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Hello, Maybe I done some mod mistake which I dont found myself in "AImd.ini". Firstly, Im using C&C AI Editor. Secondly, When I'm using standard "AImd.ini" It's work perfectly fine.

The Prob : I done Task Force,Script,Team for All Flags(Sov,All,Yur). Well I don't finish all the Trigger yet, but at least I done the Allied Flag. So I tried it (using "LaunchBase") on the game. All the AI uses Allied Flag Nation cause like I said only done all on Allied Flag. On the game, They DIDN'T PRODUCE/CREATE ANY unit except Chrono Miner [No infantry, No Vechile. Only Chrono Miner(Harvester)]

Thanks for your time. I really hope your help! Cause Any other mod, I dont like them especially adding a new unit.

[This is my VERY FIRST modding anyway]

Added : My Really Concern was in the  'Trigger' types Which make the Mod didnt work.

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Some Example on Easy, Medium, Brutal at the Trigger. Pls Help. Maybe done some mistake.

Allied Basic Attack Easy:

Primary Team : Allied Basic Attack Easy (Consist : 9 Grizzlies)             Support Team : None                           Side : Allies              Owner: All            Tech Level : 2 (I saw on Rulesmd.ini that Grizzlies tech level 2)               Trigger When : Enemy has at least AMOUNT of credits                             Tech Type : None                         Operator : Greater than or equal to       Amount : 0                                        Initial Weight : 100                            Min. Weight : 50, Max : 100                Available on Easy : yes                Available on Medium : no, Hard :no   Available on Skrishmis : yes            Used in base defense : no

Medium attack (contain 15 grizzlies):

Primary Team : Allied Basic Attack Medium                                       Available on Easy : no              Available on Medium : yes, Hard :no   Available on Skrishmis : yes

Brutal attack (contain 25 grizzlies):

Primary Team : Allied Basic Attack Brutal                                           Available on Easy : no              Available on Medium : no, Hard : yes  Available on Skrishmis : yes

Another Question :

And I want to ask which I dont fully understand about this :

Trigger when, Tech Type, Operator, Amount.

What It written :

Trigger when AI owns AMOUNT of TECH TYPES,                                     Tech Type : Allied Battle Lab        Operator : Greater than or equal to    Amount : 1

Means (What I know right now) :       This will be trigger when AI has Allied Battle Lab on it base which is greater or equal to 1 Battle Lab (in the least) is it right?

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Never Mind :) I figure it out. Thanks for letting me to post this. I remember something when I read on another question. Its not the same problem, but Once I work out the answer from member and developer, I try to see on my AIMD.Ini. And I done fixing

Thanks Guys. [Closed] (Maybe)


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