their total health and enabled self-healing, and Scanner Packs, which increased their sight range and gave them the ability to detect stealthed units. In Kane's Wrath, they turned out to be particularly useful when garrisoned in Hammerheads, giving birth to the multiplayer favourite "Zonehead". Along with the GDI commando, Zone Troopers were prominently featured in promotional artwork for the game, albeit in their earlier design which had their heads exposed.

      Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.